September 25, 2012

Tarte The Big Thrill Color Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Tarte The Big Thrill Limited Edition Color Collection for Holiday 2012 should be popping up at your local Ulta shortly. This $48 palette takes on Tarte’s traditional jewelry box shape that they release for the Holidays and is filled with an array of products for cheeks, lips, and eyes.


So am I.

Let’s take a look!

Tarte’s Big Thrill Palette is made up of three tiers with two pull out drawers. This design is reminiscent of the jewelry boxes that Tarte typically released for the Holidays but is just a shy smaller. The palette is a little bigger than a CD Jewel Case but twice as chunky.

It won’t prove easy to store if you have a ton of makeup/palettes/etc…nor is it travel friendly but it contains a ton of gorgeous treasures inside so you might just forgive its size for the amount of product you get.

Inside are sixteen full size eyeshadows, three Amazonian Clay Blushes, and three full size Vitamin Lip Glosses. The palette flips open to reveal a full size mirror and the tray of shadows while the blushes and lipglosses have a spot in two pull out drawers below. The eyeshadows alone are well worth the $48 price tag but add lipgloss and blush to the mix and you have a rather nice bargain.

I love the shadows in here. It’s a mix of matte, frost, shimmer, and metallic shades in a variety of colors that seem fairly new to me. I was trying to check back on other palettes I own from Tarte and I don’t think they have any duplicate shades here but I can’t verify completely as I didn’t check every palette I own.

Cloud 8, Pop of Pink, Amazed by Amethyst, Pumped About Purple

Brilliant Bronze, Totally Taupe, Giant Peach, Shooting Star

Silver Burst, Next Level Lilac, Intergalactic Metallic, Jump for Juniper

Clay Crush, Rush of Gold, Go for Green, Exquisite Emerald

The shades you get are:

  • Shooting Star (creamy gold shimmer)
  • Giant Peach (light peach shimmer)
  • Totally Taupe (light taupe brown shimmer)
  • Brilliant Bronze (dark chocolate-y bronze shimmer)
  • Cloud 9 (cream matte)
  • Pop of Pink (lilac pinkish shimmer)
  • Amazed by Amethyst (jewel purple shimmer)
  • Pumped About Purple (darkened purple matte)
  • Silver Burst (light, soft silver frost)
  • Next Level Lilac (matte dirty lilac)
  • Intergalactic Metallic (sea green metallic)
  • Jump for Juniper (matte sea green)
  • Clay Crush (light tan matte)
  • Rush of Gold (khaki gold shimmer)
  • Go for Green (light grassy green shimmer)
  • Exquisite Emerald (dark emerald green semi-matte with shimmer)

Tarte’s Eyeshadow formula is typically soft, easy to blend, and sheerer. Colors build easily for more intensity but for the most part they give a soft focused finish that runs from sheer to medium color pay off. I find colors don’t always blend well together and they prove a little difficult to contrast with but I didn’t have too many problems with the Big Thrill. The colors seemed to work well together and I didn’t have my looks going muddy when using a few shades. You’ll be disappointed if you’re used to using brands like MAC or Urban Decay as these shadows create far less dramatic looks.

I find the formula excellent for aging eyes since the colors create soft, pretty looks. I love the way my look below came out using Totally Taupe and Brilliant Bronze. It’s a soft, pretty, natural look. I do find that the shades have a tendency to fade as the day progresses so be sure to prep well using a cream eyeshadow or primer prior to application.

You also get four blushes or maybe I should say two blushes and a bronzer and highlighter. Curious is a matte bright peach, Thrilled is mauve-y, iridescent pink, Angelic is a soft creamy gold shimmer, and Park Ave Princess is matte bronzer. The blusher and bronzer shades all have excellent color pay off and Angelic is a refreshing change for Tarte offering a lovely soft gold to highlight face and cheeks with.

Curious, Thrilled, Angelic, Park Ave Princess

And finally Tarte included three full size Vitamin Lip Glosses. You get Apple-a-Day, Strawberry Sensation, and Abra-Cad-Apricot. These glosses are semi-opaque cream finish with a fruity flavor and a thicker consistency. They are a tad tacky but have excellent wear.

Abra-Cad-Apricot, Apple-a-Day, Strawberry Sensation

Overall, Tarte’s Big Thrill Palette has the potential to create some festive looks for the Holidays. It’s an excellent palette for those who enjoy variety and proves an excellent introduction to the brand if you’ve never tried it before. It’ll make a makeup lover a very pretty gift as well. I can think of one or two shades I didn’t like from this palette but overall I was quite happy with the shades as there are some lovely keepers here like Rush of Gold, Totally Taupe, Giant Peach, and Brilliant Bronze.

Eyes: Totally Taupe and Brilliant Bronze Cheeks: Curious

Eyes: Go for Green, Rush of Gold, Exquisite Emerald Cheeks: Thrilled Lips: Abra-Cad-Apricot

A great value to say the least.

The Big Thrill will be available exclusively at Ulta and

Is it on your Holiday wish list?

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    ACKKK! Must have it! Omggg. Seriously, though – I love that the blush is separate from the eyeshadows. And the lipglosses? Darling. I need it!

  • Barb

    it will probably be in Sephora Canada over the holidays and THAT’S WHY I’M GOING TO GET IT!! Love’n Tarte and this is sweet! a GREAT gift for someone too.. you’d never have to buy makeup again

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    Muse, a must have? Can;t wait to see how you think it compares to Sephora Carried away set. I am on the fence for both…as sephora has a laura palette that is all eyeshadow and both matte and other. Purchased Lorac eye candy of course too!

    • the Muse

      must get my paws on the lorac eye candy jen! not a must have…it would be a must have if it had more naturals/nudes ;-D but it does have shades I ADORE! saw the lm palette kinda want it too ;D ugh!

      • Jen_m_sunshine

        On my list – laura e/s palette, 2 BE ready palettes, tarte lip surgence
        maybe the laura glamour wardrobe – nice for days i have to do make-up at office in morning!

        any of these you will be reviewing?

        • the Muse

          tarte lip surgence in the next day or two will be live ;-D also two of the holiday be ready palettes, don’t have the LM stuff though yet still debating if I need that new nude/natural LM palette, looks gorg ;D

          • Jen_m_sunshine

            Awesome!! Will wait for your reviews to decide… BTW, you really did look SO awesome in those Dior shades. The 2 red colors really suit you and you should rock them every chance you get!

          • the Muse

            aw thanks jen! I could use the vote of confidence. I always feel terribly foolish in reds 😀 <3 Hugs!!!!! can't wait for Sephora FF so I can haul the LM goodies! Kinda waiting on FF but know I'll cave!

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    i have a vib code for 10% off right now…
    my lorac should be here tomorrow!

  • Katie

    Nah. I want the Carried Away palette found at Sephora. It’s only $8 more and has 8 more eyeshadows plus more lipglosses and is travel friendly. I’m not sure, but it looks like it has the exact same eyeshadow colors as this one.

    I also really badly want the Lorac eye candy. The 20% off sale can’t come soon enough!

    • MartiH

      love the carried away palette, and all those dandy little lip glosses! Got it, using it. Nice blush brush too.

  • Suselew

    I love Tarte, but their eye shadows are too sheer for me. You were talking right to me, Muse, when you said if you like UD and Mac payoff, you might not like this. I’ve dabbled in Tarte shadows in the past and was disappointed. I picked up other Tarte holiday items (LipSurgence, blush, and eye crayons) but I’ll pass on a kit that has their eyeshadows.

    • the Muse

      suse, yeah, def don’t haul if you are a mac or ud girl as there shadows are considerably sheerer ;-D I love mac/ud/etc but sometimes Tarte does a nice natural eye in a flash which works great for me on days my eyes are looking way tired ;-D but def can understand why you wouldn’t like them!

  • Diane

    I dont need this but im loving those shadow colors and the packaging…who am i kidding…we both know im gonna cave in

  • Catherine

    I’m using a big fan of these huge palettes multi-layer palettes but for some reason I got so excited about this one when I saw it on the sephora website. The pattern reminds me of a VS makeup from a few years ago, I like it 🙂

    • the Muse

      catherine this isn’t the one available at sephora hun, you’re talking about the carried away palette, this is the palette available at Ulta 🙂 the Big Thrill.

  • stef

    I’m so psyched to see the Apple-A-Day gloss! it is my favorite ever and thought it was discontinued!!

  • jen

    Someone hold me, I’m going to faint!! So many prettiest at an affordable price! I will definitely be stalking Ulta for this!! Out of all the holiday collections I’ve seen so far, Tarte has impressed me the most. Thanks for the swatches. 🙂

  • Cindy

    I was really lusting after this, but you talked me out of it (the part about being use to MAC and UD eyeshadow).

  • Cassie

    I literally started salivating when I saw this just now… thanks for the cosmetics p0rn Muse; it’s always a treat 🙂

    • the Muse

      my pleasure cassie! sorry the photos kinda suck b/c it was difficult getting the palette into my smaller light box 😀

      • Cassie

        Not at all Muse, you always do a great job for the amount of things you review on a weekly basis!! If anything, not-so-perfect photos just give me an excuse to go check things out for myself in the store… and, you know, that tends to lead to an impulse buy but I’m really not complaining (though my credit card would say otherwise) 😀

  • essie

    omg – I want this soooo bad right now! Love your blogs! Always get ideas about stuff I wanna try and don’t wanna try 🙂

  • Laura S.

    It kills me that Tarte is putting out such pretty palettes, as I can’t wear any of their shadows. Thy all contain aloe, which I have a severe allergy to. So, this will be another pass for me. I have to say that I find myself skipping over Tarte a lot in Sephora & Ulta due to this fact, even though I do think their Amazonian clay blushes are gorgeous.

  • Aika

    Thank you so much for your reviews! If you could only get 1, the Big Thrill, or Carried Away, which would you get? I think Carried Away might have the better eyeshadow colors, but I like that the Big Thrill has the bronzer/highlighter.

    What do you think?

  • Suzanne

    Hi Muse,

    thanks for the review. Just curious if the 4 blushes included in this set look at all similar to the Fantastic Foursome blush set you reviewed on Tarte? They almost look a bit similar to me on my computer.

  • Nikki

    OMG… I am in love! I have to have this! I just got the carried away set and love it and I’m sure this set will be awesome! I love tarte! I have the the holiday blush kit and its awesome too ! It’s really 2 blushes 1 highlighter and 1 bronzer. BTW I just got the lorac eye candy set grin sephora and it is really nice! Thanks for the great review! U sold me on the set! I am such a makeup junkie!!

    • the Muse

      hi nikki yeah glad to see you’re excited ;-D I reviewed the blush kit last week, def love it, great set! 🙂 I got it too really love it! also got the ulta one hehehe! really a good value! you’re most welcome, glad you enjoyed the review!

  • CC

    I am obsessed w Tarte this holiday season! I dont need this, just got the wonderful Sephora Carried Away set, but I cant STOP looking at your reviews and pictures 😉

  • Eleanor

    I picked this up last week, because it was so fun and pretty. Unfortunately, it turns out that there is something in the E/S that make my eyes itch and water. (I’d never tried this brand before.) So I have to take it back to the store. Boo hoo. =(

  • CC

    Muse- unusual request…is there a way we could get in contact thru email? I am asking because my Big athrill set ( yep, I caved!) didnt come with the ” look card”. Eondering if you had a way to email me a copy? Btw, you might have seen me comment this a few times already, but I love your blogs-would love to see you on YT also 😉

    • the Muse

      yup cc there’s a contact form on the tool bare below the Musings of a Muse emblem. at the moment I don’t have time to copy the card and send but if you email me the request will try to get to it when I can. I’m on youTube already but not very active! Happy Holidays!

    • Suselew

      You might want to call Tarte and request that be sent to you. I contacted them on broken Lipsurgence tops and they sent them right out to me. Sometime they don’t answer the phones but generally, they are reachable. Then you would have the actual card instead of a photocopy.

  • kiki

    Just bought this set and I LOVE!!! The glosses are gorg, the shadows are pretty, and the blushes are to die for! I got one of the last two that Ulta had in stock too! Whew!