October 1, 2012

KATE Cover Concealer for Cover Review & Swatches

Japanese brand, KATE, introduced a brand concealer for Fall 2012 entitled (stupidly named) Cover Concealer for Cover. Yeah, I know, that name, WTH!?

This is a tiny potted concealer I was eager to get my hands on as I generally like many of KATE’s offerings however, after trying it, I have mixed thoughts on it.

Housed in a tiny pot KATE Cover Concealer for Cover supposedly contains collagen extract but honestly, that’s such a strange claim I won’t even address it.

It comes in two shade selections of NB and LB colors. I choose the NB color as I was a little worried LB would be a little too light for me. Both shades from what I’ve seen have a heavier yellow base which is a good thing considering yellow diffuses the look of dark circles quite well. The color selection is sadly not universal so out of two shades it’s very limited to who can try this out as it won’t work on anything other than light to medium skin tones. Even fair or porcelain skin might find the colors a little too dark where as those with tan, olive, or darker tones will find either shade too light.

The formula is SO incredibly dry! I was thinking it would be more along the lines of Shiseido Optimal Cover Foundation and Concealer but it turned into a very dense, dry formula. I think they might have purposely created the formula drier for oily eyes as it will wear well on such a skin type. However, those with aging eyes or drier eyes will find the formula difficult to apply and will find the overall finish dry which leads to the concealer creeping into finer lines.

Ok, so the bad news. It’s awful to apply. There’s tugging involved, the formula is far from emollient, and as the day progresses it will creep into fine lines. However, if you’re ok with a drier formula you might just like it particularly if your skin is oily as this will mattify the area under your eyes and allow for a longer wear time.

If I dab my concealer brush in it and swirl the brush (with the product) on the back of my hand I can get the consistency to a point that makes the application a little easier. And oddly enough this is when I started liking it. I find it wears REALLY well if I apply it correctly and quite long too. This isn’t to say I’m recommending it, because lord knows I’m not. But personally after playing with it a few days I find myself surprised I continue to reach for it.

Pigment is excellent so it offers full coverage. It won’t crease into my finer lines so long as I prep well and I thin out the formula as I mentioned above. Plus it has this nice bit of tack that allows it to remain long wearing throughout my day.

Overall, it’s a rubbish concealer with a drying formula that few will enjoy. However, I ended up working with it to the best of my ability and in the process found something to like about it. I don’t recommend it by any means as there are far too many superior concealers both in the US and Asia that are far nicer however, sometimes we have to make the best of a crappy makeup product and I did just that with KATE Cover Concealer for Cover.

This is available at both imomoko.com as well as adambeauty.com

Tried it?

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I purchased this item.

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  • terry

    I guess this concealer is designed more for blemishes than under-eye…?=/

  • Jenny P

    Hi muse! Can you recommend a good concealer for blemishes and dark circles respectively? What are your holy grail products?

    Reference ( combination skin but been drier lately as weather gets cooler)

  • Jenny P

    Oh yeahh! Atleast medium coverage so it does a good job on the blemishes.

  • plue

    am so staying away from this now! >.< i don't see the point of wasting moolah and time just to make it work. maybe i'll just go get that skinfood salmon concealer…

    but you really are patient to make it work! 😀 *hugs to you!*

  • Littlecreek

    This is the first product that you’ve described as dry that I’ve looked at the swatch and can SEE the dryness. Thanks for the heads up!

  • sai

    Muse I completely agree with u.

    I was tempted to pick up light beige and give another try yesterday. I brought natural beige but seems a bit too dark for me. Luckily I put it down 🙂

    This is their most disappointing product for their fall release.

    • the Muse

      I agree sai, very disappointing 🙁 sigh! I’ve been kinda reaching for it daily for some reason but man is it dry 🙁

      • Sai

        I’m gonna give it a try with a beauty blender….see if it will work better with it. I love Kate….dun wanna give up this concealer hahahhaa

        • the Muse

          ha…! maybe that’s why I keep reaching for it ;-D I love kate too and was surprised at the formula.

  • Dawn

    Hey Muse! Was wondering what’s your favourite concealer for covering blemishes or acne scars? I don’t usually use one under my eyes, hence just one with good coverage and long lasting power! Would love to know what’s your recommendation. Love!

    • the Muse

      hey dawn I actually don’t use any on my face at all. just under my eyes. I’m the opposite of you ;-D I depend on concealer under my eyes but I don’t apply any to my face at all, just bb cream.

      • Jenny P

        But can you recommend any good ones that you know of? what do you use under the eyes?Thanks!

        • the Muse

          I change often, concealer is kinda my obsession ;-D right now I love it Cosmetics Concealer, very concentrated! Good stuff! should work fab on blemishes I think!? I use under eyes and it diffuses the look of dark circles very well!

  • K

    I have very oily skin, but I guess there is a lot of better concealers on the market, so I shouldn’t get this…

  • Tiffany Martin

    Ugh, I hate bad concealer >: Thanks for reviewing, this will be a skip for me.

  • Annie

    This concealer works well for me though. It stays put quite nicely. It is only $10 for 4grams in Thailand comparing to Bobbi brown corrector which is $35! for only 1.2 grams! The only downside for me is the color range (just two colors).

  • Mandy

    I have been using this concealer for my keloid on my chest and surprisingly it work well for the full coverage. It is a bit dry but having to use it on my chest I guess it din matter much. It make it less obvious I apply compact powder over it as well. 🙂