October 2, 2012

L’Oreal Project Runway The Mystic’s Blush Super Blendable Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

So far I’ve generally like all the Super Blendable Blushes launched with this year’s Project Runway Collection. The formulas haven’t been the best on all of them (a little dry, a bit chalky) but they are workable.

Until now…

If you’re making your list and deciding which products to buy from the collection might I make one suggestion, avoid the Mystic’s Blush, it’s the worst of the four shades released.

You might have to be as white as a sheet to enjoy this one as it truly lacks pigments. The Mystic’s Blush is a pale shade of creamy peach that with a drier, harder texture the produces very little color pay off.

Although the color is light in the packaging and I suspected it would be sheer, I didn’t actually prepare myself for how sheer. If you do indulge you might find it works as a highlighter of sorts than a blush.

I found the texture very dense with a drier finish and a terribly unflattering chalkiness to it that laid unnaturally against skin.

Between the lack of pigment and the overall texture of the blush I’d say skip it and concentrate on the three other shades launched in this collection. Even fairer than fair skin will probably feel the poor effects of this sheer blush.

No likey!

Don’t waste your money.

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