October 31, 2012

Lush Antiphilitron Review

I can’t pronounce it but I know you need a little Lush Antiphilitron Shampoo in your life! That would be Anti-phi-la-tron…kinda sounds sci-fi-ish.

Ahh the joys of a silicone free hair life. It’s like having a good hair day every single day of your life. Antiphilitron will wash those cones right out of your hair and leave it all kinds of soft and shiny.

I used to use Lush Antiphilitron year round as I used to do a lot of swimming in the Winter. However, I now keep to using it once or twice a week to clarify my hair. It’s generally a great shampoo for those who are exposed to chlorine, those who use a ton of hair products, or those needing to rinse away oil and dirt.

I try to keep silicones out of my hair since they weight it down, make it frizzy, and oily however, my locks do crave a little of that extra weight a good silicon conditioner can provide. In order to rinse away any build up that develops from such products I tend to turn to Antiphilitron. Used once or twice a week you can easily rinse away build up easily so your hair will feel and look softer, less oily, and about ten tons lighter! It’s the perfect detox treatment. Do not use it color treated hair because it will strip color.

For those with bad build up after use your hair will feel lighter with less frizz. Those with oily hair will be quite happy with the way it washes away oil and leaves hair blissfully soft and shiny. The lemon oil based formula has a bright citrus-y scent and all that lemon adds shine as well!

My hair is on the dry side so I have to be careful how often I use this as it will dry out skin so using it to clarify is a helpful hint for those with a similiar type hair.

Those seeking squeaky clean hair need apply here. A most excellent shampoo if ever I did use one.

Available at Lush.com

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  • TiffanyN

    AHHH citrus scents <3 I've been looking for a nice deep clean type shampoo, if I ever get over the fact that I have to pay shipping fees, I might get it haha

    Muse! Have you gotten your hands on their FUN bars?

    • the Muse

      tiffany hopefully they have a shipping deal for black friday or something? I have…I purchased four of them when they launched ;-D did you try yet?

  • Swims alot

    Well muse we have the swimming thing in common. I too have given it up but hope to have $ to rejoin pool. I used to use Lush I Love Juicy, but I never loved the smell. Gotta try Antiphilatron. Is it online only or in the shops?

    • the Muse

      hey swims alot thus the nick eh? 😀 I actually have a pool but unfortunately can’t use in the winter so joined a gym with a pool for Winter…than I felt like it was completely a waste of $$ because I was just swimming there (I have exercise equipment at home, bike/treadmill)…but I sure do miss not having access in the winter 🙁 if you swim a ton you might consider a gym, some aren’t too costly…….online only sadly, it’s part of the retro collection blah!

  • Marta

    Thanks for clarifying the use, many recommend cleansing shampoos for everyday use as if they were nourishing and I can’t imagine how dry hair would get using those daily.
    Eh, I’m dissapointed, you should have said Antiphilitron backwards… I heard a genie appears! It’s not for sale on Lush.es or Lush.co.uk lol so I guess I won’t try it. Just as well, I have 9 solid shampoo samples (don’t ask) and they’re so generous (around 1/3rd normal size) I don’t know how I’ll get around to use them. So far Trichomania is my favourite!It’s like Curly Wurly w/o the bits of coconut that get stuck in your hair 🙂 Of the new liquid shampoos, Cynthia Sylvia Stout sounds very tempting.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • the Muse

      oh no…your hair would be like straw if you used a clarifying shampoo daily. LOL you like! ;-D that’s odd I believe Lush UK has it. oh crap I just looked you’re right! sorry about that marta! lol curly wurly is a pain sometimes isn’t it?

      Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    I wonder how this would work on henna-colored hair. My red hair is thanks to henna which doesn’t quite work the same way that regular hair dye does. I’d like to work toward getting silicones out of my hair because I have to wash it every.single.day. I hate that. Anyway, I wish Lush did samples so I could try it! Lol. If it washed the henna out, no worries, I’ll just add some more.

    • the Muse

      it would prob def strip some of the henna Kaitlin but email Lush UK they can advise best…! They always have such incredibly helpful tips when it comes to henna!

  • LauraR.

    I’ve been looking for a good clarifying shampoo to no avail. I have so much product build up on my hair from heat protectants, volumizing mousse, and hairspray. I’ve tried the baking soda method, and the Neutrogena brand tea tree clarifying shampoo, and then a few others. They make my hair feel stiff and uncomfortable and somehow still product-y, not clean and soft. I’m going to grab this ASAP. Thank you for the recommendation!