October 25, 2012

Review: Lush Ice Blue Shampoo for Minty Fresh Hair

Although I’ve praised Lush Ice Blue Shampoo many a time I thought, since it’s cooler, we should discuss it again. Let’s just make a rule we talk about how brilliant Lush Ice Blue Shampoo when Summer turns to Winter and Winter to Summer.


Because mint in the Winter is all kinds of fun! And mint in the Summer is all kinds of cool and refreshing…!

Who doesn’t associate mint with Winter? It’s cool, crisp…plus you have that candy cane mentality dancing through your head with Christmas being during a Wintery time.

I’m not a Lushie long enough to really recall a time this was part of the general catalog and only discovered it when Lush introduced it to the Retro Collection. Thank god they did because my life changed every after.

As a long time, card carrying Freeze fan girl I will admit that Freeze is an utter turn off. It’s wrong on many levels. I’ve finally admitted that the scent just makes me sick. It’s herbal and mint and weird and ugh!

So when I originally purchased my first bottle of Ice Blue I was a little scared. When I finally sniffed I thought to myself how GREAT Freeze would truly be if it smelled like this!

This is loaded up with spearmint and peppermint oils so it smells like a giant stick of gum. It stimulates your hair and wakes IT up leaving it soft, clarified (beware those with dyed hair!), and cleanses beautifully. I use it once or twice a week (can’t do anymore than that as it is a touch drying) and my hair looks and feels super soft. I like the way it removes build up as well so my hair feels so much more lighter after a rinse with Ice Blue!

And hey, the tingling sensation it produces in my head isn’t half bad either! As a not morning person here the mint is cool, refreshing, and wake me up before I go go good.

Loves it!

You NEED it.

Muse Approved for purchase.

Available at Lush.com

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  • Carrie

    I *love* mint but I need something color safe – and since I only wash my hair twice a week as it is, my shampoo has to be something I can use all the time. Darn. 🙁


    sounds like a great invigorating scent! Too bad it is drying….. My hair is so dry and frizzy…..

  • Marta

    I loved Ice Blue, but I stopped buying it because of the prize tag (I still buy Freeze, the shower gel version), then one day I went through a Body Shop and what’s this? A minty natural shampoo, called Ice Blue! Yep, they even copied the name lol. I got it (it was 6€, around 7$). You know what? The prize tag is lower but the smell doesn’t even compare. I don’t believe The Body Shop would copy Lush but it seems sooo specific!

    • the Muse

      that’s b/c tbs and lush used to be one entity ;-D I def love ice blue from tbs but I think the lush one is the truer mint that’s why I keep buying it ;-D

  • Iris

    I have Freeze but haven’t used it yet (am waiting for the spring/summer). I’ll be using Freeze as shampoo as I always do for the shower gels. Ice Blue sounds even better for my hair.