November 9, 2012

E.L.F. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

E.L.F. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow ($3) is a new shimmering cream shadow release from the brand available in seven shades. That’s the problem by the way…seven shades? We need more variety guys! These rock!

These soft, fluffy mousse-like shadows are incredibly lightweight and have the perfect amount of lovely sparkle for the Holidays.

Take a look!

At first I thought these might be like Chanel Illusion D’Ombre or L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow. But they actually kinda fall into their very own category. They aren’t powder so you def can’t compare them to L’Oreal’s Infallible Eyeshadow Collection however, they are cream and do have some of the same spongy consistency as Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre. I wouldn’t call them a spot on dupe for Chanel’s version but they do have very similiar characteristics.

The shadow formula has a spongy almost moldable consistency kinda like Maybelline’s Bouncy Blushes. When you touch them they kinda resemble molding clay although far softer and fluffier. The texture is a cross between a mousse and a denser cream eyeshadow. This makes for a very easy to apply and blend experience. I had absolutely no issues getting them onto my lid and smoothing them out perfectly. However, in order to achieve the best application you do need to get into the pot with your fingers as brushes simply won’t cut it. I realize this application method isn’t for everyone and I can relate however, I tried brushes and I got the smoothest, best finish using my fingertips.

Toast, Festivity, Soiree, and Gala

The really great thing about the shadows is the ease of application. You can go with a sheer layer of color or build these up for better color payoff. No matter how many layers you apply they always remain quite lightweight and have the knack for living on lids all damn day without creasing or fading. It’s almost as if E.L.F. has built a primer into the formula as I put them through some really great tests and they wore strong throughout the day with nary a crease in site. Pulled in all my Halloween decorations, put out all my Thanksgiving ones, pulled in all my patio and porch furniture, worked in the yard, etc….etc…and through it all my eyeshadow remained fresh. They even served well through a warm, sweaty club scene. I can’t believe they wore so strong!

They do have one issue that could make or break your purchase. The shimmer. Oh boy…! Each shadow has a healthy dose of sparkle so if sparkle really isn’t your thing you might feel like these are overloaded with it to the max. I kinda sorta felt comfortable wearing them as they didn’t look frosty or too overly disco ball like. But boy am I ever a bad judge when it comes to how much sparkle I should or shouldn’t be wearing…! I love it a little too much! But be warned they do have a healthy dose of it.

Unlike the Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks I recently reviewed, I had no issues with these smelling badly. They contain 0.11 oz of product but for some reason I felt like I was going through them fairly fast. I used one shade three times in a week and proceeded to notice I was already touching pan. So you might want to grab a back up of your fav shade if you are ordering.

Overall, E.L.F. did an excellent job with these. They pack pigment, sparkle, an easy to blend formula, and a crease-free, fade-free finish. What more could you want from a cream eyeshadow? Don’t love cream shadows? These MIGHT just change your mind. The formula rocks at three dollars, now they really have to get on their game and create a wider selection of shades.

Loved ’em!

Muse Approved.

Tried them?

Did you like them?

Do share!

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  • Sweta Rupani Avarsekar

    Lol muse,this is like telepathy..i was just thinking if ur review on these while i was seein dem on elf website..nd here ur..:)they look awesum do u :)..thnx for d review:D

    • the Muse

      my pleasure sweta ;-D I’m a little behind I should have reviewed them last week but got swamped ;-D hope the review helps you decide if you need ’em!

  • BLee

    Muse, you make those shadows look better that the hand swatches. Im putting them on my list for when I put in an elf order soon. Thanks so much for the update.

    • the Muse

      aw thanks blee! they are quite nice, worthy of a haul ;-D my pleasure!!!!!!!!


    I’m loving the sneak peek into your bathroom with all of its goodies!!

    The purple looks especially great on you!

    • the Muse

      lol linda it’s one of the few places I’m disorganized as hell you wouldn’t want to be in there ;-D aw thank you!

  • Christina

    Wow, the darker colors look fabulous on you, especially the last one! Much nicer than the hand swatches, but I can’t believe you’re hitting pan after only three uses! For real???

    • the Muse

      aw thanks christina you’re too kind. Yeah, true story….! I was shocked!

  • Cj

    *looks behind you at all the makeup piles* :<

    Time to set up an intervention…

    • the Muse

      LOL agreed agreed…it’s sorta messing in my upstairs bathroom at the moment ;-D testing testing mad scientist style!

  • amy

    I like cream shadows, but I don’t wear them often enough, so they end up drying out. However, at $3 each, and the fact it’s easy to go through them, they may be worth a shot. So far, I’m loving the gold & purple. I’ll have to look for these!

  • Vi

    Ooh, I’ll definitely have to look into these! Toast and Soiree look like lovely, easy all-over colors! 🙂 I rarely take the time to put on eyeshadow unless it’s just a quick and easy all-over swipe of one color, so those definitely look like they could fit the bill.

  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    Gala is SO MINE! I wish my Target had a better selection of e.l.f. stuff – they never get anything but the very, very core products, it seems. Bummer.

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    These are actually quite beautiful–I’m very surprised at how amazing they seem for the price! I haven’t tried the Chanel Illusion d’Ombres partly because I just can’t see myself spending that kind of $ for such an intensely shimmery cream (essentially) shadow that I will probably only wear once in a blue moon. $3, however, is a totally different story. And all the shades are gorgeous!

  • TwirlyGirly

    I can understand why you can’t get a decent application with a brush with this formula, but have you tried a sponge-tip applicator? I wonder if that might work for those who don’t like the idea of using their fingers….

    Are you willing to give that a try and report back? (Not that you don’t already have a “To Do” list a mile long)….. 🙂

    • the Muse

      sponge is ok, I actually tried, but I get the best build up with my fingers…I def understand not wanting to dip in though, I have all sorts of issues with it ;-D

  • Veronica

    Been waiting for this review 🙂 Haha, now I have a Muse approved reason to go out & buy these. Your color choice are spot on & look fabulous, can’t wait!

  • Tiffany Martin

    These look so amazing, I love when ELF is a hit. Which was your fave?

    I love soiree and gala, and these are a must-haul.

  • Saiba

    That’s so awesome! I’m glad they don’t have a creasing problem like the jumbo eye sticks (I was so disappointed there T_T ) and the formula looks so interesting. Colors are very pretty hehe good thing I love shimmer. Shimmer ftw! Thanks for the review!

    • the Muse

      aw my pleasure saiba! way better than the jumbo eye sticks ;-D think you’ll love ’em ;D!

  • Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

    With that formula/texture, I’m really surprised that these didn’t crease! Stila used to have a fluffy-ish eyeshadow… These ELF ones kind of remind me of it. The colors are really pretty too. Great review, Muse! 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw thanks marilyn glad you enjoyed the review! I remember those stila shadows!

  • Michelle Luna

    2 things:
    1. This looks and sounds, from the description you give of consistency and how it applies best with fingers, right down to the pot size and style, like a dupe or almost-dupe for an Avon mousse eyeshadow that came out maybe around 2004 that made my FAVORITE shade of mauve ever and in all my years of searching I have not found a powder, pressed or loose, to match it (UD Bordello comes closest but it’s got that dumb gold glitter, otherwise I’d call it a day[dupe] and stop searching). I have my fingers crossed that Soiree might be The One.
    2. Muse I LOVE the way you look with the darker shadows, you have this great smoldering gaze going on with those lovely death-by-chocolate brown eyes of yours. I have light brown eyes and my face looks better with medium-strength colors, nothing too light or dark, I’m envious of your ability to pull off that yummy dark smoky look, especially in shimmery/metallic shades. Lookin good! 🙂

    • the Muse

      yea def. brushes would be a little messy Michelle. Unsure about the Avon Dupe, been a while since I tried their shadows but hoping for ya ;-D aw thanks so much Michelle you’re too kind! Thank YOU that’s a very kind compliment 😀 you flatter me <3!

  • Annie

    I just found this at Target today and I think it is in fact a dupe for Chanel – I compared ingredients and they are nearly identical! 😀 Going to get more next time I’m at Target! I applied Festivity (dark purple) as an eyeliner with Real Techniques’ fine liner brush and was able to build the color up and do a nice winged liner… love it! Wishing I snagged Soiree too, it definitely caught my eye… next time!