November 1, 2012

Let There Be Giveaways & Oh Hai How Are You This Week?

Hello there!

Been a bit busy around these parts today so sorry for the lack of posts. I actually have dozens and dozens of pre-written posts but I don’t have the images to go along with them thus the delay in my reviews/posts as I still have to crop pics, place them in the posts, etc…

The good news is there will be giveaways later today! Yay! Happy days! Expect those to go live soonish.

How’s all else with you? I hope those who were affected by Sandy are getting back to some sort of normalcy. I surely hope you, your family, and friends all have lights and didn’t run into any major issues due to the storm. I feel very lucky and blessed the only thing I had to contend with was a ton of branches, leaves, and general outdoor clean up. I wish so hard that was the case for everyone else.

If you do live in the New York Area I just wanted to quickly tell you local Salvation Army’s are collecting dry and canned food items as well as clothing items/blankets. I’d suggest calling them and asking what they might need. I dropped off some blankets and canned food earlier this morning and made a cash donation. You don’t have to donate money, they are more than happy with some sort of food donation. There are a ton of people they are trying to feed right due to the fact so many folks are without lights so any and all food is pretty welcome. My mother has volunteered at the Salvation Army for many, many years she’s always said they are very happy with any food items you are willing to donate. If you’d like to make donations to Salvation Army or Red Cross both have websites you can use to do so.

In other news the weekend is looming….hopefully we have some nice weather. I’m tired of the chilly rain and clouds!

Anything awesome planned for your weekend?

Do come out and say hey today if you have an extra second to do so.

Would love to hear from you!

Talk soon!

Happy Almost Weekend!

Stay safe!

All my love no matter what part of the universe you’re in!


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  • Karrie

    It’s good to hear that you are safe. I saw the devastation of Sandy on the news. Incredible. I’m glad that California has pretty mild weather.

    • the Muse

      it’s surreal karrie…especially when I’m sitting here like nothing happened…all the streets are clear here, lights on, etc…but looking at images of Jersey and other places is just gut wrenching…! I’m so glad you aren’t on the East Coast 🙂 One less person affected by this insanity!

  • Suzanne

    I’m also out in California but I’ve been following the news of Sandy closely. My thoughts goes out to all affected by the storm. I’m glad that you are doing okay.

    There are many good people out there trying to help and make the best out of the situation. I’m really proud of all who pitches in to make a difference! 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw thanks suzanne! I think we are all going to be a ok soon enough…def some rebuilding to be done! but we are a strong lot here on the East Coast ;-D! thanks for sending your love over!

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    I only felt the effects of the wind here in Chi town. I cannot even imagine the devastation and what people are going through. Prayers to all affected.

    Muse, you are TRULY a beautiful person inside and out.

    • the Muse

      aw you’re sweet jen <3! Love ya! yeah i def got the wind too, a little rain but the wind was what really scared me 🙁 I'm so glad you're ok! you know, I didn't realize you were in NY! Doh! I would have asked you sooner how you are!

  • Littlecreek

    Good afternoon dear. Looking back on Monday might I have to laugh. Sandy + hormones = minor twitter panic. I blame the TV as it kept showing me images of the East River and the subway. Still glad that all is well.

    In other news, went to the doctor yesterday and baby and I are both well. The big news is we scheduled the 20 week sonogram!! Nov 20th we should find out what Steve is! And due to family having crazy schedules I am officially hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner. Eep!

    • the Muse

      hey brooke! phew…it really was a panic lol ;-D might as well unleash on twitter where everyone else is going just as crazy ;-D I am too. I wish I can say the same for everyone…watching the news is surreal as everything is so calm around here but seeing some of the images from Jersey just makes my mouth drop open. Oh no! what if it isn’t a steve? what if it’s a stephanie? don’t do it! operation steve will have to be axed if it turns out to be a girl ;-D although “stevie” as a girl is rather cute ;-D dude, you’re my hero! I burn boiling water! ;-D cannot do tday myself!

  • Tiffany Martin

    I’m glad to hear you’re safe and okay! I feel bad for those who had a hard time with Sandy >:

    • the Muse

      hi tiffany apologies for the delayed reply a little behind in comments and thank you for thinking of me 🙂

  • Icequeen81

    Happy you are fine safe and sound. It is so great from your mother to volunteer to help people in need.

  • MandyB

    Happy almost weekend everyone! Glad to hear you’re all safe. Nice thing about Saskatchewan is the only crazy weather we get is extreme cold and the odd blizzard.

  • Allie

    Glad to hear that you’re okay! I was pretty lucky that the UWS was relatively spared, except for the crane (which is still there and has become a tourist attraction). I feel terrible for all the people downtown and in the other boroughs that were affected. I keep looking for ways to volunteer but I can’t seem to find anything :-\

  • zang

    Hey, Musey friend! I am glad to hear that you have not been too affected by the hurricane! How awful for all those poor people! My cousin also lives in NY, too, but she facebooked that she was okay; so that’s one other good news besides you.

    Take care! and nice to hear you are safe!

    • the Muse

      hey sis zang 😀 I’m glad to hear your cousin is ok! thank goodness! thank you! you take care too and have a lovely weekend!

  • Amber

    Just a quick hello. Hope you are recovering since it seems like you live near new york. We missed the major stuff in this part of ohio thankfully. Just a lot of rain and wind. Which is bad enough. We had rain that started last fri night that just ended for the most part yesterday. I wish a speedy recovery to all of you out there in the coastal areas that got hit very badly.
    And this weekend we will be going to a swim meet with our 9 and 10 year olds. It’s the busy season for swimmers

  • SusanT

    Hey, Muse, good to hear you’re okay because I know you’re on the east coast. I did my part and donated to the Red Cross yesterday. It’s the least I can do.

    • the Muse

      you’re a super human susan! bless you 😀 I’m safe and sound wish I could say the same for others! It’s really surreal the damage caused 🙁

  • Amy Amethyst

    Hi Muse! We are in NY now. Raining off and on where we are at. Going to pick up a load heading to Utah and looks like we will be running into some snow. Guess this means I have to trade out my flipflops for some tennis shoes. I hate shoes. My feet are claustrophobic I tell ya!! Glad you made it through Sandy. Some of those pics are just unreal.

  • Miss D

    Always nice to know that our Muse is good and safe! And what a fitting and beautiful video to post along with this entry. 🙂
    Btw, just wanted you to know that I saw my first episode of The Walking Dead on Netflix a few days ago…it took me just two days to go through Seasons 1 & 2. I’ve only seen one ep. of the new season, but boy is this an addicting series- love it!
    Did you ever read “World War Z”? It’s a very well written book (that I hear may become a movie soon)…anyway, I think I’m developing a zombie fetish now! XD


    I’m glad you are ok, and thanks for telling us about the salvation army canned food, drive. I didn’t know about it and will drop some things off! 🙂

    I have to clean the house this weekend, and study for a macroeconomics test 🙁 hope your weekend is better than mine!!