November 15, 2012

Review: Need Help Waking Up? Lush Back for Breakfast Shower Gel Will Do the Trick!

The weather is getting cooler now and I just want to turn over, throw the covers over my head, and sleep all day. I’m so NOT a morning person. When the alarm goes off I’m the type that wants five minutes hours more.

It could go below zero and I still absolutely positively need to shower in the AM because that jolt of warm water is the only thing that will wake me up since I don’t drink coffee.

The other thing that brings my half asleep self back to the land of the living? Lush Back for Breakfast Shower Gel, of course.

I was actually kinda sorta just getting into Lush around the time Back for Breakfast Shower Gel got discontinued. I remember feeling like the world was over. We all have that feeling when our favorite products disappear don’t we? “OMG! My life is over! Russian Red has been discontinued! Kill me!”

We get over that shiz fast and on to the next great thing eh? But at the time I was pretty upset that Back for Breakfast wouldn’t be spending quality time with me in the shower. Lucky enough it’s part of the Retro Lush Collection now and I can purchase anytime I desire.

Much like Slammer, Back for Break is a sunny, bright blend of citrus-y fruits. Slammer is nice mind you but Back for Breakfast is a truer citrus scent for me where as Slammer has an odd back note, Back for Breakfast comes across full on fruity citrus goodness.

Filled with tart limes, grapefruits, and lemon oils this lovely concoction has a bright, sunny scent that will wake you up and banish your thoughts of rolling back into bed.

I like doing a little shower karaoke when I’m using it. It just makes me want to do a little Partridge Family jig as I sud up. Occasionally I switch it up and do a little Judy Garland, you can’t go wrong with Judy.

Come on get happy bitches!

Problems waking up in the morning?

You NEED Back for Breakfast Shower Gel.

Available at

What’s your fav wake me up before you go go shower gel?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Cj

    Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Stop the car. You don’t drink coffee? Like just no coffee but latte and cappuccino is ok? Or like no nothing?

    • the Muse

      I’m a tea drinker ;-D just don’t like coffee at all…flavored or otherwise…! ;-D I like hot chocolate..this doesn’t break our engagement does it?

      • Cj

        I don’t know… I might have to think about it… Give me some time ok :'(?

        *sips on super large French vanilla cappuccino*

        Ooh what about chai tea? Do you like those? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Kimryan8

    Ha ha! You are too cute. I hate morning too and stock my shower with lots of fun smells to help get out of bed. But I NEED my joe in the morning!

    • the Muse

      me too kim! I try to get in as much mint and citrus as possible in my shower gels those always wake me up! naaa tea for me ;-D coffee will stun your growth hehe!

  • BLee

    LOL you made me think of being a little girl again with that song. And that shower gel sounds awesome. I have never tried it or anything from Lush. And yes, one cup of coffee with stevia, half an half and a little coffee tee-hee and tea too. All kinds.

  • Michelle

    Ahhh, this is something I need for my hubby and myself!

    P.S I totally understand the coffee thing..tea is my drink of choice too ; unless its the flavored iced dessert type of coffee chiller/frappe thingy with whipped cream …arrrgh…drool…thats a good coffee!

  • Ruth

    this one and sonic death monkey are fantastic wake up shower gels! one of my besties works for lush HQ and when she makes the trip to vancouver and brings me back awesome retro goodies. **shhh…i sometimes get sneek peeks of items before they launch. don’t tell***

  • blueraccoon

    I don’t drink coffee either, and I live in the Seattle area, so I get a lot of weird looks ๐Ÿ™‚ But I can’t get going without my morning tea. English Breakfast with a glug of milk, thank you!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Sounds like a good kick start ๐Ÿ™‚ I personally like Lush’s shower gel with orange juice and tequila. Makes you fell all refreshed too.

  • Iris

    I’m an evening/late afternoon bather but this would sounds like a good pick-me-up at the end of a long day.