November 5, 2012

Want It: Bath & Body Works Lambie Plush

My Bath & Body Works doesn’t have Lambie Plushes yet but I sure as hell want one as soon as they arrive. I was in store last week hauling candles like nobody’s business during the 2 for $20 but sadly no Lambie Plush!


However, they are available online for $8.50. At that price she’s probably quite small but still do so want a Lambie stashed under my tree this year. Now if they would just launch Lambie Blankets my Holiday dreams would be complete.

Available now at

P.S. Annoying sales rep wanted to know why I was hauling so many candles. Dude, do I need a reason to haul ten candles…jeez! I told her the zombie apocalypse might cause a power outage, best be prepared. Grab your candles, your Twinkies, and your Daryl’s while you still can!

P.S.S. They had these cool moisture swirl hand soaps too in Winter Candle Apple and Vanilla Bean Noel but not such luck on Twisted Peppermint. They are kinda cool as they have a layer of lotion swirled into the antibacterial soap…!


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  • the beauty alchemist

    Did you really tell her about the Zombie Apocalypse? Go Girl. How rude to ask that? Shouldn’t she be happy to see someone spending a lot of $$. Yeesh. And really , 10 is not that many at all.

    • the Muse

      lol I did ;-D it’s pretty much my excuse for life LOL ;-D she laughed…but I was a littleeeeeeeee ticked off at her question. Would be ok if she asked it in jest but it came across as a snarky little “OMG why do you need all these candles you so terribly ridiculous for buying this…” ew…am I asking you for $$ to buy them? ;-D

  • isabella

    They dont want you buy things from the store? isn’t that why they have a store,

  • Cj

    Wait wait wait. A sales rep wanted to know why you were buying so much? I would of said on your right never mind *click* >.>

    Can you tell I’m in a crappy mood lol?

    • the Muse

      LOL! ;-D she caught me on a good day! I’d probably have left it on the counter…! I was friendly about it though…if it was in jest I’d be ok with it but it came across a little rude! boo!

  • Michelle

    Boo for snarky sales people…yeah for lambie!
    Sorry to hear they don’t have them in your store 🙁 I went last week for the candle sale too and they did happen to have the little lambies in stock…they came in grey and navy too! I forgot these came in other colors; love the grey one. I’ll have to go back to get a couple for gift giving and for myself, my tree and perhaps my cats.

    • the Muse

      my cats LOVE the ornaments Michelle ;-D Hopefully they get the plushies soon ;-D yeah, sigh, what can ya do? maybe she was having a bad day ;D

  • mon

    I saw the lambie plushies in my store and they’re the same size as the lambies from previous years. Still holding on to hope that there will be the return of the BIG lambies.

  • Michelle

    Oops! I saw the lambie ornaments…NOT the Plushies…: ( … I got myself all excited (for nothing).

  • Marisa

    If you shopped in my BBW, you would not have been asked that question! That’s insane! People regularly buy that many when they’re on sale (myself included!) so that’s kind of silly. And no word on a lambie blanket. So sad 🙁

  • Melissa

    LOL I totally used the zombie excuse recently but with a nosey family member, If a store rep said that to me I very likely would have walked out and headed to the competitor. Nice haul btw 🙂

    • the Muse

      hehe perfect excuse for everything ;-D I think I was tired and just wanted it rung up and done with because I’d probably have left too…! :-/

  • Tohnia

    Aww I want one! I’m going to check the BBW by me this weekend to see if they have them. I’m interested in the hand soaps also, but I’m extremely allergic to whatever BBW puts into their scented hand lotions…every time I use one, I get a horrible rash wherever it is on my body. Since a lot of people use them as hand cream, it usually means my hands get swollen, red, and rashy. 🙁 So no pretty scented lotions for me! I’m going to haul some candles too if they have some I like. Usually BBW scents are a bit too much for me. And that SA was a bit rude (IMO). She shouldn’t be asking you why you’re buying so much, she should be encouraging you to buy more!

    • the Muse

      typically they do lol she must be the only one! they are traditionally TOO aggressive ;D with trying to convince you to buy more more more!

  • kimkats

    Ahahahahaha!! Imma steal that line about the zombie apocalypse!! that’s a hoot!

    And I have a lambie plush from a couple years back – it is maybe 6 inches long and 4 high- didn’t do a girth measurment – she wouldn’t stand for it! 🙂 if they are the same size that they used to be, they’re a decent size, and cute as all get out!

    • the Muse

      hehe perfect excuse for everything kim! I have one too, this one seems a little smaller but I’ll take it! so cute!

  • Iris

    Good response to the sales associate’s question.

    I’d have just stood there in shock if someone made a comment like that to me. :/

    I can’t believe she said that in a snarky way; ten candles isn’t a lot. I’ve seen people buy tons more. They should be happy people are purchasing lots of their products.

  • anna

    LOL at the zombie comment. I bought 6 candles during that sale and my sister asked my why I needed so many and I said in case of the zombie apocalypse… and she said ‘oh yeah you’re right’ LOL. We watch wayyy to much walking dead.

  • Lauren

    I have one of the lambies from last time they had them in stores. I love them. I have the blanket too which is the most amazing thing ever!!!! My cats adore it too!!