December 13, 2012

Bath & Body Works Slakin & Co. City Collection Candles: London Calling, Paris Daydream Spring 2013

So yeah maybe I did go and order all the Slakin & Co. City Collection Candles. And so yeah, maybe I am kinda grumpy that Bath & Body Works now charges 2 for $22….but that didn’t stop me from hauling all of these new candles.

Well except one…

Caribbean Escape Cocktails & Coconuts
Creamy blend of coconut milk, raw sugarcane and sweet casaba.

London Calling Tea & Lemon
Blend of tea, lemon and sugar.

Paris Daydream City of Love
Watery notes, moss and mandarin.

Meet Me In Tahiti White Sands & Vanilla Flower
Tahitian petals Monoi blossoms and sweet vanilla.

New York, New York The Big Apple!
Red apple blossoms and golden amber.

Moroccan Market Amber & Incense
Exotic blend of amber, patchouli and black suedewood.

Hmmm notice they say “Bath & Body Works” on the label and not Slakin & Co….! And note the new 2 for $22 sale rather than 2 for $20. I just hope they haven’t reformulated them too! Wouldn’t be nice getting a weak scented candle.

I ordered all of them! Blush! Except Moroccan Market…can’t take the patchouli!

Use promo code HOLIDAYBBW to get 20% Off your total order at should you want to indulge.

Thoughts on these new candles?

The new price of the candles?


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  • AnniLau

    I’ll need to sniff test it, but I think my Mom might really like the Moroccan Market…she’s a patchouli person, all the way. The Meet Me In Tahiti sounds the most appealing to me though.

    I was actually just in there last Saturday and spent almost the whole time with a Merry Cookie candle held up to my face. I loooove those.

    • the Muse

      I figure if I hate them can just return in store ;-D I wish I can get on board with patchouli but it just blahs me out! me too! and cinnamon frosting!

  • Ami

    … They made New York smell like apples? How cheesy. I’m more interested in London and Paris – the scent descriptions sound so nice.

  • Becca

    I saw them in Bath and Body works the other day. They all smell great, except one. I wasn’t a huge fan, at all, of the Moroccan Market scent. My favorite was definitely the “Meet Me in Tahiti,” and I also really like the “London Calling.” It definitely gives off a good tea and lemon scent, and to me, it was interesting and new.

    The only “weak” scent out of the collection was the New York, New York. It smells great, but it doesn’t come off as strongly as the others and is a little more subtle.

    • the Muse

      becca yay happy to hear and yup I thought MM wouldn’t be for me :-/ def do not want!

  • Jenny Jacobs

    I’m seriously addicted to buying candles lately. I bought so many within the last few months. There’s something about walking into a room that has a beautiful lit candle making the room smell wonderful.

    • the Muse

      same here jenny! I typically like tarts over candles but for some reason these candles have been terribly addicting lately!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whitney

    These sound amazing! Thank you for sharing about them, now I know where I’ll be heading this weekend! Do you know if these have made their way in stores yet?

    • the Muse

      some folks discussing in the comments that they saw them in store already, I haven’t whitney, my store didn’t have any so I ordered online. guess it varies from store to store, perhaps call and ask before making a trip!

  • Lulle

    I’m not too happy about the sudden 10% increase :/
    But I’ll have to go sniff them!

    • the Muse

      *head down* yeah the sadness 🙁 do you remember the original price? believe $19.50 right? they are $20 now, so not too too bad!

  • Meg

    I checked these out last weekend. They’re quite strong smelling, especially the Moroccan one and the London one. The Moroccan one is actually a bit overpowering. I wasn’t a huge fan of them, but if you like unusual scents you’ll love these.

  • Ashley

    It’s 2 for $25 here in Canada now. Luckily when I went to sniff & buy, they were handing out $10 off $30 coupons so I got 2 London Callings & 2 mini French Baguettes for $22, tax included. Still though, why the price hike? Cause candles are all rage on YT now??!

  • candice

    Go to BBW today and the 3 wick candles are only $8! picked up the new york and paris candles from this collection, the others seemed too weak smelling and i definitely wasn’t a fan of the super lemon-y london one!

  • Madison

    I took a whiff of the candles above at B&BW and thought they were all very weakly scented. I did think that the London tea and lemon blend was probably the most accurate. You really do smell the tea! The NY one was a disappointment. How many apple scented candles does one need? The Tahiti and Coconut blends were pretty nice, but B&BW has done that type before under other titles. The Paris scent was lovely, but again, weak and I thought wouldn’t throw enough scent in the area in which it was burning. I skipped all of them. But now with the Friday 12/14 sale of $8 each, I’m probably going to get a Fresh Balsam. That’s probably my favorite right now. Perfectly Christmas-y!!!

  • Iris

    I’m being tempted by London Calling, Moroccan Market, and New York New York. I’m not even a candle person and I want them!

  • Kee

    I smelled the London one in the store and it was amazing! Definitely going to go back and buy it 🙂

  • PristinePurity

    Love Cranberry Pear Bellini…its citrus and subtle…do try it…highly recommended.

  • Beau

    I’m a Bath and Body Works employee and as of today candles were back to 2 for 20 in stores. I’m pretty sure the 2 for 22 was simply a new type of sale.

  • Sheri Ann

    I went to B&BW yesterday to smell these candles. I ended up only getting the Paris candle since I couldn’t decide if I really liked the other ones. The current sale though is 2 for $20.

  • Jennifer

    The London Calling smells fabulous! Perfect for the Anglophile on your Christmas list!

  • Stephanie

    Would like to purchase candles 2 for $20 but clicking on the shop know doesn’t work! Please contact me!

    • the Muse

      that’s because candles aren’t on sale at BBW at the moment.

  • allison1998

    London Calling, oh how I love you so! My finger was over the front label when I smelled it. I said to myself, “this smells like tea and lemons!” Then, I looked at the label and it said “tea & lemon.” LOL

    I love this scent! It is one of the most unique candles that I have ever owned. You can clearly smell the tea and the lemons. It is more of a sugary tea smell (like sweet tea). I got 2 of them and some wallflowers. I am glad that this one is coming back.

    I also purchased Meet Me in Tahiti. I love the smell of monoi. I sniffed the 3 candles that my store had and found one that must have not been opened since it left the warehouse. It was very strong compared to the other two. It pays to “sniff around!”

    • Isabella Muse

      I couldn’t agree more it really is gorgeous 😀 Meet Me In Tahiti is nice but was a little weak to my nose when I burned but none the less lovely 😀