December 11, 2012

Further Incentive to Buy Wen Kids Cleansing Conditioner

As if I didn’t already need more temptation to purchase the new Wen Kids Cleansing Conditioner now QVC has gone and made a three piece gift set!

Do want!

The Wen Set of 3 Kids Cleansing Conditioner Gift Set is $58 and includes three full size Cleansing Conditioners (16oz) in:

  • Apple
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry Banana

Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner was developed as an alternative to the way people cleanse their hair. It eliminates the use of shampoo and its harsh detergents and chemicals and combines the elements of a conditioner along with a cleansing agent into a single product to clean hair and leave it smooth, soft, and tangle free!

The newly developed kid’s collection is available in scents that would appeal to younger children however, I admit, I wouldn’t mind Strawberry Banana scented locks!

I think I’ll pick this up!

Available at

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  • Melissa

    I don’t know if you have a Sally’s Beauty Supply where you are, but have you tried Hair One? Its supposed to be just like WEN and at a fraction of the price. Wondered if you thought the same?

    • the Muse

      i’ve heard but haven’t tried melissa…I think it’s sold at cvs too? but don’t quote me there…!

    • Monique

      All the cheap alternatives to Wen are all terrible. I’ve tried them all out of curiosity & nothing even comes close to comparison to what Wen does for your hair. I think that it’s cheap actually when you think about all of the products it’s replacing including styling aids. Although Wen has a line of styling products, a lot of women don’t use or need any of them. Before Wen, I was buying sulfate free shampoo & conditioner, hair masks/deep conditioning treatment, leave in sprays, silkening/glossing serums & creams, frizz control everything, mousse, hair spray, it was never ending every month. Now I use a 16oz bottle of Wen per month ($29.00) and sometimes I use the styling cream. That’s it. I have the hair I’ve always wanted, soft, smooth, silky, extremely shiny, frizz free, natural curl. There is nothing better than Wen

  • kimkats

    Hey Melissa – I’ve tried the Hair One, and I don’t think it’s anything like WEN. I like the WEN a lot better – I think it cleans better but still leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny. Hair One was just…. weird… It felt like it left my hair coated and rough and dull. I know some like it, but it wasn’t for me…..

    • Liane

      Wen left my hair coated and dull, too, though. All those silicones = huge fail for my hair.

  • Bethany

    Melissa… I have tried both the WEN and the Hair One. I think if someone hasn’t tried the WEN first and Hair One was their first jaunt into Cleansing Conditioners, they would like it. However, knowing WEN, Hair One doesn’t stand a chance against it. With WEN there is much more “slip”. It is thicker, and glides better through the hair. I do give my scalp a vigorous scrub with WEN, but Hair One I felt as if I had to take a brillo pad to it to get it clean.

  • Kim

    I’m tempted to try these since they do not have menthol or eucalyptus (I’m allergic to these things which are in most, if not all of the regular Wen conditioners). I’d like to know if they smell as good as they sound.

    • rene

      The wen rice formula sold on qvc does not have any of the eucalyptus or menthol. Neither does the wen for kids, it is also rice based

  • Tiffany Martin

    Most conditioners are like Wen, the only big diff is the botanicals, I mean, what do those even do?

    Cowashing can be done with any conditioners you like (:

  • Jeannine

    I use the Wen apple on my little one. She’s 15 months old and has ringlets (I am NEVER cutting it!) and I love using it on her. It keeps it in ringlets longer than just baby shampoo.

  • eva

    is there any difference between the regular wen and wen kids? other than the scents i mean…

    • Nicole

      The Kids WEN line are all rice based formulas that are gluten free, soy free, menthol free, nut free, wheat free, basically it is WEN, but for very allergy sensitive or sensitive skin individuals. Oh I forgot to mention it is tear free too, I believe he (Chaz) had that clinically tested and verified. 🙂
      Hope that helps eva! 😀

  • Nicole

    Just wanted to give everyone a little update, the 3 piece Kids WEN giftset is availible again. Same item number (A227487) on QVC. Christmas is coming up on us quickly… 😉
    I have my Watermelon in the gallon, but these are fun to give to my nieces and my nephew! All have different types of hair, but the Kids WEN works wonderful on all of them! My nieces are ages 12, 11, and 1. My nephew is 7. All gorgeous if I do say so myself… 😀

    • Holly

      I have sensitive skin but I do want the full effect of wen!!! Will the kids version work just as well as the regular cc’s??? (I really do want it to work as well!)

      • Nicole

        Hi Holly! The kids formulas do produce the same results on my hair, but I have been using WEN since December 2009 and do not do much to my hair to cause damage to it. My hair is straight as an arrow, fine in texture, but I have a thick head of hair, and it falls right above the small of my back. Currently I am not highlighting it, but have in the past. WEN Kids formula is lighter and frothier than the original WEN formulas. It rinses out faster and easier than the original formulas as well. They do have a new formula in WEN called Bamboo Green Tea that is rice based like the kids formulas that has AMAZING reviews on QVC and is made for adults that have allergies or sensitivities to the original formulas! It has more of the properties needed for people with more damage or are chemically treating their hair. Of course if you need a lot of damage control and have sensitivities or allergies Six Thirteen is the way to go. In my OPINION in the kids formulas the Strawberry Banana is the most moisturizing, the Watermelon is the middle of the road, and the Apple formula is the lightest formula (my nephew who has very short hair loves it 🙂 ). Hope that helps a little and please remember these are just my opinions based on my experiences. 🙂

  • Holly

    I have sensitive skin but want the full effect of wen!!! Would the kids version do the same thing as regular cc’s???