December 4, 2012

Lancome Ruby Affair Color Design Shadow & Liner Palette Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Lancome Color Design Palette in Ruby Affair is one of three, limited edition shades introduced with Lancome’s Holiday 2012 Collection. I can’t believe, gulp, that I haven’t tried the Color Design Palettes as of yet.

I’m unsure why that is but I must redeem myself as they are all kinds of hashtag brilliant! Lancome couldn’t have created a more easy to use palette for novices and makeup experts alike. Instructions for a day and a night look, applicators, and five shades of color are included with this easy to apply palette. If you’ve had issues in the past determining the best colors for contrasting, shading, and just generally had a difficult time grasping the best way to apply your eye make up you’ll be quite happy with Lancome’s easy to use Color Design Palettes.

Check it out!

Color Design Palettes are definitely something new and different for Lancome. Fact is, this isn’t your mother’s makeup. Lancome is commonly associated with a more mature image but since bringing on Emma Watson as one of their model’s the brand has evolved into something more youthful and modern. These palettes are testimony to a more modern Lancome.

The Lancome Color Design Palette’s come with five shades of color ($48). Seems overwhelming at first because I know I find it difficult to use three shades of color on my eyes never mind five but Lancome makes it super easy to achieve a look with all five colors in a few simple steps. The colors are easily defined by a clear top sheet that covers them as well as labeled on the back of the palette and in an instruction get the look guide. For so many years, brand’s failed to include any instructions on how we should use the shades in a palette. But this easy pull out guide gives me not only one look to create but two, well that’s a blessing if ever I did see one.

Ruby Affair isn’t quite as it sounds…this is more a mauve purple shade selection so it’s less about ruby and more about warm shades of purple and mauve for the Holidays. You have an all over base shade which is a pale almost pink lilac, a plummy purple lid shade, a grayish purple crease shade, a highlighter shade in light plum, and a liner in a rich, dark plum.

These have a soft, silky formula with an almost creamy consistency. If you’ve tried, used, and love eyeshadows from Japanese brands like Majolica Majorca and KATE you should LOVE the formula that Lancome embraced for these Color Design Palettes. On some levels it’s very much like the texture of the shades that Too Faced recently introduced in their Sexy Palette. These apply and blend like a dream although I warn you there is a good deal of shimmer and fall out. I suggest some sort of transparent base to prevent major fall out and sponge tipped applicators are also a good way to minimize fall out. They start out a little sheer as you blend but build easily for better color pay off. With a little patience you can easily build color up to a beautiful finish. I like that I can build as it insures I don’t over do things as I have a heavier hand with my makeup sometimes. Color with primer lasts all day without fading or creasing. There’s some minor fading within a four hour period if you skip primer so I do suggest prepping prior.

Although plum is a far cry from what I’d pick for a Holiday look I can’t deny it does have a festive feel once applied particularly if you pair it up with a red lipstick.

Overall, Lancome Color Design Shadow Palettes will be a sure fire hit with those who love Asian Eyeshadow Palettes. The formula is exact dupe for many of my favorite Asian brands. The sparkle, the pigmentation, and the lovely texture all make for an excellent eyeshadow experience. I can overlook the fall out so long as I’m using a good base under the shadows to keep it at bay but it does become a tad irritating without. This is one of the most friendliest palettes I came across in a very long time in terms of ease of use and application. Lancome’s addition of a how to get the look guide is incredibly easy to follow and a plus all around for novices and makeup experts as you don’t have the second guess which shade goes where.

I loves.

I’d Muse Approved them for purchase but the price prevents that. They are a touch high at $48 each. Ouch. A little shave off at say $35 to $38 and I’d be quite a happy girl.

Available now at your favorite Lancome counters or online at

I’m sure by now you’ve tried these palettes, do share your thoughts!

Love to hear!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Leigh

    While this palette is lovely I, as a Jewelry and Metalcraft Major, am screaming on the inside. THIS PALETTE HAS NOTHING IN IT’S COLORS THAT REMOTELY RESEMBLES ANYTHING LIKE THE COLOR OF A RUBY. And I have the loose rubies in my desk to prove it. Okay I feel better now. lol. Honestly, if they had to name it after a type of jewel there is a purple-red variety of garnet and a few other stones I can think of that would be a far more apt name. Sorry for the rant Muse-Chan, like I said the palette looks great, but the name is a gross misrepresentation of the product. XD roflmao

    • amy

      I thought the same, LOL. When I first saw the name, I was hoping for something more “red”; however, this totally reminds me of garnets.

  • Amy Amethyst

    Very pretty! I also have to mention the I like how you match your headband with your shirt.

  • Patti

    Wow, that is so pretty on you! $48 is a bit above my budget though. I just indulged in Ulta’s Lorac eye candy collection, but haven’t tried them yet. Have you?

  • Haley G

    you look gorgeous! love that liner color, might pick this up. thanks, muse(:

  • amy

    I have 2 of these palettes, in Amethyst Glam & Mauve ChΓ©rie, which I bought when they first came out, but aside from swatching them once, they’ve sat untouched. I think they’re absolutely gorgeous, but are a bit too much for day to day wear. Maybe I should pull them out for the Holiday season…

  • Robin

    Love it on you, but I’m a little concerned about the lid color with my fair and pale skin.

    HSN has free shipping on all Lancome cosmetics today and there are a few 15% coupons floating around to tempt me. I do have one of their eye palettes in Taupe Craze when it was a Today’s Special on HSN. It’s a nice neutral set. I also love Too Faced’s Return to Sexy kit.

    How many eyeshadows do I need???? LOL

    • the Muse

      lol I ask myself that daily. I need another set of eyes or two or three ;D! if you loved the Return to Sexy Palette you’re guaranteed to love this!

  • Sadie Whitecoat

    You look lovely in plum! I especially like the lip you paired it with

  • Majick

    OMGawd! Those colors on your eyes are magnificent! I haven’t tried the palettes because I don’t want to like them lol – agree, a little too pricey.

    • the Muse

      thanks majick! Happy holidays btw ;-D A little shave off the price and I’d be happy!!!!! and in danger of hauling too many of these!

    • the Muse

      kim loving ’em too! agreed! A little slice off the price tag and I’d be one happy girl!

  • Lulubelle

    I’ve got a mini Emerald Boudoir that came in a GWP, as I’ve really been wanting to try these without paying the $48. I like it! Nice to know that the formula is similar to Asian brands, as I did notice they were a bit different from my usual brands.

  • gerrinehmg

    looks almost like too faced the return of sexy palette (the purple ones) but i think too faced one looks better.

  • Nonatut

    I have “mauve cherie” and “sunset fling” (and the sunset fling was perfect with last seasons obesession with all things coral) but for the most part, I too have been guilty of letting them sit. They are gorgeous! I guess I think they are too “fancy for everyday wear”. lol I have my eye on that “ruby affair” and have since I spotted it on the Lancome counter last weekend. Thanks for reviewing it! Looks awesome on you πŸ™‚ It does hurt to plunk down the big bucks for eyeshadow….but I’m resolving to snatch up the ruby affair and to wear them with all I’ve got. Have you check out “Blush Sweetness”? I want that one too!FABULOUS!

    • the Muse

      ugh I’m ebaying a searching of sunset fling now damn you! ;-D my pleasure and thank you. you’re too kind! I didn’t actually look at the blush ugh what are you doing to me!?? ;D

  • SusanT

    I just got the one with the gold & navy shadows — it’s gorgeous!!! I’m really happy I got it. I’d been eyeing up different palettes with gold shadows for a while, but you can’t find prettier gold shadows than the Lancome ones. Check it out, ladies!

  • Jill

    This reminds me of the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow quad in Taupe Temptress! Very similar colors, also soft with a fair amount of glittery fall out. Not an exact dupe, but quite similar!

  • Robin

    Love this!! Anyone with green eyes should get this!! Muse, the shadow I was worried about is wonderful?! HG for me!?