December 17, 2012

L’Oreal Colour Riche Eye Shadow

As you know L’Oreal Color Riche Eye Shadow Quads have launched in drugstores for Spring 2013. These launched in a much smaller display a few weeks ago but recently I came across a huge display featuring over twenty colors.

Although I reviewed them already (and disliked them sadly) some of the colors were very tempting…!

Take a look!

I love some of these color selections! Sadly, I didn’t indulge as I felt the colors I already tried weren’t a great formula and a tad too frosty….so not sure it’s worth getting more.

But I like what I see.

Obviously these will become a permanent part of the collection for the next year or so.

Did you try the new Colour Riche Eye Shadow yet?


Do share!

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  • Christina

    Ah-ha! Told you, Muse. Some of the colorful quads drew me in, too. I’ve bought a few more and so far the pigmentation of some of the shadows is good, some not so much (and this is within the same palette). Besdides, when I saw some matte and satin finishes — not frosts! — I had to give it another chance.

    • the Muse

      hey christina ;-D you were right! I didn’t re-indulge, was a little wary after my run in with the frosty finishes but some shades were very tempting ;D

  • Debster

    I’ve seen very little of this collection and I’m okay with that. I just think the packing is so ugly, and I just wish we had more cute themes. I know it’s almost a beaten to death topic, but I can’t stop thinking of how I like PF’s products look, and Etude house is just so breath taking, the Sephora Disney collection, etc.

    TL;DR ugly packaging prevents me from buying product.

  • charlotte

    Wow, that is a huge selection. I have to wonder how they are going to reformat their permanent display since these are so much larger than their old ones. Too many great shadows out there for me to fuss with bad ones though, and inconsistencies between colors even within the same quad is a major peeve of mine. I would honestly rather buy a whole quad of shadows I know have to work with than bounce back and forth never knowing what I’m going to get each time I dip my brush in.

  • Miss_Silk

    I actually really like these, planning to pick up more vibrant colors. I went with the safe neutral colors and I was able to do the whole “Gradient” eye look that lots of Asians do ^^

  • SJG

    I’m sorry but these are the ugliest flipping things I have seen so far this decade, the colors and the packaging. They look like bad cheap 70s makeup that you got from the World of Beauty club. WTF are you thinking L’oreal…everything you did used to be so pretty and classy.

  • Lily

    I really, really wish that L’Oreal would have put out this display of 20 quads to begin with.

    First… Initially I found the display which had 6 quads available at Ulta. This display included Blue Haute Couture, Neon Skirt, So Over It!, Cookies & Cream, and Rose For Romance. I instinctively nabbed Neon Skirt (vibrant!) and Rose For Romance (I love rosy neutrals!). After mulling over the other shades I thought Blue Haute Couture looked rather pretty so I got that one too. I loved the gold in Neon Skirt and found the other colors in it to be workable with a bit of effort. Blue Haute Couture wasn’t what I hoped it would be but again, I found that I did like two of the four shades. Rose For Romance was way, way more frosty than shimmery which disappointed me. πŸ™ Some of the particles in Rose For Romance were also chunky and weird looking on my eyes, making the skin look dry and yucky. *so sad* Luckily the quads were on sale BOGOHO and I had coupons!

    Next… I came across a larger display at Rite Aid which had 12 different quads. I looked them over and decided to give them another shot because some of the quads were just so pretty! (Plus they were on sale BOGOHO.) This display only had 3 shades in the “Bold Collection” (Neon Skirt, Blue Haute Couture, and Hollywood Icon). I love purples so I helplessly bought Hollywood Icon. I also got Army Brat because of what looked to be a beautiful sparkling green with a mix of complimentary neutrals (I heart green shadows!). Lastly, I got Because I Am Worth It, a mix of fleshy nudes which I believe the model is wearing in the “Essentials” image.

    My initial try with Hollywood Icon was major disappointment. Great purples are hard to come by. I was hoping to get it work somehow but it’s lacking pigmentation big time. *cries* Army Brat was quite a shocker – I really thought it would be great but the green didn’t even read as green, more like a dirty black. πŸ™ The other shades in it were really bad too! A very ugly group of shades. So unfortunate! They looked so pretty in the pan! I’ve only used both of these quads once but still. I’m hoping things won’t be so bad the second time around but my hopes aren’t too high.

    THERE IS GOOD NEWS THOUGH! Because I Am Worth It turned out to be MAGNIFICENT – all four shades are buttery, smooth, pigmented, easy to blend, and straight up gorgeous! The shades create a really beautiful “nude eye look”! I’ve worn it 4 times since I got it and love it more every time! πŸ˜€ All four shades are winners! I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is! Major bonus: it pairs amazingly with a bold lippie! <3

    And then… I came across the display which held all 20 quads. I thought, URGHHH! D:< I wish this would have been the FIRST display I found as my choices for which quads to buy would have been completely different. D:<

    I somehow wound up weak in the face of those two other Bold Collection quads that I had yet to see in person – Shopping Spree and What Happens in Vegas. I ended up getting them both. I was not disappointed by them though!

    The beautiful matte salmon pink/pinky-coral in Shopping Spree is gorgeous! Smooth and pigmented!!! *swoon* It's an odd eyeshadow shade but I am finding it so lovely for some reason. It's easily my favorite shade out of these two quads and it's very unique too! πŸ˜€ The golden peachy shade is a bit sheer but it's got lots of shimmer to it's finish so I'm thinking it will make a pretty inner eye highlight shade. The medium silvery gray is wonderful – pigmented, smooth, and with a satin shimmer finish (not frosty, yay!). Hooray! The matte black is surprisingly pigmented and very black, though it's not a very unique shade. When I want matte black I reach for Wet 'n Wild Panther (my favorite matte black!).

    As for What happens in Vegas… The top shade is a nice, vibrant tangerine! Nice satin shimmer finish, good pigmentation! The shade is a touch lighter than I thought it would be but it's still a great shade! The next shade is a bit odd but interesting – a very pale dirtied metallic antique gold is the best I can describe it. It's not super pigmented but it is extremely shiny so I'm thinking inner eye highlight for this shade at this point. The third shade down is a darker, kinda dirtied orange – good pigmentation, an almost-matte finish with a hint of satin to it. Nice! The shimmery red brown with tiny sparkles is quite blackened – I wish it came out more like the shade in the pan. :/ Still, it has pretty good pigmentation and the tiny sparkles are very pretty. I can definitely see myself using this shade smudged along the lashline or layered over matte brown liner to add a bit of sparkle. I swatched both Shopping Spree and What Happens in Vegas over TFSI on the inside of my arm. I have yet to use these on my eyes as I literally just got them tonight but I'm excited to use them both for sure! πŸ˜€

    I am so in love with Because I Am Worth It that I'm lemming Cupa Joe, the all matte quad with four lovely looking neutrals. I am always looking for great mattes to add to my stash. I feel like I just don't have enough mattes compared to shimmery finishes. I'm hoping it will be just as great as BIAWI. I'm also lemming Sultry Seductress after seeing swatches of it – the plummy purple and rich taupe looked really great in the swatches I saw, though the other two shades were just meh. I loved the look of that plummy purple and rich taupe enough to maybe get it though. I'm also considering Perfume ID and Good Luck Charm…maybe… I wish there were swatches of all these, lol!

    I really, really wish these quads weren't so hit or miss. It would be wonderful if all the quads had the quality of BIAWI. I am in awe of the quality and beauty of that quad! It's easily my favorite and it will be getting lots of use for sure (especially since I'm obsessed with the Maybelline Vivids lippies right now!). πŸ˜€