December 10, 2012

Lush Sandy Santa Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

The weather has been mighty mild around here but it doesn’t have me fooled. That’s why Sandy Santa is tucked safely in my bath and body drawer. JUST in case that cold winter weather comes blowing in I’ll be at the ready with Sandy Santa’s exfoliating powers!

Let’s take a look!

Sandy Santa is a limited edition solid sugar scrub from our friends at Lush for Holiday 2012. I’ve raved Lush’s amazing scrubs in a prior review so I’m ever so delighted when they introduced a new variation of an already quite popular product that graced my shower in the past!

Sandy Santa holds up considerably well compared to some of the more looser, easy to fall apart sugar scrubs I use from Lush already. He’s basically a solid Santa shaped sugar and sand exfoliater you can use in the shower to scrub away rough skin. Simply wet him or break off a piece and wet that piece and scrub on elbows, knees, or anywhere you have drier, rougher skin. He lathers up a little bit and breaks down into larger grains of sugary salt to get skin glowing and smooth again!

He’s scented with a combination of orange, rosewood, and sandalwood oils that not only give him his bright, sunny scent but also act to hydrate skin as you scrub!

If you want to get a few showers worth out of him, as he is rather large, simply put him into a plastic bag and smash him up a bit and proceed to take small pieces and chunks into the shower with you. You should be able to get one luxurious scrub with him or three to four smaller scrubs.

Overall, Sandy Santa is an essential scrub for those long, cold Winters when your legs, arms, elbows, knees and everything else wants to go into freak out dry, flaky mode. This is an excellent way to scrub away those dry areas and make them smooth and soft again!

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