December 20, 2012

MUA Makeup Academy Lip Boom Review & Swatches

MUA Makeup Academy Lip Boom is a lipstick and highlighting duo to create the look of fuller, curvier, pouter lips by producing the illusion of volume.

I recently hauled this during a sale the brand was having on their International site for a mere £1.50 which is around $2.50.

Take a look!

You can use this in any number of ways but the main look is to apply the lipstick and dab the shimmering gloss in the center of your lips for a volumizing effect or a “BOOM” as Makeup Academy calls it. Actually, it works. Applying it this way creates the illusion of volume so your lips have a graduating effect which in turn gives lips a poutier, larger appearance.

If you’re not keen on pouty lips no prob you can simply use the lipstick or gloss on their own or even apply the gloss all over the top of lipstick for a sparkling full coverage lipstick look.

Formula is iffy here as the matte lipstick is heavily saturated with color to the point of staining lips well after it fades however, it is very dry and drying. It doesn’t have any creaminess to it which results in a bit of tugging as you apply and a less than smooth application. But when it is in place, WOW! It’s really full coverage and gives lips a super pigmented pay off. The shade I choose Bring It, is a rich true red with a sparkly orgasm-like golden peach gloss. The gloss also has issues as it has a rather chunky, glittery texture. Lucky enough that glittery texture isn’t gritty and it applies quite smoothly although for more shine I’d add clear gloss as it lacks shininess and merely produces more sparkle than a mirror-like shine.

MUA created a tutorial for application which is rather helpful which you can view here.

Overall, the formula is a little lacking but the concept actually works. I think to get the most out of the product all you need is to add a clear gloss. This actually makes an even better product and makes the complete look come together and really POP! If you’re ordering from MUA Makeup Academy anyway I would stick one or two shades into your cart. They are worth looking into…! I actually want to try another shade or two after using Bring It as this type of candy apple red isn’t really my shade of choice…but I must admit the gloss shade made the red super wearable.

Dryness yes, glitter double yes, but the finished effect may just be worth suffering through some of those issues. I thought so.

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You can order from, they ship worldwide!