January 30, 2013

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora YouTube Teaser

Here’s a little teaser video that Sephora posted on youTube for their next princess collection featuring Jasmine.  The Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora launches in March 2013 and will feature many of the same pieces launched with the Cinderella Collection including a new pocket mirror, perfume, and “book” of shadows.

I’m quite excited about the launch as where Cindrella was cooler it appears Jasmine will be the more warmer selection of shades! I’m somehow regretting gifting away the mirror I purchased with the Cinderella Collection as now I want to collect them all. Oh ho the disease of it all!

What do you think?

Did you love Cinderella or are you more of a Jasmine girl?

P.S. Who’s watching Being Human? I fell asleep on last night’s episode after getting in really late. Dammit! Sally’s human, Josh’s is human, and Aidan, well Aidan’s still Aidan!

I just want to get back on board with Tom, Hal, and Alex to be honest…Sally annoys me, there I said it, don’t shoot me. Den of Geeks has interviews with everyone including Micheal should you like something to keep you warm while we await word from BBC America about the launch here! Enjoy!


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  • Nicole

    Jasmine! Cinderella was way too cool toned for me. Didn’t buy anything from that collection.

  • Tiffany

    Be careful of the link I just posted, it caused an issue with my computer and it had to restart. I recommend just googling Sephora Disney Jasmine and you will see the picture I was trying to link to.

    • the Muse

      same here tiffany I deleted that comment, sorry about that, just didn’t want anything getting a virus or something ;-D kept asking me to update firefox phew!

      • Tiffany

        Thats what I figured, good thing we caught it early! Anyways I can’t wait!!!

  • Nicole

    OMG!!! Looked at the photos for this collection…so pretty! I may be in trouble…again! 🙂

  • Caitlin

    I like the promo–mysterious and seductive, so of course I went and found photos. I like the palette design a LOT, but I think it has too many colors that would be unwearable for me again (boo blues!). However, that packaging is amazeballs. So pretty. The eyeliner trio also is gorgeous. I’m really interested in smelling that perfume, though–I hope it’s jasmine scented. But I wish they had gone with a bottle design that was more delicate and Middle Eastern. Also, the Cinderella compact was about 1000x prettier than this one–I think Jasmine’s looks tacky.

    • Al

      I too was rather disappointed with the perfume and the compact mirror. The compact mirror just isn’t as pretty/elegant as Cinderella’s IMHO, and I was totally bummed out to see that the perfume bottle was the exact same one that was used for Cinderella, only with pink. I guess this means the other princesses will have that same bottle as well. I really wish they had designed different bottles for each of them. For me, that kind of ruined their appeal as a collectable, but I am still curious about the scent, and I’m definitely interested in that shimmer spray.

  • Christina

    Do you want to know what’s weird, Muse? I was at a main Sephora store in California yesterday night talking to the sales associate and store manager about the upcoming Disney release. They told me they’re releasing Ariel, not Jasmine. They said the Ariel collection was supposed to release on January 13, but they had just received their shipment in a couple of days ago, so the release was delayed. When I said all the press releases were of Jasmine and a couple of bloggers already posted reviews, they looked completely shocked. They told me Jasmine is the Fall collection and they only have shipments for Ariel in. Weird, huh? Either way, I’m looking forward to both Jasmine and Ariel.

    • the Muse

      odd! and interesting 😀 guess they switched?! seems weird for Sephora to promote Jasmine on their own channel if they weren’t releasing it!

      • Caitlin

        That is weird. I mean, Jasmine seems perfect for summer, too, with all teh saturated color and gold shimmer, but Ariel also seems like a summer collection. (Beach looks!) I’m looking forward to seeing these all! I hope they do Belle soon; she is my fav. 🙂 And I’m looking forward to the greens that will undoubtedly be in Tiana’s palette. More, more, more!

        • Christina

          I feel exactly the same way. I think both Ariel and Jasmine would work for summer or spring, but if all the promo images are of Jasmine, my guess is that’s what’s going to be released. !

    • Yavanna

      Odd – didnt you ask to have a look on it?
      Would love to have an advanced sneak peek 🙂

      • Christina

        Haha! I did ask if they’d let me look at it, but they said they couldn’t because they hadn’t even unboxed it yet. Too bad!

  • Angie

    I was so excited to see pics of the new collection! I’m definitely getting the compact mirror since I have the Cinderella one, and maybe the small eye palette depending on the colors. I’m hoping they are going to do several princess collections now, all with their matching compacts.

    • butterdaisy

      I love Cinderella and Ariel. I was very disappointed in the Cinderella collection, so am quite leery of any others that come out. Not into any of the other princesses. I’ll just have to see if the Ariel collection has the pizzazz it deserves and that was so lacking in the Cinderella collection.

  • PA

    Wow, does it mean there’s more princesses coming? I’m so excited! It would be so worth collecting 😀
    I hope they would release Belle and Mulan (lol my favorites) collections too in the future ;D

  • 00trayn

    I am totally waiting for the Ariel collection, hopefully it’s the next one! She’s always been my favorite, and honestly she’s the reason I wanted to dye my hair red as a kid (which I do now). I bet her color palette will be perfect for my red hair and green eyes. I do like the colors in Jasmine tho, but I’m only letting myself get one.

  • Al

    ……..I think I just died. *drools*

    Seriously though, I love me some Jasmine! I can’t wait!

  • charlotte

    I got a post from Sephora last night about it.. and eagerly clicked to see. Imagine my disappointment when all it was was some artsy-fartsy photo shoot that had nothing to do with cosmetics. You could not even see the makeup the model was wearing clearly, let alone get any idea what the products will be. What a waste of my time and their money. Just give me a couple of nice color photos!

  • Ruth

    After the princess, here’s hoping that that they do the villains. Queen of Hearts, Maleficent or Ursela would be awesome.

  • JoElla

    beautyzine has pictures, and didn’t make firefox go wonky.

    crap! I think I love this collection!

  • Jessica

    i am all about Being Human UK. i cannot wait for it to return! i wasn’t completely on board at the beginning of last season, felt a little too too much, and i was wrecked by George’s death. WRECKED! but i have come to love Hal and Tom, i’m sure Alex will grow on me.

    • the Muse

      i was incredibly sad with all the deaths last season, it was a reinvention of the entire show!!!!!!!!!! I thought for sure it would be a BIG fail! But wow, Tom and Hal’s broromance just kept getting better and better with each episode, whether it’s the writing or the actors themselves, they really did a great job making me forget the old character and had me embracing the new ;-D I can’t wait for series 5, all the blogging and videos are making me hyper!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    OH OH OH. I am BEYOND excited for this!! I waited forever to get the Cinderella palette but I absolutely adore and love it, even if it is mostly cool toned. I am so happy they chose Jasmine next, she’s going to have a very warm collection. I hope they keep this up and just do every princess because I will buy all the palettes! Ahh!

  • Alanna

    I can’t wait for Ariel and Belle, Jasmine is gorgeous just not my makeup muse! (hehe)

  • Anna

    Well… guess I will have 20 compact mirrors by the end of this.

    😉 There are worse things.

  • Haefennasiel

    Um, what’s with the hipster-ish background music in the video? It seems a mite too disconnected and discordant to the image of Jasmine. IMO, they should’ve played some appropriately mysterious and ethereal Middle Eastern instrumental music instead …

  • TwirlyGirly

    Boo to Sephora, for launching TWO major collections in the same month -Sephora + Pantone Color of the Year AND Disney Jasmine. Now I’ll have to decide which one I want more, instead of buying both. (I’d probably just buy the palette and compact from the Jasmine Collection, which together will probably be about the same price as the core Color of the Year collection).

  • butterdaisy

    Just saw the collection online. All that pink (ugh!)…. Not my thing at all. Oh well. Hopefully the Ariel (my fave) collection will be full of beautiful purples, reds and teals.

  • Erin

    Jasmine has always been my favorite princess! Yay! Aladdin is my favorite Disney animated movie and I was so mad when the MAC Villains collection didn’t have Jafar!

  • Miss_Silk

    YESSSSSSS I hope the book of shadows says “Volume 2” on the side. I was excited when I saw the Cinderella one had “Volume 1”. Oh dear…I know i’m getting the mirror too TT

  • Amy Amethyst

    I was obsessed with the movie Aladdin growing up! Me and my sis could pretty much quote it word for word when we watched it. haha

  • Christy

    Dying to see the collection. I loved the Cinderella one. I only got the big palette but I may grab more this time. Warmer colors look better on me. So excited. Thanks for the teaser!!

  • Jennie

    I really want to see what the shades in the smaller palette look like. I’ve only seen pictures of the packaging, but I’m intrigued. The bigger palette looks beautiful too. I didn’t get anything from the Cinderella collection, but I might get a palette from this one. I think the colors suit me better. 🙂

  • blueraccoon

    …I may have to get the Jasmine compact. I got the Cinderella one and I *love* it, and I also got the big palette but haven’t used it much. But I may have to start collecting the mirrors…darn you for putting that idea in my head, muse!

  • Nala


    Jasmine will be Spring/Summer, to correspond with the release of the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray/possible movie re-release of the movie Aladdin. If you remember, Cinderella collection came out along with all of the movie hype.

    Ariel will be fall, because the Diamond Edition Little Mermaid comes out in the fall. 🙂

    Which also means, we probably won’t have Belle or Snow White since those already came out in Diamond Edition/3D.

    Which leaves Aurora, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida.

    • Ruth

      Nala, you’re a freaking GENIUS!! Aurora is my favorite and (crossing fingers) hoping that she’ll get an awesome release.