January 22, 2013

Flower BB Cream Review & Swatches

Flower by Drew Barrymore is a newly launched cosmetic line available exclusively at Walmart. Of course, the Flower BB Cream was one of the first things that caught my eye in this extensive new makeup line.

With BB Creams all the rage in the US market at the moment I definitely wanted to see how the Flower BB Cream stood up against the wave of drugstore BB Creams.

Considering the Flower line already has a range of Tinted Moisturizers perhaps they did indeed get BB Cream down right?

Take a look!

Flower BB Cream is sadly lacking SPF. This is one point against it but aside from that it’s actually a very nice product especially at this price point ($12.98) (1 oz).

They call it a four in one multifunction BB Cream that eliminates dullness while covering imperfections, smoothing, softening, and eliminating unwanted shine.

It isn’t a traditional Asian BB Cream but it does have some similiar characteristics as one. It’s available in four shade selections, I purchased the second shade which is a lighter beige with yellow undertones. It seemed a tad too yellow for me but seemed to adjust not too badly and appeared natural on my skin.

The formula is a lot less creamier than an Asian BB Cream but still has a dense, creamy texture that’s very pleasant. I wouldn’t call it hydrating as it has a semi-matte finish that goes powdery on my skin. This isn’t a bad thing thankfully as it applies quite well even though it lacks moisture and creates a smooth almost satin-y feel in my skin. Oily skin will love it as it mattifies quite well where as dry skin should prep very well prior to application.

It perfects beautifully and creates a solid working canvas for makeup with a color pay off that ranges from sheer to medium when built up. I wouldn’t call it full coverage but there’s enough pigment here that it will cover redness, problem areas, imperfections, and darkness very easily. The coverage eases my dullness and gives the appearance of beautiful, flawless skin.

According to the tube it’ll last for up to 12 hours. On a cooler day (haven’t tried it on a hot day) it lasts for eight hours on my skin without fading or oxidizing. Around hour nine I see minor wear and hour ten shows the signs of completely disappearing.

Overall, Flower BB Cream has the strong wear of an Asian BB Cream and the pigment of one. The lack of SPF is disappointing and a little more moisture would be great but on a whole I’d say this was quite a nice base product that produced flawless, long lasting results.

I liked!

Not exactly a BB Cream but a very good base product for a nice budget price.

I tore the label off the bottle a little bit so I’m unsure if the ingredients below are complete. I BELIEVE they are but there may or may not be a missing ingredient or two.

I purchased this item.

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • kiwikiwidragon

    My wally world only had an end cap with nail polishes, gloss, and lippies. No other products in site. Bummer….I might check another one, is the range worth braving that awful place?

  • oxana124

    That last ingredient that is cut off is probably methyl-paraben? That is too bad, I was hoping it would be paraben free.
    Have you tested the Jane Iredale BB Cream?

    • oxana124

      My bad, on the WalMart site it says “paraben free” so it must be methyl-something else then. Well that is good news. I need to search for this at my WalMart 🙂

      • the Muse

        believe it is a paraben as another blogger had said there are indeed parabens in it but can’t confirm since I ripped the label. sorry.

        • CrisC

          if you go to the official website, which is flowerbeauty.com you will see that the only paraben free product in the entire line is the foundation because it tells you. The other products contain parabens because it doesn’t state “paraben free” Walmart is just lazy to update the right description for each of the products.

          • Krista Dior

            Right. I own a lot of the Flower line’s products. I have a full review on my site of half of what I purchased. A lot of the items have parabens and now, after seeing Dateline’s dangers of perfume in products, I now have to be careful of that too. Hormone blockers are what they call them, and I already have issues with my health, so adding to it possibly isn’t helping.

    • the Muse

      yup! you’re right, it says methyl-and I snapped the label at that point. Sorry! I have but haven’t reviewed as of yet, will try to get a review up soon!

  • Cj

    Hmm I wonder how light the number 1 is, so far this brands looking pretty good huh? I might have to put in an order on Walmart online xD

    • the Muse

      i just hope all the shades don’t have such strong yellow undertones. gonna to try 1 and 3 next just out of curiosity of how the shades are ;-D I like it so far! I can’t wait to try the lip butters.

      • Cj

        Ooh cool that means I can wait for you to tell me how 1 is LOL! I just skimmed over the line, it’s pretty big a lot of products and shades I’m curious about the whole foundation+primer thing

        • the Muse

          agreed, it’s a rather extensive collection ;-D will def let ya know, was hopeful they’d have some sort of tester of them in store!

      • Trina

        Hey have you tried the shade 1 at all? Im very pale (mac nc5) with neutral going on yellow undertones so just wondering what you think! : ) Cant wait to try this stuff IF our walmart ever gets it. I live in alaska and we get new stuff in really late haha. Im a bit hesitant to get anything online, I hate having to ship back items online >.>

        • Kayla

          Oh wow, what foundation do you use?? You’re the only person I’ve encountered who has the same skintone as me!

          • the Muse

            i use bb creams kayla….favs include BRTC Jasmine Water, the oriental, and skin79 pink or gold label 😀

  • Amanda

    Sounds pretty promising, might have to pick this one up! Did you find it in store or did you have to order online? (PS I am also a wally world hater, but will make an exception for the right things).

    • the Muse

      Amanda same here, like hard candy ;-D I’m willing to go to the store for it hehe. I ordered it online, I didn’t want to waste time going there and not finding anything so just decided meh order online! Was easier!

      • Amanda

        I think I will do the same. HATE going in there!!! Thanks for the review, I can always count on you to tell us about things as soon as they hit the ground!!! Yay Muse!

        • the Muse

          my pleasure ;-D I try I try! I’d order online, I feel the same way, I dislike going there as well :-/ it’s such a messy store. after ordering I figure if I hated anything I’d just return it in store…!

  • Whistlingdixiee

    I have the Flower BB cream in the lightest shade BB1. It is pure yellow. It looks like lemon cake batter. Too bad. The liquid foundation/with primer(LF1) in the lightest shade is extremely pale. It is yellowish, but not as bad as the BB cream and the stick foundation (which is pure yellow too, in the lightest shade). Her lip butter is fantastic! I love it and will be buying more colors. I liked the Flower sheer up lip tint, as well. I like your blog, I come here first for reviews and swatches! 🙂

    • the Muse

      Hi Whistling…meh! damn! this was oddly yellow too! Thankfully blended out well and seemed to adjust ok…! But I had fears the first shade and third would still be yellow…sad to hear the same goes for the stick foundation…! the lip butters=def fab ;-D I got a few shades and likey! That’s the pencil right? I got a red one and liked it as well! aw thank YOU! <3! Very flattering!

    • Cj

      Is the light bb as light as the lightest foundation? And are they nc15 or darker :O?

  • Whistlingdixiee

    You’re very welcome. I thought I would come out of lurkdome since I have these foundations that people are talking about. I am a NW10-15 for reference. Consequently, I have a VERY difficult time finding foundation in the right shade (pale enough, with NO orange or yellow) and then formulation. I am thinking the Flower liquid foundation (About Face) might work on me even though it is yellowish. I have only swatched it. It IS very pale, which is good! The stick foundation was ridiculously yellow. I have never seen pure yellow foundation before and I have tried A LOT of foundations. IDK who could wear that color..I have become a BB cream fanatic because of your blog! I love them but can’t seem to find the right shade and formulation. I think Missha in shade 13 is the closest to my skintone, but still a little dark or peachy on me. I tried the Snail BB cream recently… what an odd color, the pink/gray undertone..too dark for me,I need to mix it with something else, it might work. I just bought the Jane Iredale BB cream, I’ve only swatched it but it has a luxurious feel and it is very pale, it blends right in with my skintone. Might be a little dry though..

    • the Muse

      hi again whistlingdixiee! ;-D thanks for stepping out the lurking shadow ;-D You might want to try the Dear Rose from Skin79, that’s super pale ;-D so happy you’re discovering/enjoying BB Creams ;-D Jane’s is DEF pale, put off my review slightly due to the shade selection but hope to have one up soon! I’m kinda puzzled over the flower line with all that yellow….! but somehow, thankfully, it worked for me ;-D I’m looking forward to trying the TM and hopeful the concealers are a good match! did you try them yet?

  • Simone

    No SPF is a bummer for me. Beside that, it sounds quite nice.
    How would you compare this to Maybelline Dream BB in terms of coverage?

    • the Muse

      considerably more pigmented simone. dream bb has sheer coverage this can be built from sheer to medium 🙂

  • Angela

    There are parabens in this. Actually 3 to be exact, which is why I’m kind of confused after seeing Warl-Mart.com listing this as paraben free. However, I have to say this is a great product. I’m really loving it.

  • Liza

    I’m wearing this right now in a blend of shades 1 and 2 (glad I ordered both!). They both have very yellow undertones (and my skin is very cool), but after I blend it out, it doesn’t seem to look ‘off’ on me. I did try applying it sans moisturizer the first day and that was a HUGE mistake. It pooled in my pores and just looked nasty. But now that I’ve figured out that I need to use moisturizer first, I love it! I do wish it contained some SPF, though.

    This particular product isn’t being carried in stores yet, so it does have to be ordered from their website. To find stores that are carrying the other items (lippies, polishes, etc), you can go to flowerbeauty.com and ‘Where to Buy’ at the top of the page. You just enter your zip code and they tell you which WalMarts near you have the line. Oddly, in my area (Atlanta), the only stores carrying it are in the suburbs.

  • Rebecca

    I’ve noticed this line is much harder to find around major cities. People have to either make a drive to a suburb or order online. It doesn’t seem like the full line will be in stores by the end of this month, just the end displays.

  • Laurie

    I bought this online in shade 1. When I swatched it on my hand I figured it would be another product headed for the trash bin. I’m ghostly white with pink undertones and this has a yellow base but then I tried it on my face and it blended out nicely, covering the pinkiness, dark circles and it looked natural in the sunlight and dried down to a nice semi-matte finish (good for me, I’m oily). I was kind of shocked. Maybe I’ve been buying cool foundations when I should be buying warmer ones. Anyway, it’s a keeper until I find one that has sunscreen.

    • the Muse

      yay laurie happy to hear, it was a light beige for me yellow undertones, not something I’d typically choose either, but ended up blending quite well and adjusting ;-D

  • E

    How does this compare to the Lumene BB cream you just reviewed? Which one do you like better? Want to try both?

  • Lee

    The spf in cosmetics isn’t even enough to protect you from the sun. I think I heard that on the Dr show but can’t remember for sure. I think I will try this out. Can you just wear BB freaks alone? With zero foundation or powder?

  • Danii

    Fancy-looking packaging. I might have to grab the stick foundie after all if this is good

  • Rozy

    I may be a bit different than most but I often have reactions to paraben free products since nothing protects against bacterial growth better than them. It makes me nervous all these paraben free products, since nothing has been shown to be as effective yet, and you will have to throw it out sooner.

  • Melissa

    Just to clarify, it’s been over a year since this line came out and the blush bronzer duo doesn’t have parabens and neither does the mascara I bought like someone said above. In fact one of the foundations I looked at had one in it. Can’t remember which one tho. I think flower and Walmart need to keep up with what they put on their websites when it comes to descriptions of products and ingredient lists. Makes a girls head spin!! LOL PS I love the things I’ve tried so far from this line: mascara, blush, lipgloss. Can’t wait to try more. Thanks for these reviews!