January 8, 2013

L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara Review

L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara is a new Spring 2013 launch to the L’Oreal Telescopic range of mascaras. I’m not as fond a fan of Telescopic Mascara as many seem to be. I’ve never had the raging success I read about in reviews with it so I was a little skeptical going into the Shocking Extensions review.

But this could be the most perfect mascara ever except for one thing….!

Now it doesn’t advertise it so I shouldn’t be upset but man if this provided more volume I’d be on cloud nine because the length it provides is OUTSTANDING!

Supposedly the brush contains 200 bristles that capture each lash, gripping them, and lengthening them for longer lashes. Obviously it’s working.

I indulged in the waterproof version which removes easily with waterproof eye makeup remover however, there is a non waterproof version available should you desire. It wears strongly on my drier eyes without smudging or flaking. Built up it does have a tendency to develop crunchy lash syndrome but it doesn’t flake off so I’m perfectly a ok with the crunch factor. Plus that crunchiness seems to act as hairspray for my lashes because curl holds ALL day without drooping.

For the best results I do suggest curling prior, applying a single application, waiting for dry down, and finally following up with two more layers. For my photos below I used a single layer so you can get a vibe for how it works without a ton of fuss and honestly, the single layer, sans curling, as you can see, looks GREAT. It is a little spider-y I admit…but I like the doll-like effect it gives my lashes which is why I took a full photo of my eyes so you can see how they go all fluttery when using this.

The brush isn’t really anything particularly special. It’s a straight, thin plastic with tiny bristles. But hey, it gets the job done and does so without having to deal with a big old club-like applicator.

Now…the bad news is it really doesn’t produce any volume so lashes aren’t extra full after application. I’d suggest following up with your fav volumizing mascara after if you desire fullness with your length.

Now if L’Oreal can produce a voluminzing lengthening version of Telescope Shocking Extensions Mascara I’d be a happy girl indeed.

Try this if you want long, fluttery doll-like lashes.

Muse Approved.

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  • Nikki

    I need to try this! I wonder if the none waterproof version would be less crunchy?

    • Lorraine

      I love this mascara!! Been using it exclusively for years, but now can’t find it in stores. I’ve looked at CVS, Walgreens, Acme, WalMart, Ulta, Rouse’s grocery store, and Winn Dixie. Any suggestions?

  • Tammie

    Dammit Muse I’ve picked this up and put it down like 50 times now I need to get it for reals…and I just got the Rocket mascara in both waterproof and non (I like the brush, nice n firm) too.

      • Tammie

        It’s not really anything to write home about but because of the firm brush I am able to put it on faster and it separates well so I like it for a quickie everyday mascara. But tbh most mascaras tend to look the same on me, I guess because my lashes are thin but long and go blond at the tips even the best lengthening mascaras don’t really do much…neither do volumizing ones really and to be honest when they do fatten my lashes it looks kind of unnatural on me and my lashes still look sparse so it’s not the best look.

        So I basically just look for a mascara that doesn’t clump, separates/makes fluttery lashes and darkens my lashes. I also have kind of uneven lashes so if it can fan them out enough that it looks like I have more it’s even better…basically I want it to look like I have more lashes rather than each lash being fatter.

        That being said I really like this Telescopic mascara (told you I had to run out to get it lol) it does exactly what I want and I CAN actually see some lengthening going on.

  • Nora

    I think it’s just that your eyelashes are pretty awesome. You’re one lucky girl!

  • Amy

    nice! thanks for the review, Muse, this looks fantastic for a cheapie :)Can I ask what you’ve used just below your lower lash line? Thanks!


    wow thats incredible looking!!!! I really love how long and dainty these look!!

    love the covergirl eye pic on the bottom!! πŸ˜‰

  • Agata

    I bought it a week ago and have been using it since. I like it a lot however I do wish it was adding more volume.

  • Cindy Ramirez

    Oh this might make a really good companion mascara! Your lashes look lovely my dear.

  • Rachel

    Ooh, this looks fantastic! What a pity we’ll probably have to wait another six months or something until it comes down under πŸ™

  • charlotte

    Top it with Loreal Voluminous.. OMG lashes. “You wish your falsies looked this good” lashes. I’m in love.

    I have rather short, thin lashes. I have used the previous versions of Telescopic, but always had problems with the too wet formula flattening the curl out.. and I usually have little problem with curl. Completely defeated the purpose of length, when it sticks straight out from your eye and you can’t see it. It also tended to glop a bit and I had trouble with separation, or rather the lack thereof. This new one does not do that, it’s dryer, totally buildable, doesn’t stick lashes together, and holds curl all day no problem. I’m using the regular, not waterproof too. Comes off easily (I use evoo), no flakes, no smudges. The packaging is super classy too, stylish tapered tube with a gunmetal chrome finish. Wish the Voluminous looked so nice.. it’s cheap in comparison.

    I’m not sure it’s possible to get the best length and the best volume in one tube, other than physically combining two mascaras in one package. The formulations are different. I think the lashes would look really odd as well with the tips the same width as the base, just IMO.

    • the Muse

      charlotte so so happy to hear it worked for you too! ;-D gonna try it with LV, I don’t like LV so this will be a good way to use it if it works in conjunction with this rather than have it sitting in a pile unused/loved.

  • Bethany

    If this is a dupe for the YSL Shocking mascara, I will have died and gone to heaven.

  • Jane

    I cannot keep pace with L’Γ΄real’s mascara line extensions. It’s mind boggling. This looks beautiful on you.

  • Kimberlyn

    I liked how you added a far-away picture of your mascara! Will have to try it out, thanks muse!

  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    Oooh def going to pick this up! I’m never really fond of drugstore mascaras so I’m glad to see your review of this!

  • Nikki

    Just picked this up, and I have to say it’s pretty awesome!! I love the way it makes my lashes look, so fluttery and doll like just like you said πŸ™‚

  • Lulle

    Wow, this was made for me! I’m not looking for volume, just for length and curl-holding, and it looks perfect in these departments!

  • Cosmetic Edition

    Your eyelashes look incredible dear Muse! <3 I might have to try this mascara soon

  • Glo

    I picked up this product as I liked the size of the brush. I cannot use the big brushes as I found I had more product on my eye lids than eyelashes. I have blonde eyelashes and it takes a few coats to get them to look good. As others stated, your eyelashes feel hard! I found there was NOT enough product in the tube. However I like this product more than some of the others. I don’t mind paying the price as in Cananda it is more expensive, what I don’t care for is the lack of product in the tube. Hopefully Loreal reads all the reviews and makes the changes.

  • charlotte

    I really loved it.. but it seemed to dry out really quickly. Only got about a month of use out of it before it was clumping and flaking. Did anyone else have this problem, or did I get a bad one?

    • the Muse

      nope funny you mentioned it, opened it last week after not using it for about three weeks and yes, it was dry :-/ and the lid was tight too!

  • Lulu

    Wow, I really love this mascara on you πŸ™‚ The fluttery dolly lashes look super pretty!

    I loved the original Telescopic mascara and I love lots of length as I have very stubborn Asian eyelashes. Would this work for me?

  • Katherine

    So I stalk your page because I’ve been on an obsessive hunt for a new HG mascara ever since the red lash stiletto was discontinued. I have straight, light lashes. They’re pretty with mascara and an eyelash curler but otherwise invisible. I read this review and picked up L’Oreal’s Tele scopic Carbon Black. Oh My Gosh. It is better than anything I’ve e v e r tried…and I must have tried most of them by now. My lashes are BLACK, long (they touch my eyebrows when I look up, and have that thick, slightly fake look. Holy c r a p. I’ve tried the regular telescopic and wanted more volume and drama…well I got it. I do need to note that I put it on over a coat of great lash (I wear it to work since I haven’t found a fave to spend $ on until now). But the before and after are so dramatically different that my eyes look strange. If you haven’t tried this, you have to! I never, ever want this discontinued!

    • Isabella Muse

      Glad to hear it worked for you Katherine πŸ˜€ I’m going to give it a try let ya know what I think! ;D

  • Diana

    Pretty sure they discontinued this mascara and I haven’t been able to find anything else like it!! It was my holy grail πŸ™ Do you have any recommendations? I prefer waterproof because of my hard to curl lashes

    • waymire01

      I haven’t bought it in a long time.. that’s a shame because I loved it too. The new CG supersizer can give a similar look if you use the comb side. I’m not sure if it comes in WP since I only use washable. I know the regular telescopic is still on the market.

  • cat

    Emergency, muse! I unthinkingly reached into my makeup stash a few weeks ago and pulled out my beloved L’Oreal Telescopic Explosions Mascara (the one with the blue tube and the mace ball at the end of the wand like the Givenchy wand). I didn’t realize it was my last one! And because L’Oreal hates me they don’t make that mascara anymore. Any advice on what I could use to replace it? It was the only mascara that I’ve ever tried that would keep my lashes up.

  • Lorraine

    I love this mascara!! I’ve been using it exclusively for years, but now can’t find it in stores. I’ve looked at Walgreens, CVS, WalMart, Acme, Rouses’s grocery store, Winn Dixie and Ulta. Any suggestions?