January 2, 2013

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for Spring 2013

Listen when you’re looking up Spiderman on youTube you don’t expect to be recommended trailers like this.

Seriously? Superman vs Spiderman pr0n? Oh my god what must Stan be thinking? But hey, he kinda is the Hugh Hefner of the comic book world right? I admit my inner teenager boy is gleefully laughing over this. That dude that plays Superman, wait for it, alias, Ryan Driller, actually has a lot going on with the Superman’s curl!

Now what would REALLY be funny is if they unmasked Spiderman and it just happened to be Andrew Garfield under it. “Surprise bitches! I do pr0n now! Pr0n is cool!” I gotta Google and see who plays Spiderman, brb!

Oh lawd!

Anyway enjoy that little piece of awesome, don’t worry it’s completely work safe, while I tell you about the new Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for Spring 2013.

P.S. Did anyone see the Comic Book Men episode with Walt fangurlin’ over Stan? Was thee best ever! I laugh but I’d prob react the same way!

More about the liner after the jump!

No more skipping, pulling, or smudging with Stila’s new Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner. This sports a thin marker-like tip which makes it perfect for easy application for bold and dramatic or thin and precise lines. Stila promises that the waterproof liquid will stay in place all day and night without smudging, feathering, or running.

Available shades:

  • Periwinkle
  • Carbon Black
  • Indigo
  • Dark Brown
  • Moss

P.S. I’m still a goof with liquid eyeliner no matter what they promise.

These are available now for $20 each at Ulta.com

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  • Angela

    I have this liner in black and I absolutely love it. I’m glad Stila is coming out more colors.

  • Michelle

    Hum, I don’t know about this one as I too have it in black. It worked nicely for the first two weeks, after that, the tip started to soften too much and the line started to bleed and become too thick. Not exactly what I was looking for.

  • breyerchic04

    Did you see the smudge stick in perriwinkle? That’s such a cool color that I don’t see many companies making.

  • Surabhi

    I tried one in Moss. It applies well but it is not waterproof as they claim, it bleeds a little and rubs off if you rub your eyes. I have other waterproof products which give me a hard time with makeup removers specially formulated for eyes.
    It is much easier than applying liquid liners though and I like the color!

    • the Muse

      aw these aren’t get the best raves today! too bad Surabhi thanks for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Homg periwinkle? ;; I wish these weren’t felt tips as I can’t use them, they’re never fine enough and the way they taper throws me way off. But anything besides a fine brush is difficult for me to use so I’ll probably stick with my UD liners since they work just fine.

    And from other people are saying the formula of these perhaps isn’t so great either which is a shame.

  • Tiffany

    ooh my roommate swears by this stuff. I may check out the green one since it’s THE color of this year 😛

    btw Muse, Benefit is having a sale on their website! Up to 50% off and free shipping with code SALETIME

  • Ruth

    My brother and I got to meet Stan Lee at Baltimore Comic Con two years ago; we both fan boy/girl-ed all over him. Glenn got to shake his hand and and immediatly decaled that he was never going to wash it again. like marcia brady when she met davey jones. He is freakin’ adorable and def the pimp mac daddy of comics!

    I’ve used up two of the Stila liquid eyeliners in black but on the fence if i’m going to get another one or try something else. for whatever reason some of them make my eyes burn so when one is found that doesn’t i keep going back to the same brand.

  • Cindy Ramirez

    That pr0n looks AMAZING. I sure hope there is some Doc Ock tentacle rape action.

    • the Muse

      LOL omg did you just type that out loud!? i prefer hentai over actual live tentacle lol! did you ever see the la blue girl live action version? funkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

      • Cindy Ramirez

        I haven’t had the pleasure of watching the live action version, I may have to indulge!

        • the Muse

          amazon sellers have it in the three pack series but it’s way expensive prob could do better on evilbay or china town. I remember something like $25 for the entire set in Japan. it’s complete fluff and corn, soft core pr0n…the anime is way better but you can get a TON of good laughs out of it if you enjoyed the original series especially with the tentacles, watch it with friends and literally pee yourself laughing. i read somewhere night shift nurses was live action too, that I’d PAY to see must be FUNNY as hell! ya know thinking about it maybe CPM carries it as well could be cheap…! or just online streaming somewhere.

          • Cindy Ramirez

            Oh night shift nurses!!! OH EM GEE. I need to get back into Hen- *cough* Anime *cough*.

          • the Muse

            scat pr0n cough cartoons, innocent anime cough really, really, really disgusting hentai….*clears throat* LOL night shift nurses=train wreck can’t take your eyes off it!

  • Robin

    I’m skipping these to get CARGO’s Swimables!!!! They are now selling them in singles in Charcoal, Purple, Teal?, and Green!!!! Best liner ever! Better than Urban Decay!!!

  • amy

    I only wear black, and since I’m perfectly happy with UD 24/7 Waterproof liner, I feel safe skipping these. The UD liners wear like iron on me. The first time I tried it was last May, in 90 degree heat, at Disneyland, and who knows how many runs on Splash Mountain & Pirates (not to mention all the walking). I put it on at 8am, and around 6pm, I happened to look in a mirror, and while all my makeup was off, my liner was absolutely flawless. If anyone is looking for a truly waterproof liner, try UD if you haven’t.

  • Lorraine ER

    I have been preferring thinner lines lately cuz my eyelid space is limited so a thick line is most of what you see with my eyes open. When I go thick, I limit what else I have on my eyes.
    No matter what they claim they never seem to be thin enough or able to make a thin enough, and also steady line. Especially with these felt tips, I feel like if I go thin it gets wobbly at the top, so I have to go over it until it’s smooth- thereby making it too thick!
    Is it a catch-22, am I doing something wrong, or what? lol! People say the felt tips are so much easier to use.
    If I could find a super thin and durable (as in no hairs splitting) liner brush I suppose I could use that instead but I can’t find one of those either. Closest I’ve come is an art supply paint brush, nice and thin but using gel liner kind of messed it up…

  • Lorraine ER

    When I got the thin sigma eyeliner brush it split after washing, the sonia kashuk bent liner is ok and the sephora one works better with powders or cream than gel or liquid…

  • Eibhilin

    Muse, haven’t you heard Walt? Women that would wear Uggs and tote around Coach bags have no interest in comics! ;3 Stan Lee’s superpower: Reduce grown ass men to eager pre-pubescent boys. <3 I love that man, he defined my childhood.

    • the Muse

      ugh pleazeeeee that’s so not true. lipstick, a great bag, lipgloss, all things girly and I still love manga/comics/super heroes hardcore! screw you Walt ;D

  • Laurie

    Once a geek, always a geek. Those guys are living proof. They crack me up even if I am jealous that they have the best gig in the world!

    • the Muse

      lol it’s kinda part of his appeal…I kinda crush on him! I love a wise cracking guy ;-D haha!