January 29, 2013

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner Review

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

I admit I used to love Seabreeze, still do actually, but man is it drying! Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner long since replaced my obsession with Seabreeze when I was introduced to it by a friend many, many years ago.

I admit my slight obsession with Seabreeze was that exciting feeling of swiping a soaked cotton pad over my face and just staring at all the gunk that clung to it after. And I think in high school most all my friends and myself swore it was doing something miraculous for our face. Yeah, the miracle was it was soaking moisture from our skin leaving us a little too dry and tight but when you’re a teenager chances are you’re dealing with oily and acne thus Seabreaze is like a dream come true.


Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner has long since replaced my odd addition with Seabreeze. It’s cheap, effective, and although I admit to using a variety of toners and mists, I still come back to this good old fashion remedy.

Witch Hazel is an excellent and natural astringent and all the better of you can find and alcohol free version. Thayers produces many of their witch hazel toners formulas with zero alcohol and plenty of glycerin so your face feels soft and hydrated after use.

I typically use it after washing my face just in case my cleanser missed any dirt, oil, or makeup. I simply soak a facial cotton pad, swipe it across my cheeks, face, and neck, and follow up with my nightly skincare. In the AM I use it to prep for moisturizer as it adds a nice level of moisture to my face so my moisturizer sinks in fully, it’s the perfect prep for any moisturizer. In the Summer, you can use it in place of your daily facial cream should you have oily skin as it has just the right moisture without over doing things.

Of course, it also has a variety of other uses. Witch hazel is effective at treating ache or oily skin as it tightens skin and mattifies. I use it under my eyes as well by soaking facial cotton in it and placing it under my eyes to reduce puffiness. It’ll tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of larger pores and seal in moisture for those with drier skin especially during the winter months.

Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel has a delightful Victorian Tea Rose scent and a cool, refreshing feel on my skin. As I mentioned, it does not contain alcohol so you’re getting all the great benefits of Witch Hazel sans the dryness and tightness you might experience when using drugstore astringents.

Aside from the beauty benefits you can also use it on small wounds as well as a variety of other things!

Absolutely love the variety that Thayers offers and the very budget friendly price tag too!

Muse Approved.


Learn more at www.thayers.com

Available at drugstores.

What sort of toners do you use?

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  • Amy Amethyst

    I haven’t tried a Thayer’s toner yet but they are on my wishlist. I’ve been looking at the aloe one. Right now I’m using a Boots Naturals rose toner that’s quite nice.

  • Hillarie

    I’ve tried plain witch hazel and didn’t love it, but this looks great!

  • jamie

    i guess small wonders like this aren’t available in canada? 🙁 where do you get yours muse?

    • the Muse

      whole foods jamie perhaps drugstore.com don’t they ship to Canada? thayers also has a website you can order from perhaps they ship?

    • Jess

      Hi, I’m from Toronto hopefully this may help: I buy my Thayer’s witch hazel at a store called Nutrition House (in malls), or downtown in Kensington Market.

      I love the original Thayer’s and the one with the green label. Tried this Rose one but didn’t like the scent 😛

    • Nichola

      I live in Toronto Canada and got it from a random health food store. I’ve also seen it at GNC and also downtown at the Carrot Commons health food store

  • Icequeen81

    I do use witch hazel as toner combined with some rose water. I use the Humphrey formula, I’m not sure if it contains alcohol or not. But I saw new Humpreis witch hazels that Im gonna try once this bottle is empty and is gonna take a while before its is empty u need just a bit of the product

  • Taryn

    This was my lifesaver when I was pregnant! It worked so well on my crazy acne hormonal skin to control oil and acne but not over dry it either. Also loved that it is all natural so I didn’t have to worry about it. They make a lavender version that is great too!

  • May

    Ooh I’ve been on the prowl for a nice witch hazel toner to replace my Clinique one. I’ve used witch hazel toner all throughout high school and beginning of college but I thought I’d venture into more “high end” brands since I was semi-grown up. Yeah, the cost of my current toner and how quickly I go through them isn’t worth it. I’ll be looking for this alcohol free toner. Thanks for this post!

  • Vi

    Wow, I just took a look at the ingredients and I have to say I’m impressed! And I’m quite a natural-skincare junkie, so that’s saying something! ;D

  • Shadia L.

    I’ve tried and loved Thayers toners in the past, but have since moved on. I may go back to the rose petal one after reading this post–ahh, nostalgia!

    • the Muse

      no no no ;D a mist sure but not as a setting mist, it’ll remove your makeup EEP!

      • BLee

        It sounds a lot like my Reviva Rose water facial spray. And it does a great job. My skin just sucks up all the sprays in the winter months never removes. Now in the summer it would LOL 😀

  • Samantha S

    I tried a witch hazel toner once and I really liked what it did for my skin, but I just couldn’t stand the smell enough to keep using it – I had bought the Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel formula and it smelled like dirty pool water! Many times I thought of trying this rose petal one, but was often disuaded by the fear that it would smell exactly the same with a hint of rose water. After reading this though I might pick up a bottle now. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • the Muse

      my pleasure Samantha it doesn’t smell bad at all, like english tea roses ;D

  • eva

    i love this! i use this every day and night.. wasn’t sure what it did for me other than that i love how soft and clean it makes my face feel 🙂

  • Katie

    My local ethnic grocery store sells orange flower and rose water in bottles. They’re around $2 for a 12 oz glass bottle and they are lovely used as toners. They’re also so cheap I can practically bathe in them.

  • LouAnne

    I use this one and the alcohol free and fragrance free Thayers all the time… it’s my HG toner….I buy it a few bottles at a time on Amazon. great stuff… I also have the medicated version for razor burn, or other cuts and bumps etc.

  • Marlie

    This is the same product I use day and night. I absolutely love it and it makes my skin feel great no matter its mood. I love that it’s cheap and the bottle lasts a long time. I also find that it leaves my face looking a little brighter and alive in the mornings (the natural rose I’m guessing).

  • Alli

    Ooh this is a definite must try! I have been using glycerin on my face and I have never seen such a difference in my skin. My eyes are so dry so I pat it under and around my eyes before bed. I have seen a HUUGE difference in my makeup application it is like a miracle. Why did I not know about this sooner? Anyway, I’m saying this to say this Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel looks like a great vehicle to apply my glycerin all over my face. I have been mixing it with water and patting it on, but I will be trying this … I can’t wait!!!!
    Thank you !!

  • Sarah

    So weird; we must be reading each others minds! First the Philosophy BB cream, now this…I just picked up a witch hazel toner a few days ago because I heard it helps with acne prone skin (check!)….so far so good! Didn’t see this brand in any of the stores but it looks spesh. I was also looking for the pre-soaked pads but couldn’t find those eithr 🙁

    • the Muse

      hehe sarah ;-D see? I read minds now ;-D I love the presoaked pads but they have alcohol I believe :-/ but thankfully after using them I never really noticed any dryness but still…!

  • Nikki

    This is my HG toner, it is so gentle and affective! I also like the fresh rose scent. I love that it natural too! I have to be careful with toners because they will suck the moisture right out of my dry skin. But this isn’t drying at all, leaves my skin soft and subtle.

  • Cj

    *looks for cameras in bathroom* Are you watching me?! I’m using the cucumber one! I also tried the lavender one but not the rose :O does it smell good?? I am in love with witch hazel, I always looked for my toner to have it in the ingredients. I poured mine into and old fix+ bottle 😀

    • the Muse

      always, gotta make sure you aren’t cheating on me ;-D it smells great, I love victorian tea rose so I’m all about it. I like the lemon one too ;-D

      • Cj

        Ahh I never tried the lemon either! I’m lucky I can pick these up at a vitamin shoppe place for 7.99 😀 gonna go tomorrow n pick up the rose!

  • id2ep

    How does this compare to Bioderma H2O? I like Bioderma but since it’s a french product, the S&H is just not worth it for me. Thanks in advance!

  • Sydni

    I love this toner! I’ve bought it for the past couple years, and u love the smell. I recently got the lavender one to try instead if the rose and while the smell is ok, when it’s gone I will go back to the rose petals one. I definitely would recommend this as well!

  • blueraccoon

    I’m using an Ole Henriksen toner at the moment, but either its first or second ingredient is witch hazel *g* I have a Giant bottle of it, but maybe if I ever run out I’ll try this instead.

  • Jaymu

    love this stuff!! i been using it for like 3 years now 🙂 i got into it because of the ingredients (i hate toners loaded with chemicals)

  • Michelle

    Not a spelling Nazi or anything but I thought you’d like to know you misspelled acne.

  • Phoebe

    I love this toner. It’s very affordable and natural too. I haven’t tried it for acne, but I will soon. I am on my second bottle already.

  • Avalith

    Where do you normally buy this? I cannot find it anywhere except online 🙁

  • Raman

    Hi muse! I love your reviews. I bought this product at Natures house or something in a mall. Anyways I was looking for rose water as a toner when I came upon it. The guy gave me this but i’m very confused. Does this just smell like roses or does it actually have rose water in it? Whenever I’ve read about rose water being used for the face everyone always says the less ingredients the better. just rose petals and water. This has so many ingredients that now i’m debating whether i want to use this long term. It’s great and i love it but i want as natural as possible. The guy also recommened a “rosewater concentrate” from a company called “Now”. I was thinking of making a mist out of it but don’t get if it’s just rose water or an oil? i’m so confused with so many options please help!

  • N J

    i must be in the zone . I just thinking …should I get some of this?
    do you think this would refresh hair?