January 16, 2013

Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful Palettes for Spring 2013

Urban Decay is releasing two Oz the Great and Powerful Palettes for Spring 2013. Actually, according to a variety of news sources that will launch as early as January 25th.


Heart beating fast.

The palettes are centered around the two main characters of the movie, Glinda the Good Witch and Theodora. People’s Style Watch says that each palette will be $49 and comes with eight new, exclusive eye shadow shades (two of which are duos), a travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Pencil, an exclusive full-size Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color and a detailed get-the-look card.

You can see all the deets by visiting stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com

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    • breyerchic04

      The only price I’ve seen so far was in pounds. So yeah you totally get it.

  • charlotte

    Why did it have to be UD! I have had the worst experience with their shadows. The original formula killed my eyes everytime I wore it (I still have a palette in my collection I can’t wear, yet can’t bring myself to toss because I paid so darn much for it), and the Vice pallet was so bad I returned it. There were a few nice shades but not enough to justify the price. Anybody else, anybody but UD. All I can do is hope that somehow these are better… because I really want those palettes.

    • Lauren

      Odd, UD is my favorite brand for shadows. I don’t have the Vice palette, but I have about 12 singles (both old and new formula), the original naked palette, BOS IV, rollergirl, and the original feminine palette. I gave my mom the Naked 2 and she loves it. I like UD shadows better than any other brand I’ve used – including Mac, Too Faced, Tarte, The Balm, and Smashbox.

  • Agata

    Omg, these are amazing. I will be def getting the Glinda palette! Thanks for the info Muse!Such a good value too!

  • Louise

    Oh my holy crap. This is amazing. I am so breaking my no-buy for Glinda. Damn! So incredibly beautiful.

  • kimmwc03

    These look awesome. I’m also excited for this movie to come out. They’ve been talking about it for ages.

  • breyerchic04

    Mila and Michelle look like halloween costume photos, not movie stars. I have low expectations for the film. But the palettes look good!

  • 00trayn

    ACK! New UD palettes! Well now I’m gonna have to get one… as long as the colors aren’t too similar to the other 6 UD palettes I already own. Yup, I’m addicted. I was hoping you’d have the inside scoop, thanks for the details!

    • Peaches

      Me too, totally addicted to UD, I own all 3 Naked palettes, all the books of shadows plus vice, 15th anniversary, ammo, skull, deluxe, an old fun palette and mariposa! Plus alice in wonderland! That’s 15! I used to have the feminine, vegan and show pony palettes too but gave them away as there were too many dupes and there’s only so many palettes you need, even if you do freelance makeup like me! But I really want these….

  • Nina

    OMG… I have to get both of these palettes for my collection, but I will say I would have preferred for all the eyeshadows to be duos at that price point… That would have made these palettes amazing… =)

  • Vanessa

    Totally eying the glinda palette! Btw, is this the first time they have actresses advertising their product?

  • Celine

    Woah, I can’t wait to see this collection! I have always wanted to try the super saturated lip pencils.

  • Rebecca

    I pick up the Glinda on ebay for $40 not really knowiing what it was. The seller had a small pic posted and I liked what I saw so…oh he was a trusted seller that I use all the time. WOW! It’s delish!!! It’s in a tin and all of the color pots are the pop outs the UD uses now…I did not get a “full” eye color container, I not sure if that is b/c the set was opened or if that is that way it’s packaged.

    I can not wait for the other

  • Deborah

    I don’t care how marvelous their products are, I cannot bring myself to use any line of cosmetics with the word “Decay” in their company name.

    • Danii

      Have you SEEN their shade names? Bourbon, Whiskey, Last Call, Mildew, Love Child, F-Bomb, Polyester Bride (to name a few!). They’re all about the literal urban decay of society.XD

  • Ashley

    This is why I love your site. If it wasn’t for your blog, I wouldn’t have known these existed! No one else has this info up!

    Those look too cute! Will you be reviewing these? Please say yes!

  • Danii

    The Theodora lip gloss/lipstick pencil looks EXACTLY like F-Bomb, a permanent shade from the line. The Gilda pencil also looks like one of their lighter shades that they already sell. Exclusive my foot!

    • Danii

      Gilda pencil – Naked or Love Child, dead on! You could probably get away with either!

    • Elena

      The pencils are part of the reason I love this palette…I think the meant the shades were exclusive not the pencils..they all have new names..here is the link where it goes into more details..so excited, want them both!

  • Tanz

    O. M. G. I love anything Oz and I love Urban Decay. I will be saving an Ulta gift card I have to use on the Glinda palette!

  • Heather

    Not at all what I was expecting when I heard of this. I was expecting more vibrant emerald greens, maybe some bright, shiny golds, purples, ruby reds–basically, jewel colors, as that is what I associate with Oz sets for movies and the stage. This is far too muted and either too dark or too pale. How disappointing. I think ever since UD came out with the Naked line, they have lost their focus. Don’t get me wrong, I have Naked as well as the new Naked Basics and I love them. Still, not everything needs to be muted and neutral or even neutral leaning. It is fine to keep the Naked line, but UD should not forget where they came from with the shocking bright and glittery colors. I miss that about them. And if anything was an opportunity to show that they could still rock it with the old style fans while putting forth Naked to appeal to the masses, it was Oz, and it could have been over the top instead of underwhelming. Such a shame!

    • Heather

      Ok, guess I have to eat my words a little here. I had a chance to see these palettes in person last week at Sephora. They look so much better. The initial pics they have put out online are very deceiving. I still think they could have a little more vibrant Urban Decay omph to them, especially the Theodora one, but they are so much better than I thought they were going to be. I may have to pick up the Glinda one.

  • Jennie

    Wow, these look awesome!! I’m probably getting one of these once I get a better look at the shades.

  • Michelle

    Need, need, need these! There is nothing I love more than a new UD palette with unique shades in it. I cannot wait to get my paws on these. I want them both. Thanks for the info Muse 🙂

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    WANT BOTH NOW!!! Ugh, muse – i wonder if i could trade my husband for both of these….. 🙂 Are you going to pick up both? I am loving the brown shades in theodora!

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    I want to wait for your reviews as I am a bit hesitant on the GLinda palette but so worried these will sell-out (esp that one) fast. I think i may just order both…..have a 10% off from sephora right now so may have to use it for these!

    • the Muse

      I figure if we hate ’em we can always keep as a collector’s palette hehe

  • Jenn

    Both of these palettes look so pretty. I cant wait to see them in person. I have never had any problems with UD shadows but I like to stick to neutrals with a few pops of color in my palettes. I have naked 1 and 2 and the smoked palette. I don’t need these but that’s not going to stop me from getting at least one.

  • Teasha

    Girl, you are so on top of things! I know if I hear of a new product, I just come to you for the scoop. Thanks for that, for what you do, you are really great at it. Are those the UD promo pics? The Mila Kunis pic makes sense b/c u can see the eyes and lips, but I cant see what Michelle Williams is wearing on her eyes…in a pic about an eye shadow palette:/ Is it me? I want to see the eye shadow on! Still excited.

    • the Muse

      aw jeez thanks teasha ;-D <3! I'm really flattered ;-D No, I think the site just put those together but they aren't the actual promo images ;-D I can't wait to see the actual palettes! believe I'll have a review for you this week ;D