January 29, 2013

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 1

Urban Decay has launched two new palettes inspired by the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. The Urban Decay Theodora Palette ($49) was a fast favorite for me as I’m a brunette who loves nude, natural shades of eyeshadow. Glinda would be most suitable for blond, blue eyed ladies. But really, do we have to choose? Most of us probably feel we can rock either palette and I’m in complete agreement.

I just seem to favor Theodora at the moment though, here are my thoughts about her.

So you might be peeved we aren’t getting some monster pop up palette like Alice this year. But I don’t mind in the least. The value is here, the palette itself is a heck of a lot less bulky than some of Urban Decay’s old pop up palettes, and I feel less scared to use it for some reason. Don’t get me wrong Alice, New York, etc were all incredible palettes that I absolutely adore but Theodora feels more portable, easy to travel with, and customizable in comparison.

Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 3

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 4

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 7

The palette features six full size eyeshadows, one deluxe size 24-7 Eyeliner, and a full size Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Pencil. The value is well over the $49 price tag. I think the palette can prove surprising as one would expect that merely six shades (actually eight counting the duo eyeshadows) might prove a little uneventful to create numerous looks. But in fact you can get a variety of looks from these shades from warm and neutral to dramatic and bold.

The palette contains:

  • Broken (pale cream satin)
  • Beware (warm brown matte)
  • Bewitch (dark charcoal brown satin)
  • West (deep metallic brown shimmer)
  • Spell (black satin with green and gold shimmer/gold metallic with tonal glitter)
  • Jealous (pale green pearl/dark green pearl)
  • Plus the Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (bright red cream) and Zero 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (black)

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 26


Urban Decay Theodora Palette Swatches

Beware, Bewitch, and West

Urban Decay Theodora Swatches

Jealous and Broken

The six eyeshadow pans come in an Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette interface. I personally love this idea. The palette is a tin and features Oz inspired art. The palette is easy enough to customize should you wish to pop in new shades to travel with or when the current shades run low you can grab six more shades and pop them right inside. You won’t be scared to travel with this as you would the bigger, bulkier pop up palettes. It’s small enough to fit easily into your bag, includes a generous mirror, and the shades are snug in their wells and won’t pop out accidentally during travel. I can’t say I felt as safe traveling with one of the bigger pop up palettes. On the down side I do wish they included a spot for the glossy lip pencil! The eyeliner has a well but sadly, the lip pencil does not.

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 11

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 12

All the shades had a soft, silky texture with excellent color payoff. Even the matte shades surprised me with their delightfully buttery texture. Urban Decay has always had a supremely excellent and consistent eyeshadow formula but the new formula seems even more buttery, more pigmented, more everything! They are truly some of the nicest shadows I’ve worked with and have always been a fond favorite, more so now.

I love the new eyeshadow duos! One wonders if these new dual split eyeshadows are something we might look forward to for Summer 2013. Perhaps Urban Decay will release more shades at some point and if this is a special preview of this product before it launches in a wider array of colors. Seriously? What’s better than one eyeshadow both two right?

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Beware

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Bewitch

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Broken

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Spell

Urban Decay Theodora Palette West

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Jealous

Thankfully I had very little fall out with these shades and they applied and blended easily. Urban Decay includes a step by step guide and face chart to get Theodora’s look but you can of course, be as creative as you please to create your own look. Looks range from your typically smoky brown eye to a more wilder green one.

Theodora’s lip pencil is a bright cherry red with a tiny hint of shimmer. It’s extremely saturated and rich in color with a high glossy shine. Urban Decay’s F-Bomb is quite a spot on dupe for the color. It wears VERY strong and once it fades it leaves behind a colorful stain on lips. I feel a little uncomfortable in the shade as I like my reds a smidge more warmer but I can’t deny the color really pairs up nicely with a warm eye.

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Lip Pencil and Liner Swatches

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 27

Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

And finally you get another Zero Eyeliner. Ha…I have too many but it is a classic black which is possibly something you’d use daily, I know I use black eyeliner practically everyday. It has a creamy, smooth glide on lids without a skip and wears all day without smudging or fading. 24/7 is one of my favorite eyeliner formulas, they never fail to wear well and apply easily.

Urban Decay Theodora Palette 29

Overall, Theodora brings bang for your buck in a super portable palette that has a wide array of gorgeous natural colors (with a little color for pop). The eyeshadow formula all performed consistently well with a heaping dose of great pigment. I think the palette is fresh and exciting for Urban Decay! As I mentioned the pop up palettes are darling but variety is the spice of life and something new (and not so repetitive) is a refreshing change for Urban Decay. I generally loved this palette and thought it was a great value.

Urban Decay Theodora Palette Face of the Day

Urban Decay Theodora Palette FOTD

Urban Decay Theodora Palette on Eyes

Must say this one is Muse Approved.

Loved it.

It’s available now at UrbanDecay.com, Sephora.com, and Ulta.com with a launch date in store later this month.

Did you haul Theodora?

Do share your thoughts!


This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Agata

    Wow, that make up look you created is absolutely stunning! I ordered the Glinda Palette, it should arrive tomorrow and I cannot wait!

    • the Muse

      wow thanks agata you’re too kind. I had fun with this one and quite eager to try a green look now yay let me know your thoughts when it arrives?!

      • Annie

        It looks fantastic. Your blending is great! I tried to follow the Theodora look, but I end up looking like a raccoon.
        Can I ask, what mascara are you using?

        • the Muse

          annie, yeah I tried to follow the look too lol but it was all crazee on me, didn’t look at all like the look on Mila ;-D damn! her look is more refined, a lot less product, doesn’t appear she is even using any of the darker shades merely beware with with black liner, even her lipstick looks a light less bright than the glossy pencil! I’m using the new Tarte mascara that’s launching with the QVC Today Special Value next week! I’ll be reviewing it shortly, great stuff ;D

  • Nora

    Oooohhh that is pretty! I had my mind set on Glinda but now I’m not sure!! Ahhh, why must they release two awesome palettes at the same time?! 🙂

  • Caitlin

    Love, love, love. I might haul this. Trying not get any more palletes, but love so much of this one that it is hard to hold back! Though I do wish it came with a different liner–what makeup addict doesn’t have a million Zeros at this point? I’m jealous that Glinda gets Rosckstar. 😉

    • the Muse

      LOL ditto Caitlin! Zero is a crazy in my stash ;-D I love this one but I gotta admit Glinda is just as pretty ;-D!

  • victoria

    oh wow, you’re look really looks like theodora. the red lip looks lovely on you and i think a glossy red lip looks more youthful IMO. i ordered both, i know theodora will suit me as it’s more neutral but i really love the purple and pink in the glinda. i love the packaging of theodora more and i can’t wait to receive them. i never bought or was interested in any of the book of shadows, i really got suckered by the oz theme and the slimmer packaging.

    • the Muse

      thanks victoria I kinda feel like a clown in it lol! ;-D but it was fun working with! I’m glad you did, I’d def recommend both ;-D I think the packaging is way more ideal compared to the old bulky pop ups…those were nice but this is a refreshing change and easy to travel with plus the reusable factor really makes them fab collectible pieces!

  • Saira

    Omg Muse you look so beautiful!! I was thinking of getting only Glinda but you changed my mind 🙂

  • Elena Torres

    Beautiful look! What colors did you use? So excited, both of my paletteswere sshipped out by UD today!

    • the Muse

      thank you VERY much elena! Prepped with Broken, Crease Beware, Lid Bewitch, and lower lash line West (extended at outer v a little). It’s sloppy and you can’t tell the contrast between the shades 😀 sorry! but thank YOU! yayyy gimme thoughts when they arrive!

  • Miho Mallory

    Oh my they look even more lovely than I had imagined! Now I’m so excited to see the Glinda set swatches~ I’m so ready for UD to take my money! owo

  • nytengale1

    OMG!!! You look absolutely gorgeous!!! I think this is my favorite look on you.

    I ordered the Theodora palette a few days ago from the UD website. I’m I cannot wait for it to arrive. I’m Jones ing for it!!!!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks nytengale you’re too kind ;-D not so sure about the red lippie, kinda feeling it out ;-D can’t wait for you to get it, let me know what you think!

  • Joy

    I’ve been waiting for you to do a review for this palette! I’m dying to get it but that $50 price tag stings a bit. However, it looks amazing…way more functional for day-to-day use than the Glinda palette, imo.

    PS. The lipstick looks AMAZING on you! Beautiful color! I’m afraid of red lipsticks but if it looks as good on me as it does on you, I might need to reconsider my fears haha.

    • the Muse

      true joy especially comparing the wider range of colors in the pop ups! but honestly, you’re getting full size shades here so def evens out the cost ;-D I think it does have more of an easier work look than Glinda ;-D thanks! I’m scared of it too, I feel like bozo the clown in it ;-D lol!

  • Nadia

    WOW you look stunning! This palette looks awesome but i don’t think i’ll be getting it unfortunately!

  • Jenny08

    This look on you is amazing, Muse!! Like, seriously, you look like a rockstar! I was already going to get this palette, but now I’m definitely rushing out to get this.

    • the Muse

      ha jenny thanks girl I dunno about rockstar though ;-D I love ya thanks for making my day ;-D

  • auroragyps

    I realized I do like that this is a customized palette, but I wish they’d made the greens two separate pans (a couple of the browns could have been a split pan) and that they’d created a unique liner color (this goes for the Glinda palette too). That they put yet another Zero liner in a palette is a bit annoying, since not only do I have several of them, I don’t use black liner (it makes my tiny eyes look tinier), but couldn’t they have come up with a cool new green liner? Perhaps a black or dark brown with green duo-chrome, in the same vein as they old Lounge ES?

  • Morgan

    Looks so great! I can’t wait to see your Glinda review…I’m waiting to see your review before purchasing! Please tell me it’s coming soon :)?!

  • Kelly

    this looks great but i want a better look at the Princess Jasmine collection for sephora before i buy this.

  • Teiva

    Question for anyone who owns this! I got mine in the mail today and my shadows do not fit into the palette very well. They pop out and do not stay down securely. I have tried everything to get them to stay and then they pop up on one side. Did I get a defective one?

  • nytengale1

    You ROCK that red lip!!!!!!

    The haul came today with the new Chanel Illuminating powder. OMG!!! I am in heaven. I want to sleep with it under my pillow.
    I’ll be trying Theodora out tomorrow. I’ll probably be up extra early- that’s how excited I am.

    • the Muse

      thanks nytengale 😀 LOL! I HEAR ya ;-D pet it and remember to tell it how beautiful it is ;-D can’t wait to hear your thoughts on theo!

  • Nicole

    The palette is beautiful on you, Muse!

    I like the packaging on these better too. The pop up ones are almost impossible to travel with. The should make a snap on cover for the bottom drawer of those palettes! A lot easier to travel with! 🙂

  • Patti

    Muse, this look is beautiful on you, as is the Glinda palette. It seems you can wear any colors and look gorg. I am jealous!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks patti! <3!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH! always feel like I can't as I get older!

  • Phyrra

    Spell (the black side) is my favorite shade in this palette. I also love both of the Jealousy shades. I’m thrilled with the Oz palettes. I love the look you created 🙂

  • Mahsa

    Hey lovely – the close up of your eyes is perfect hope you continue to do that xx

  • Elle

    Do you know if the gold in spell is the same as the oz gold. Also do you know if Jelous and broken have non palette counter parts?

  • Elle

    Hey, i have two qestions: Do you know if the gold in spell is the same as the oz gold. Also do you know if Jelous and broken have non palette counter parts?

  • Katrina

    HELP ME PLEASE. I have blue eyes, auburn hair, very pake skin and am really confused as to which OZ palette to get. Glinda or Theodora? Please help a confused make up newbie x

      • Nat

        Probably Glinda, but I bet you could get away with either! Are you able to go into a Sephora to purchase instead of buying online? If so, you could swatch the colours on your skin there to see how they look and ask one of the people who work there for a recommendation. 🙂

        • Katrina

          I live in the uk so the only place that stocks it is debenhams and i don’t live very near. Might just need to buy both. Lol : )

  • mo

    Hey, anyone else who was loving this palette, please help. Single dupes for Broken? I loved this and now I’m needing to replace some shades. UD came out with Beware, but I don’t know what replaces Broken’s neutral cream and almost matte finish. Foxy looks yellow, and closer colors look very shimmery. Anyone find a match for WEST in shadow? Ideas? TIA!!