February 19, 2013

Jasmine Collection by Sephora Coming Soon

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora

Sephora’s Disney Princess Collection continues this March with the introduction of the Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora for Spring 2013.

If Cinderella’s Collection was a little too cool for you I’m positive you’ll find joy in the warmth of Jasmine’s shades!

Take a look!

Sephora has created a series of captivating beauty collections inspired by beloved Disney Princess characters entitled Disney Reigning Beauties. Each limited edition seasonal collection focuses on the individual style, personality and story of a specific Disney Princess, bringing her to life in a way that inspires women to create their own princess moments.

This spring embark on a magical beauty journey with the Disney Reigning Beauties Jasmine Collection by Sephora, a collection of color cosmetics, a signature fragrance and princess-worthy accessories that are inspired by the adventure and enchantment of the classic Disney animated film, Aladdin. The Disney Reigning Beauties Jasmine Collection by SEPHORA captures the rich, exotic colors depicted in the film and will awaken your sense of adventure and help grant your beauty wishes.

Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2 Jasmine Edition ($55)
“You’re only in trouble if you get caught”
Open a world of beauty possibilities with this luxurious eyeshadow palette complete with 15 different shadows, a blush and bronzer, each inspired by original shades from the movie. Create a variety of looks, from sultry to sun-kissed, with these silky smooth, highly pigmented shades that are easy to apply, blend and layer.

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2 Jasmine Edition (front)

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2 Jasmine Edition 2

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 2 Jasmine Edition

Shades include:

  • Blue Oasis Jasmine’s outfit (light turquoise) Trust Me
  • Jafar’s staff (coppery pink shimmer)
  • Abu Abu’s skin (light shimmery brown)
  • Ali Ababwa Prince Ali’s cloak (neutral nude)
  • Sultana The Sultana’s skin (shimmering pinky-tan)
  • Friend Like Me The Genie (blue shimmer)
  • Master Jafar’s headpiece in the night light (plum satin)
  • Cosmic When the palace reappears (pale copper shimmer)
  • Cave of Wonders Inside the Cave of Wonders (golden yellow)
  • Sand in the Glass The desert sand (light shimmering sand)
  • Lapis Jasmine’s jewel on her tiara (rich blue)
  • Mystical Wonder Magic Carpet in the cave light (vibrant purple)
  • Raja The tiger’s fur (burnt orange)
  • Arabian Sunset The sunset over the palace (shimmering coral)
  • Bazaar The marketplace in the daylight (chocolate shimmer)
  • Thrilling Chase Jasmine playing coy in the moonlight (blush)
  • Golden Sands Desert sands at night (bronzer)

Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette ($30)
“Shut your eyes and take a chance”
Take a chance on this eye-catching palette with four jewel-toned shades that are easy to apply and blend for a variety of mesmerizing eye looks. Let your eyes sparkle like a thousand twinkling lights with these brilliant shades

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette 2

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Magic Carpet Ride Eyeshadow Palette


  • Diamond Sky (deep turquoise inspired by Jasmine’s outfit on the Magic Carpet ride)
  • Carpet (violet inspired by Jasmine’s magic carpet ride in the moonlight)
  • Wonder by Wonder (lavender inspired by the faces of love at night)
  • Splendid (peachy-pink inspired by the glow and hue of the moon during the magic carpet ride).

Sephora by OPI One is Never Enough Nail Lacquer Set ($24.50)
“Wish for more wishes”
Give your tips a magical touch with this Sephora by OPI nail color set of six shimmering new shades reminiscent of a princess’ jewels.

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora One is Never Enough Nail Lacquer Set

Shades include:

  • Berry Tale Romance (vibrant orchid)
  • Your Wish Is My Command (soft lilac)
  • Fit For Royalty (deep plum)
  • Dream Princess (glittering cinnabar)
  • All That Jasmine (rich jade)
  • Aladdin’s Girl (shimmery berry-copper).

Sephora Three Wishes Eyeliner Set ($42)
“Have a wish, or two or three”
Your wish is granted with this set of three unique eyeliners, including a thick kohl pencil, liquid liner, and crème pot liner and brush, each inspired by Jasmine’s sultry, smoky eyes. Use one, or layer them together to disguise, design or add detail to any look.

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Three Wishes Eyeliner Set

Sephora A Whole New World Eau de Parfum
The possibilities are endless with A Whole New World Eau de Parfum, a spellbinding new fragrance inspired by Arabian Nights. This captivating scent incorporates an intricate floral and musky palette, opening with a blend of carnation, orange blossom and mandarin, which gives way to a floral, musky blend of gardenia, and cedarwood. Topped off with a rich mix of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and benzoin, this invigorating and feminine aroma encourages you to create and experience your own adventure.

  • A Whole New World Eau de Parfum Spray, 50 mL ($58)
  • A Whole New World Perfumed Oil Rollerball ($19)

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora A Whole New World Eau de Parfum Spray

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora A Whole New World Perfumed Oil Rollerball

A Whole New World Perfumed Body Shimmer ($45)
“Illuminate the possibilities”
Sparkle like the Arabian night sky with this golden-bronze body shimmer that is infused with A Whole New World Eau de Parfum to ensure you always leave a lasting impression on anyone you encounter.

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora A Whole New World Perfumed Body Shimmer

The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror ($20)
“Made you look”
The treasures of Agrabah surely would have included this golden enameled compact fit only for a princess.

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Compact Mirror

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora Compact Mirror 2

The Disney Reigning Beauties Jasmine Collection by Sephora will be available for a limited time beginning in March 2013 in all Sephora stores, as well as by calling 1-877-SEPHORA or logging on to sephora.com.

So what do you think?

Anything you LOVE from this collection?

I’m adoring everything particularly the shadow palette!

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  • Lauren

    I want that liner set! My current gel liner is almost gone so I’ll have to indulge in that one!

  • marisol

    Jasmin is my fav but this isnt for me. 42 for eyeliner kit….. maybe 30 then ill buy it. I need the mirror compact!!!!

  • Tammie

    Compact <3 It will be mine!! My only regret is that I didn't get cinderella's *cry*

    • Ruth

      I just checked evil-bay and apparently there are folks trying to retire on the sale of the mirrors! ouch!

      • Tammie

        Ugh disgusting :(. I guess I’ll just live without…I mean the only reason I am kvetching about it right now is because I want to have a complete set, not because I love the compact or I would have gotten it (I did like it when it came out initially but I never bought it so what does that say).

    • Debster

      Me too! Such a shame the price of the compact is incredibly high on evilbay now. =[

  • katie

    I got the cinderella compact so I am wondering if I need to snatch up the jasmine one too. I expect it to go fast!

  • Olivia

    I think they did a great job with this line, even though I’m not getting anything! Can’t wait to see other princesses.

  • Sydni

    That palette is confusing…1/3 cool, 1/3 warm, 1/3 neutral. they should have done 2 or 3 smaller palettes so we don’t have so many colors we can’t (or won’t) wear.

  • diane

    i can’t wait! i need the shadow palette, shadow quad and nail polishes. wish they had lipsticks like the cinderella collection had. that would have been cool!

  • Sylvia

    I love Jasmine she is my favorite. I know I want the compact and the eyeshadow palatte. But I will wait for the eyeshadows. Are you going to review them?

  • Nikki

    I’m dying to get the huge palette! I absolutely love Aladdin. It’s one of my favorite movies, even now that I’m almost 26 years old, lol.


  • Lisa T

    I think I will be getting the one after this, which is supposed to be Ariel. I already saw some barcode images for the Little Mermaid, which kind of confirms it for me, haha!

    • Lucy

      Where did you see the barcode images? I can’t find them! I really hope Ariel is the next one!

  • K.B.

    Muse, is Sephora doing collections for all/most of the princesses, or just a few? I hope you’re doing well!

    • the Muse

      hey kb happy weekend (almost)! I’m great little busy but great ;-D Not all..I believe there are two more after this but I’m unsure who they will be. I’m hearing Ariel.

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I’m kind of upset they took out five eyeshadows and replaced them with blush and bronzer. :'[ I’ll have to see the swatches. But I’ll probably end up picking this up for collectors purposes!

  • Daemonswolf

    OMG! That compact mirror is even more gorgeous than the Cinderella one. I want it!

  • Sara

    I’m holding out for the Ariel collection when it eventually comes out. She’s my absolute favorite and I look like her with red hair and green eyes, so the colors will probably be perfect for me! Ahhh the greens and purples that will be in that palette… True story: Ariel is part of the reason I wanted to dye my hair red when I was little… hehe

  • Jasmine

    Ahhh! These are all so gorgeous! Definitely going to indulge in one after I see reviews and swatches. Especially since my name IS Jasmine anyway! Any recommendations for creme/gel liners to tide me over until this releases? 🙂

    • the Muse

      jasmine perfect hehe ;-D def bobbi brown gel eyeliner, it’s my fav or the loreal 24 hour infallable gel ;-D that’s fab too!

  • Amanda

    The mirror – I picked up the Cinderella mirror and it is luxe. I actually stopped carrying it my purse because it was heavy. It sits on my vanity and I have a burning desire to start a collection.

  • Miss_Silk

    THAT MIRROR……OMG THAT MIRROR I MUST BUY~!!!!!! Also will be purchasing the palette and I want to wait for the review for the eyeliner set ^^

  • blueraccoon

    I have a lot of stuff from cinderella’s…i’m wondering if i’m going to start a collection “Thing” with Jasmine. At the very least I need the compact, and I’m debating the palettes.

  • Goddesslily

    I can’t wait to pick this one up, i’m buying the palettes for my granddaughter who’s 9, she loves everything disney so my plan is to save them and present them to her as one of her HS graduations presents.

  • Ashley

    Dang it Sephora…just like the Cinderella, this looks amazing. The art is just impeccable. Completely fits the story setting.
    I want that mirror! So beautiful!
    Thank you for showing this Musey, first I’ve heard of this one!

  • Tohnia

    I wanted the Cinderella compact (debating on paying the prices on Ebay…they’re MURDER!), but she wasn’t one of my favorite princesses, so I might skip it. I love this one! I want this one, Ariel’s and Belle’s! And if they come out with one for Mulan, I’m down for that also! The polishes are also calling my name, and the perfume sounds promising also! 😀

  • cat

    I feel like the packaging here skews younger than the Cinderella collection. It’s too kiddie or cheap-looking for me and the colors won’t be for everyone. I do think it’s really cute to have “Shut your eyes and take a chance” written in the eyeshadow palette. I still think the Cinderella mirror (which I picked up last time) is prettier and makes more sense. I guess they were trying to reference the part where she sets the birds free but a clock for Cinderella just works so much better. Looking forward to seeing them continue with this. I’m hoping for Snow White, Ariel, and Pocahontas next. Snow White could be AMAZING if they really put some thought and effort into it.

  • Jaz

    I want the palettes, the mirror, and maybe the perfume. CANT WAIT. Jasmine is one of my favorite princesses- and my real name is close to her name so I must have it right?

  • Rosie in NYC(makeup freak

    how pretty hun i was wondering any lip colors too xox sister rosie

  • Jade

    I love the eyeshadow palette, and honestly it’s mainly for that packaging!! It’s SO stunning! The eyeliner set is really singing to me, the mirror looks beautiful, I’m so enamoured with this whole collection. Aladdin was the first film I ever saw in a theatre.

  • Tennyoceres

    I got the Cinderella storylook and I was honestly blown away by how amazing it is. I have to pick up the Jasmine set now. I can easily see myself using the palette all summer, Indian summer, and the warmer parts of fall.

    I didn’t like the Cinderella perfume too much. It reminded me of Hello Kitty perfume and ‘my first big girl’ perfume. However I need to take a whiff of the Jasmine perfume. The nail polish is totally on the spot too.

    Oh and that compact? Need it. Where am I putting it? I’ll figure that out eventually.

    Hopefully my husband takes a while to figure out my makeup area is looking a little fuller than earlier this year. My collections of giant eye shadow palettes, my hoarding of neat looking things for my vanity, my precioussssss.

  • Caitlin

    I can’t believe the perfume isn’t jasmine scented. Super annoyed. I love jasmine and had my fingers crossed on that. I love the look of the packaging on this collection, but I think it’s too much saturated color to truly tempt me.

  • Al

    I want the body shimmer, the perfume (hopefully it smells nice), and the big eyeshadow palette.

  • Danii

    This is… Meh to me. Pretty, but meh. If Snow White gets a Gothic-esque look, I might have to pay $20 for a compact. It would also be cool if we had an Alice In Wonderland set. I’m sorry, I can’t have enough things carrying the names Jabberwocky, Cheshire Cat, Alice, Mushroom, etc. I love Alice and Snow needs a more gothic look, it’s kind of a depressing story and its really quite dark.

  • Marta

    I just searched Sephora.com on a lark and the collection is available online as a beauty insider exclusive. I immediately ordered the palette and mirror!

  • Jessica

    I’m italian and i can’t buy it!! I want the eyeshadow palette soooooo bad!!! Aladdin is my fav cartoon ever! Someone can get me that please???

    i know 🙁 impossible right??
    I hate when sites don’t do international shipping! it’s Just a shame!!!

  • eldi

    i’m so drooling over the storylook palette.
    waiting for it to launch and your review, of couse!!

  • yelena

    saw it in store but didn’t have time to play with it. what r u thinking muse?
    anyone else get this and like it? a lot of Sephora reviews just say it has nice packaging but sub par quality… boo :/