February 11, 2013

Maybelline Silver Strike Color Tattoo Metal 24HR Cream Shadow Review & Swatches

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24HR Cream Shadow Silver Strike

Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal 24HR Cream Gel Shadow in Silver Strike is one of those very handy shades of eyeshadow you should have in your stash for the perfect smoky eye look.

Sadly, I haven’t really smoked my eye out in a while using a traditional black and silver shade selection. I feel like it emphasizes my tired eyes in a major way rather than gives them that sultry bedroom look (not that I’ve ever associated my mud brown eyes with a bedroom or sexy time but yeah, you know what I mean! ha!).

Maybelline introduced their Metal range of shades with a metallic finish for Spring 2013. This collection includes five must have shades. Many of these shades had me worried as metallic finishes sometimes go a little frosty on me but thankfully, thus far, they are proving some of my favorites from the Color Tattoo range.

Silver Strike definitely holds a good deal of appeal for a smoky metallic eye look should you desire.

I have my ups and downs with the Tattoo Cream Shadow Collection as the formulas do vary from shade to shade. But all in all it’s one of the cheapest, high quality cream shadows you’ll come across in the drugstore world.

These are pigmented, creamy, typically have an excellent blendability, and are cheap, cheap, cheap at around six bucks a shade or less depending where you purchase.

As I mentioned above the consistency of the formula isn’t always great across the board. Some shades rival others in texture, pigment, formula, and blendabiity. For the most part though, I’d say they are all a great bang for your buck even simply use as a base for shadows.

Silver Strike features one of the better formulas. This has a high pigmented finish, builds easily, has a metallic finish sans frost, and wears excellent without fading or creasing on primed eyes. It acts as great base for black eyeshadow. I’d suggest all over the lid and follow up with a stroke of matte or shimmering black shadow on the outer corner of your eye, blended into the crease for a more striking smoky eye look.

Maybelline Silver Strike Color Tattoo Metal 24HR Cream Shadow

Maybelline Silver Strike Color Tattoo Metal 24HR Cream Shadow Swatches

Silver, on its own, always seems a rather difficult color to wear however, if you so choose, Silver Strike, happens to be very easy to use all over the lid for a cool foiled effect.

I had no issues with the way the shade blended out, pigment was great, and color wore strong without creasing or fading issues. I probably won’t make as much use out of the shade as others from the Metal line (I’m just not into silver and like I said have a hard time doing smoky eyes lately without looking dead tired).

This one is a must have for those who do a ton of smoky eyes!

It’s available now at drugstores.

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  • Daemonswolf

    I’ve tried to use the color tattoo shadows and I’ve had very little success with them. They end up being incredibly sticky and hard to apply. The colours are beautiful though, and I would love to be able to use them.

    Any suggestions for application?


    • the Muse

      i typically apply with a flat head brush Daemon, build the color up slowly, pat with my finger or slowly blend it out by smoothing my finger over it. The formula is a little inconsistent as some shades this works great and others go a bit patchy so it really depends on the shade you are using!

    • charlotte

      I use the ELF “c” eyeshadow brush. It’s fluffy, yet firm.. and has a pinched ferrule so you can turn it different ways and it fits whatever part of your eye you are applying to. It’s also cheap so I don’t worry about the creme products messing it up. I tap the ends of the bristles in and buff the CT on in light layers. Gives a very smooth finish and you can go as light or as heavy as you want. I own all of the CT’s and use one almost every day as shadow base.

  • dia

    As a person with mud brown eyes, I feel the need to defend our sexiness. Ok, silver isn’t the most flattering of shades on us, but olive! aubergine! espresso! we are entirely capable of “sultry”, gosh darn it.

    That being said, this shade is so pretty I almost wish I had ice-blue eyes or really dark skin. It would look great on someone cool-toned at either end of the spectrum.

    • the Muse

      aw lol dia 😀 defend away ;-D I love aubergine as well as olive too great shades for brown eyes ;-D!

  • citygirl907

    Hi 🙂 I have one of these but I am a complete novice in regards with eye make-up and the one time I tried to apply this product I found it difficult. Do you recommend applying it with your finger, or can you recommend a nice brush style? sorry for the silly question!!!!

    • the Muse

      either/or citygirl! I’m typically a finger girl but a flat head brush works great to build the color onto lids and pat or blend out with fingers is the best technique I’ve found! 🙂

      • JenJ

        LOL!. Me too. Bummed I wasn’t able to hunt down some of the limited edition ones that came out over the summer. May have to take to eBay to see if I can find them for a reasonable price.

  • Moon

    I just picked this one up and the Pink in Ink on Sunday (buy one get one half off so I picked up these 2 and paid only $10.50) and used them both for the first time today. I always heard good thing about the color tattoo. The colors are beautiful but I also experienced the same thing as Daemonswolf mentioned. I found them a little hard to blend. Maybe I am not just used to cream eyeshadows yet. I do really like the color but I think I prefer L-oreal infalliable eyeshadows. I think the color pay off is better.

    • the Muse

      inked in pink in ink is actually difficult to blend out well Moon so it isn’t you dear!

  • Christina

    Hey Muse! So good to read your post for Silver Strike. As you know, I love love love the Color Tattoos and I am glad to hear you had good luck with this one. So far out of the five new Metal shades, I’m loving Inked in Pink as a great wash all over the lid with a powder shadow on top. However, I have hazel eyes (in the gold-green/lightest brown range) so greys and silvers are among my favorites for creating a smokey look. The contrast really brings out the green.

    I’ve found the best way to apply Color Tattoos is either using the brush that Maybelline sold specifically for Color Tattoos — which I purchased on your recommendation and I love it — or I use, believe it or not, the sponge tip applicators that come with most drugstore eyeshadows and I usually toss. The sponge seems to deposit the color exactly where I put it without sliding anywhere, and then I blend it out with my fingers.

    • the Muse

      me too christina 😀 I have hit and miss problems with them but most are a hit and the misses I can EASILY fix ;-D I like silver for a smoky look too and silver strike is perfect for it ;-D I use that brush too, they should make it a standard part of the collection, seems it was LE!? interesting on the sponge, will be trying that!

  • Bethany

    I can’t stop buying these. It is so easy to convince myself since they are so cheap. However, since I am almost 41, I can’t convince myself that I would look good with shimmering silver. I mostly use them as a base and apply with my finger. The warmth helps them to blend. I still have trouble with the only matte one I own (tough as taupe).

    • the Muse

      bethany same here, I just buy them bc they are cheap even though some shades I know won’t work for me lol! It’s a sickness!

  • Danii

    Pretty! I probably won’t pick it up. I’m looking more for purples, blues. Shimmery neutrals! I like it but its still not for me. I have a “palette” for smokey eyes now, haha.

  • Jess

    I love this color! I wear it by itself in a thinner layer, and it makes my eyes look huge; plus it’s really pretty (and on trend, from what I hear).

  • charlotte

    I have yet to use this particular shade but I’m betting it would be great under any grey or grey toned taupe if the traditional black smokey eye is not your thing.

  • Nancy

    My favorite is still Bad to the Bronze, I have noticed of few of mine feel like they are drying out,even if they are still new,I use a flat concealer brush that is kind of pointy,works well with these 🙂