February 5, 2013

Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance Review

Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance

You might just recall how obsessed I am with Sheidso Ma Cherie Shampoo & Conditioner that’s why the Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance is a shoe in for me.

I adore the scent of Ma Cherie and really using the shampoo and conditioner alone give plenty of linger and throw to my locks already but the hair fragrance is a nice little finishing addition you might wish to indulge in.

Why do we not have hair fragrance in the US? So few companies make them! I remember Salon Selectives used to have a rather brilliant one and I think Herbal Essences did one too…hmm…

But moral of the story…Japan and Korea and much of Asia is filled with a variety of different hair fragrances. From high end to lower almost all brands have ’em if the collection includes hair care.

I’m a big fan of Ma Cherie as it has this gorgeous fresh floral scent, quite strong. The shampoo and conditioner alone keep my hair smelling incredible all day and well into the next one. But hey, take a step further with the hair fragrance.

Gotta admit though the hair fragrance smells a tad different, more like fresh roses of some sort. But still very pleasant. The fragrance comes in a spray can and you simply mist it onto your hair as you would hair spray. It’s the type of thing that will evoke questions from friends and even complete strangers, “Wow what’s that perfume you’re wearing?” Meanwhile, it’s your hair.

Loves this!

I believe it costs around $8-$10 retail in Japan. I get it at H-Mart for around $15. E-bay sellers like AlphabeautyUK also carry it for around the same price.

Well worth picking up! Especially if you’re a smoker (I’m not) and need your hair to smell fresher.

Muse Approved.

I purchased this item.

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  • Icequeen81

    Ummm afraid to have a smell in my hair ( fruity or sweet)

    This happened last year, I was minding my own business( yeah and talking) I felt something on my head. Of course I touched my head, and then I felt it, a deep sting on my finger ,It was a bee, and she was so gracious and kind to leave her sting on my finger so I had to remove the needle too.
    To make it worse I was in the lobby of an Hotel with my parents and boyfriend, visiting my cousin and her family that where on Holidays on the Island. So I could not scream or cry or make any loud noise, I had to act natural like nothing happened.

    Sends that day I’m afraid to attract these divine creatures….

  • Anna

    Hey Muse! I’ve never seen this at H-mart, can I ask which one you go to? Do they have the shampoo/conditioner there too?

    • the Muse

      the one in englewood anna, sadly I’ve never got my hands on the shampoo and conditioner there 🙁

  • Nat

    I put a small spritz of whatever perfume I happen to be wearing in my hair – I love it when I take my hair down at the end of the day and get a fresh whiff of perfume mmmmmm

  • Miho Mallory

    Oh wow fresh roses?! I’ve wondered about this product for some time! I have to try it now~

  • Cj

    I need to get this for my mom, she always sprays her perfumes in her hair… That can’t be good for your hair can it?

    • the Muse

      I do too lol! I typically spritz it in the air and walk through it while shaking my hair around ;-D I imagine it is terrible for my hair but I do it anyway lol!

  • Sev

    Oooh this brings back memories of when B&BW had hair perfume back in the late ’90s. I wanted some with a passion, but always ended up spending my pocket money on something else. It was one of those things that was trendy at school at the time.

    Now I don’t think I’d be brave enough to use one. I’m a beekeeper and I try to keep my fragrances to a minimum when I know I’ll be at the beeyard.

    • the Muse

      a bee keeper? now that’s interesting ;-D I don’t recall the BBW ones to be honest, they should bring them back!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iris

    I’ll have to sniff this. I’m curious about the recently released hair mists and perfumes by a few lines. I just hope they won’t clash with the perfumes I usually wear.

  • Kathy

    I was wondering what location exactly did you purchase your Macherie product? im from NY and wanted to know which H-Mart carried the Ma Cherie product. thank you!