March 12, 2013

Beauty Most Unusual: Blood Facial

Kim Kardashian Blood Facial

Kim Kardashian had a Blood Facial recently. Yeah, you read that right, a blood facial! This is where everyone runs around and says WTF!?!?!?!?!

I want to take the high road and say I’m going to age gracefully one day. But as I get older I realize maybe…that’s not quite true….I’m not sure if I’d have any major surgery to preserve my youth but I kinda sorta see already how obsessed I am with keeping it in excellent condition so who’s to say how extreme I’d go in ten years from now or even twenty when fine lines start creeping up.

I know I’d probably NOT have a blood facial.


Beauty Most Unusual!

Call it a publicity stunt for Kourtney and Kim Take Miami or perhaps Kim K is super serious about her skin regime but recently she had something called a Blood Facial.

Basically it works by having a technician draw blood from your arm and proceed to have a machine remove the platelets. After that a numbing cream is massaged into your skin, splattered with blood, and a machine with motorized acupuncture needles is run across your face.


I don’t even know what I think of this. As obsessed with I am with skincare I think I can safely skip out on a blood facial.

Thanks but no thanks.

How far are you willing to go to preserve your youth?

photo source via Twitter

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  • Holly

    Sweet Jesus, this makes me cringe. It sounds similar to getting a tattoo on your face in regards to procedure and pain. I have tattoos. No thanks to one on my face. Yikes.

    • Ana

      That’s because she has psoriasis and is willing to try anything to get rid of it. Even blood!

  • Barb

    wow… really… what will they think of next… I’ll stick to nice lotions and potions… things that feel and smell yummy… next she’ll be rubbing her baby’s placenta on her face for even more publicity!

  • Caitlin

    Wow, everytime I think the world can’t get any more stupid and disgusting, it proves me wrong. Guess I’ll just give up and have one of those new Cool Ranch Dorito Tacos for lunch.

  • Amy

    Ewwwww this is so gross. I don’t have anything against taking care of your skin and even botox is acceptable imo, but this is just too gross.

  • Alchemy

    Oddly enough, they just teased about this on Z100 for it to be discussed later on, but WHAT THE HECK?! I wasn’t expecting this.

    Just reading the description makes me squeamish.

  • Daintynymph

    This is ridiculous. It sounds like a sensationalized version of needling. Sure, it probably helps your skin, but only the same amount that just the needling would, which is probably about the same as masaging your face. I’m pretty sure more blood to the skin only works from the inside, but I guess I’m not a dermatologist so what do I know.

    • It’s Gamayun

      I was eating strawberry applesauce when I clicked the link. La la la time to read some Muse OH LORD NO TAKE IT AWAY AAAAAH. I can’t even look at the leftover in the container right now.

  • victoria

    what everyone does is their business but since this photo is out in public and personally i think eewwww

  • Oli

    I heard about this couple of months ago, a Romanian designer (I am Romanian) said he was done that. Yuck!

  • Corey

    It’s a little Elizabeth of Bathery for me ( except that was the blood of virgins and this….is Kim’s own blood, so there’s that)

    • Chynna

      That was my first thought, too. Where’s the science on this? Sounds way too hocus-pocus to me.

    • Shelby

      Thought the same thing but couldn’t remember her name. This is nas-tay.

    • Stellar

      Glad I’m not the only one thing of that person when I saw this.

    • Nat

      YES this was my first thought too. I like watching moves and reading books about Bathory, but don’t really care to follow her beauty regime, lol! 😀

  • Misty

    Wth? That is too Lady of Bathory for me. It makes me think of Samuel L. Jackson’s line in Pulp Fiction when they are in Jimmy’s bathroom washing their hands…

  • Carly

    Yuck! I hate blood and needles, this is just gross. Want to know a good way to keep your skin always looking healthy? Keep yourself hydrated, eat some berries (if you aren’t allergic), maintain a well balanced diet (no greasy fast food), and get enough sleep at night. Also try not to stress yourself out, us Americans tend to do that.

  • kimkats

    W.T.F.??? I am just…. I mean, I….. I have no words… I just don’t…

  • Icequeen81

    blood of what? this woman is a Fur lover which is disgusting mean,, Now she is wearing blood mask? who is she sacrificing again?

    • the Muse

      it’s her blood icequeen, read the post 🙂 explains the procedure!

      • Icequeen81

        My apologizes, the idea did disturb me so much that I didn’t even read the post .

  • ggggg

    This is so wrong on so many levels:

    1. It’s absolutely ridiculous and just plain stupid
    2. Another stunt by the K’s to stay in the spotlight
    3. She’s pregnant – I don’t think its really wise to be doing something like that when pregnant. You never know, something may go wrong in the process and she could pick up an infection or worse, fungus, that could affect the safety of the baby. Just look at the people who got the bad back pain injections, they got a fungus and are dying when it reaches their brain, and there is no cure. If you are not supposed to eat soft cheeses and deli turkey because of the risk of listeria, do you really think poking holes in your face to inject blood that has beeen “washed” is really a wise decision to make while you are nurturing a new life in your womb?

    Just my $.02. I am stepping off my soapbox now.

  • Lulubelle

    I wonder what we did as a nation to have the Kardashian plague released upon us?

  • Christine Joy Luikuo

    Eww! Just gross.

    I was thinking what if the process was not done right or what if there would be some side effect for this blood facial. Since this is not yet scientifically proven, how sure are people of its safety and effectivity? There are a lot of alternatives present in this world that is not as yucky as this one, so better use one of those. Or the best thing is to accept that as you grow old, you will not be as youthful looking as you are before. Anyway, it will no longer matter when you are dying or dead.

  • Melanie

    Are we not done with the Kardashians yet? I won’t by there products just repulsed by them. Stop wearing 20lbs of makeup and maybe she might have some healthy skin and oh by the way isn’t she pregnant? What is the basis of this? No FDA approval or no nothing as Christine Joy stated above. Just plain ridiculous.

  • carrie

    This just reminded me that I need to call and make an appointment to donate platelets. But you know, for people who need it. Not for bloody facials. Because eww.

  • LK

    WTH? Blood needs to stay inside your body, not used as a some kind of facial??? I don’t even think there’s any benefits in apply blood on the skin. This is beyond ridiculous.

  • Xail

    Nope nope nope! As far as I know, platelets help with blood clots, not with preventing wrinkles. It’s collagen that you want instead. (Don’t mess around with clotting agents — that’s how strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, and so on can happen.)

    If you’re willing to have a machine go and separate the platelets from your blood, why not just go and donate those platelets instead? There are so many people that need them, and too few people are donating.

  • sylvia

    I don’t get what benefit it would be to remove your own blood and then put it back on your face…..

    • Danii

      But she was sacrificing virgins, not herself. Kim is using her own blood, which is still really gross.

  • Alanna

    this seems like a great way to irritate your skin at the same time as wasting blood you could have donated.

  • Celine

    This just makes me sick! So disgusting, what has the world come to?

  • CW

    Has no one commented on her intense Latisse eyelid staining?? Ugh. What concealer is powerful enough to cover that up?

    • the Muse

      is that what that is!??????????????????????????? Latisse has always scared the crap out but now I’m really scared. I thought it was just dark circles.

    • Maggie

      That’s totally nuts. I had no idea Latisse could do that. And blood facial? Like…what is the scientific explanation for the benefits? I’m not too squeamish–rather, this has me scratching my head in confusion.

  • Angela

    Eww and nasty! And this doesn’t even have anything to do with the fact that I don’t get people’s fascination with some celebrity families. If I ever need to get blood from my body, it would be either to save my own life or someone else’s.

    Beauty comes from within. When a person is flashing his/her crazy life on TV and supports animal cruelty, that person is “ugly” no matter how many money is spend on makeup, skincare, facials, and god knows what.

  • Ryou

    No. No thanks.

    I know some women in my home country who believed in preserving the blood from their monthly cycle and using them as a mask. It’s too icky for me to even imagine, I feel it’s in line with Bear Grylls’ cause of infamy. Ew.

  • Saiba

    Ok I get the snail cream (has EGF), the placenta (has a lot of nutrients), even the night and gale poop (has urea for brightening). But…why blood? I see no purpose for using blood as a facial. I just don’t get it! What science has shown this is beneficial here? And even if there was scientific evidence here, I would never do a blood facial! God no!

  • Judy

    Its bloody unusual to me!! Ugh
    Almost fell outta my chair when I saw that pic…..

  • LilyM

    There is no evidence to suggest topical application (helped along with a needle roller or not) improves skin condition, and blood components are too large to be absorbed on their own. It’s all very gimmicky, but I guess it checks the ‘shock factor’ box 😛

  • Hummingbird Girl

    Fuuu it just disgust me but otherwise if it helps her… I think that she is Dracula haha.
    Anyway I will stay here for a bit longer and I became Your new follower via Bloglovin Dear, I absolutely loved it!
    With Love
    Hummingbird Girl