March 7, 2013

Bliss Fuzz Off Hair Removal Cream

Bliss Fuzz Off Hair Removal Cream

Buzz off hairy upper lip! Bliss Fuzz Off Hair Removal Cream removes facial fuzz on the fly in three minutes.

I got time for that.

Bliss Fuzz Off Hair Removal Cream ($24) is a water based facial creme formulated with skin-soothing aloe, willow herb, vitamin E and a moisturizing botanical complex.

With a fresh-scent this one step hair removal cream features a unique, two-sided, dual-textured tip to help gently nix facial fuzz in three little minutes.

I typically wax my upper lip and thread my brows. The occasional chin hair has been known to come out and play, no shame in my that case I also have it waxed away. I don’t do my own waxing, I go to a salon have it done because me and wax that’s like DANGER, DANGER, DANGER.

But I’d be willing to try this out. The only problem is I’ve tried ones by Sally Hansen in the past and they don’t really work well…I’m always left rubbing my upper lip raw to remove the cream and the hair. Olay also has something similar I’ve been wanting to try!

But if anyone is going to get hair removal right I would picture it being Bliss….

So perhaps I shall indulge.

What do you think?

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  • Littlecreek81

    I have a lot of faith in Bliss. I would definately give this a shot over most drugstore brands. I’ll probably pick this up when I go to the store for a baby break (only 4.5 weeks til my due date can you believe it!?!)

  • Mandy

    I’m curious about this! All the Sally Hansen and Nair products I’ve tried feel like they burn my face off.

    • the Muse

      never had that issue, mostly they seem to not get every hair and I have to rub off the hair and it’s just a freaking mess.

  • Angela

    I use Olay’s product – works really well (but potent if you leave it on for too long). Waxing is SOOOO painful if you try to do it yourself (unsuccessfully, like me, LOL!).

    • the Muse

      i rarely do it myself DANGER! lol! ;-D olay is good? Hmm might check it out!

  • Cj

    *smears it all over my face* TELL ME IM PRETTY!!

    I seriously need to get laser on my face, having to shave every other day is a pain in the butt. Girls have it so easy 🙁

    • the Muse

      GOD DAMN IT You’re BEAUTIFUL! 😀 I’ve always wanted to laser my upper lip but scared to do it! no we don’t we’re hairy beasts too lol!

    • carrie

      CJ you are GORGEOUS! I think I may need this ….aside from the upper lip I have like 4 random evil hairs that show up on my chin (eww) and one dark one that occasionally pops up on my jaw (more eww) if I had the money I would be lazer-ing all over the damn place!

        • carrie

          And they are so random! I’ll be on the lookout and they won’t show for months then BAM! Overnight! And typically my bf is the one who spots them. And points them out to me. What a doll

  • Michelle

    Talking about hairy … I had to get laser on my damn neck.
    Anyhoo … I’d give this a go. Never tried a cream before, but have found that the waxing strips from Sally Hanson will take your skin off, but still leave hair. Not. Cool. Since then I’ve learned to thread my lip – less pain and keeps my skin on my face 🙂

    • Seagulls

      Where did you learn from? The youtube tutorials I’ve found have not been particularly informative.

      • Michelle

        Seagulls, I watched a few you tube videos. There are some really wacky vid’s out there, but a few were quite helpful. I can’t remember off the top of my head which ones I found most helpful, sorry 🙁

  • kitty

    Hi. I was wondering are those cream removals take out the follicle? Cruz I’ve only tried ones that just take off the exposed part…. Which IMO is the same as shaving……just with chemicals…..

    But just wanted to put it out there that I’m one of those weirdos who waxes her own lip. I’ve found only hard wax works. Sally hansen has a hard, stripless (no cloth backing required) specially for the face that does a really good job grabbing all the little hairs. The regular soft wax or wax strips r just too sticky to put on my face.

  • Lisa

    I wonder if this would work on peach fuzz. All of the sudden at 43 I’m covered in pretty heavy peach fuzz. Gah.

  • Flavia Signori

    Ohhh! I would love to try this one *-*

    I hate wax so much, but I have to do, ’cause I don’t think my skin will be free from inconvenient hair for a long time if I use gilette.

    If you try it, please share!


  • Deb

    I have the one from Olay and have used it twice. It burns like crazy, left my upper lip area red for 3 days. And I followed the directions to the letter. I used it twice (several weeks apart) because after the first time I thought I must have done something wrong. Nope, it’s just harsh. Same results second time around. And I do not have sensitive skin. Maybe Bliss has figured out how to do it right but I’m not going to even try.

    • the Muse

      I’ll skip olay! thanks deb. not sensitive either but not willing to mess with my skin that way!

  • Cleo

    I’ve done the lazer on my face thing – it is great 🙂
    After about 6-8 treatments, you can touch up once or twice a year… it’s been heaps better than having to wax my face (lip, chin, cheeks etc. thanks hormones for making me extra hairy!)
    The only *wierd* thing about it is shaving – so you don’t wax anymore, or pluck (although only during the main treatment phase)… So that can get a bit strange.

  • Simone

    I know it’s awful, but I always get fed up with these types of products, and end up shaving (yes like a dude) my upper lip!
    I also have maybe three random dark hairs that pop out of a scar I have on my chin, so weird! I pluck those.

    Maybe ill give this a shot…

    • Cleo

      I’d give lazer a shot Simone – if you’ve got fair skin and dark hair it works best… just talk to a clinic about it. Worth that much time at least.

  • Quinctia

    I like the Parisa wax strips way too much to ever bother with this.

  • Iris

    I currently use Nair’s one for the face and it works very well for me. I am willing to give this a try despite the price tag being a bit high.

  • I was totally gonna ask about the Olay until I read thru the comments! Thank you, Deb! Muse, I say you try the bliss for us! Be our guinea pig!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    Um funny story about home waxing… My aunt use to own a little hair salon at one point and when it closed down she used my sisters basement as storage for all the left over equipment. My sister thought she could wax my eyebrows using the big hot pot of wax and a Popsicle stick. She ended up spilling wax IN MY HAIR. Oh god. Moral of the story: Leave waxing to the professionals.

      • Cindy Ramirez

        We ended up cutting out the part of hair my sister spilled wax in. Wasn’t pretty, probably should have went to a professional!

  • melissa

    I bought the olay at costco for a fabulous price. I have used it many times on my upper lip and no problem. This one is a balm you put on and then layer the cream over it. I leave it on 6-7 minutes rinse off and smooth no reaction. I tend to be sensitive so I guess I got lucky. I might check out the bliss when I run out in the next 20 years from my costco olay pack ha.

  • Jasmine

    If I ever have the money I’d try!!! Haha I’m such a hairy girl my stupid hairs grow back the minute I wax thread or shave! Damn. Had to settle for ipl for some areas but it was way too ex!! Sigh. Muse what do you think of the bliss oxygen series!!

    • the Muse

      totally can relate 😀 I’ve reviewed the mask and the vit c cream jasmine, have a look through the archives to catch those reviews ;D

  • Rebecca

    I also use Nair and haven’t had any problems so far(I have only used it twice)