March 5, 2013

It Cosmetics IT-O2 Oxygen Foundation Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

It Cosmetics IT O2 Oxygen Foundation

It Cosmetics It-O2 Oxygen Foundation is a new foundation that contains peptides, hyaluronic acid (KA-CHING!), naicin, hydrolyed collagen, and vitamins A, C, and E.

It’s actually one of the first liquid foundations It Cosmetics has every launched however, I got terribly scared of it when I heard “Oxygen”.

I don’t do oxygen. Urban Decay Naked Foundation, Benefit Oxygen Wow, they just, mmm, aren’t doing it for me. Somehow, someway oxygen seems to translate into oily for me. Not good.

I decided to give this a shot anyway and here are some thoughts!

It Cosmetics IT-O2 Oxygen Foundation

This is chock full of amazing ingredients so if you’re looking for an excellent foundation with anti-aging ingredients this will please. It’s talc, paraben, sulfate, and fragrance free.

The formula delivers oxygen to skin and aids in skin repair and moisture retention. My skin isn’t aging yet so I can’t speak for how well it’ll work on the appearance of fine lines. I will say it has some great ingredients should you wish to address finer lines on your face. However, I’m more about skincare to improve skin versus a foundation product. But I suppose if you’re going to wear foundation at least eight hours out of your day having one that include a slew of great ingredients is a great choice.

As I mentioned above I’m a little scared of anything oxygen related to my foundation. For some reason the thinner consistency of these foundations proves a little too greasy and heavy on my face. I expected the same from It but they surprised me.

Now I do want to say it is marketed as fuller coverage and with It I find many of their products are VERY pigmented so I was shocked that this has a sheerer finish. That didn’t bother me in the least as I don’t want a full coverage foundation nor do I need one however, purchasing it under the assumption it will be full might prove disappointing to many.

Like most oxygen foundation this has a thin consistency but NO greasiness here. The texture is soft, smooth, and slightly creamy on contact with skin. It absorbs easily and melds beautifully with my skin. The light shade I tried was a fairly good match for my skin and created a second skin-like quality that eased dullness, brightened, and created a beautiful canvas for makeup. I love foundation products that perfect my already decent skin and this is exactly what this does. If you have minor redness, darkness, dullness, and already smooth skin this is a perfect companion to perfect what is already working for you. However, coverage isn’t great for those looking to conceal major issues like acne scarring, etc…

It Cosmetics IT-O2 Oxygen Foundation Swatches

It seems to have an excellent formula that lays on top of my skin without adhering to drier areas. I have visible pores on my nose which it concealed very well so if you have larger pores a primer prior followed up with this should do well to conceal or at least blur the appearance of them.

I almost feel like this foundation wasn’t even created by It Cosmetics as they seriously go for pigment when it comes to concealer and foundations. I love how lightweight it is and how it perfects my skin without looking like I have any makeup at all.

On the downside, the coverage isn’t long lasting for me. It seems to fade within a three hour period, four tops. But gosh, when it in place it really does something beautiful to my skin. The entire wear time remains very hydrating well after the foundation has faded. It seems like my skin remains wonderfully soft during and after the wear.

It Cosmetics IT-O2 Oxygen Foundation is one of the nicest oxygen foundations but it does have a few quirks that may prevent you from indulging. I actually loved and I’m willing to cope with the shorter wear time as it does something wonderful for my skin! I think it’ll make a beautiful foundation for Spring.

Loves this.

Available at and

Would love to hear your thoughts if you tried it!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • diane

    i have been using this since january and have been loving it! i agree with you- it is marketed as full coverage but is more like medium. i wear it over tartes BB tint primer and the 2 combined does produce a good 8 hour or so wear time for me. i also have fairly decent skin like you and find it just makes my skin look brighter, smoother and overall better. i use their byebye undereye on undereyes and around nose where i need a bit more coverage. i think all the yummy ingredients in it is doing something to my skin bc when i wash my face at night my bare skin looks more radiant and i haven’t changed skincare. i this is a great foundation! =)

    • the Muse

      mm I dunno about medium maybe almost? but I can def use it without having to combine with other stuff. I like how bright it makes my skin that was a huge PLUS ;-D Oooo…haven’t noticed that! ;-D but one can hope!

  • Lyn

    Wait, aren’t we supposed to be using ANTI-oxidants on our skin for anti-aging? Why would we want to put oxygen in it? I don’t get it.

    • Smidge

      EXACTLY! The idea that your skin needs more ‘air’ or needs to ‘breathe’ is nuts! Oxygen enables decay, which is why we wrap foods so they don’t spoil! Why would we want to speed up the process on our faces? The beauty industry is full of some real special snowflakes.

  • Kimmwc03

    Muse, I have been waiting for your review on this for the longest time. Now I think I’m going to skip this. I wanted something pigmented and lasting. I’ll skip and go with my HG foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Thanks for the info.

    • the Muse

      kim def not full coverage, quite sheer…I was expecting something along the lines of Kat Von D’s foundation as it cosmetics is always SO pigmented but nope, def sheerer.

      • Kimmwc03

        Yeah, I tried a sample of KVD awhile ago and have been meaning to purchase it. I just bought YSL’s Touch Eclat Radiant foundation recently though so I’ll wait until that is gone. I’m really liking the YSL one as long as I put on some powder.

        • the Muse

          I didn’t like YSL 🙁 felt greasy to me and didn’t brighten 🙁 le sigh. Wish it worked. But did love KVD 😀

  • Angel

    I’m skipping this as well. I’m with you Muse on the oxygen foundation leeryness (is that even a word? Auto-correct says no LOL!). I tried the Benefit Oxygen Wow and it sucked big time. Slid right off my face and accentuated pores I didn’t even know I had. Couldn’t send it back fast enough. It was a surprising disappointment as their powder version of Hello Flawless is my HG foundation.

    • the Muse

      that’s exactly what happened to me with it and also urban decay naked same problem! it just slides away, fades within minutes of applying 🙁 this was actually WAY nicer but sheerer unfortunately 🙁

      • Angel

        Oh yeah!!! Same with UD for me too, I just remembered I got a sample of this and it was awful. It looked like I hadn’t put anything on, way too sheer, zero coverage. It’s interesting too since we have such different skin types. I’m super oily so I thought it was just me, but you tend to have drier skin. I thought it would be better on dry skin types but I guess not. Oh well, on to the next 🙂

        • the Muse

          everyone says UD is amazing for dry skin but no way not for me! always looked greasy with it on, dull, and like it was sliding off my face :-/

  • Majick

    I have this foundation in LIght – LOVE IT. It is definitely sheer coverage but it’s also buildable. I do not use primer with this as I think with all the lovely ingredients why would you want to put something on to block them?

    I use the IT concealer on the places I need a little more coverage. I don’t find that this settles into my fine lines at all. I put a little bye bye pores powder over it and on me it lasts almost 8 hours. I rarely have to touch up my makeup during the day.

  • Majick

    P.S. the sponge that comes with this IT foundation is NOT like the coveted beauty blender

  • Jeeeezum

    After seeing the QVC infomercial I thought I’d try it to cover my rosacea. The coverage was fine for me and it felt good on my face for the first couple of hours. Then I noticed it breaking down and feeling greasy on my cheeks and around my nose. After 3 hours it started to itch and irritate my skin. I just wanted to SCRUB it off. Will absolutely be returning it.

    • Ava69

      I have used this foundation off and on for months and every single time I use it, my face breaks out in a horrible, stinging, itchy, scaly, red rash. I wa hoping it was something else….nope. Used it again today after not wearing it for a month (last time the rash appeared) and low and behold, by the end of my work day, my eye brow area is raw and itchy. By bedtime, after my shower, I’m having another sleepless night because of the severe itchiness and swelling. I’m
      Not a slow learner, I’m going through menopause and my skin has changed (at the time I tried this makeup for the first time as well as taking new supplements) and so my doctortold me to stop and start different things to narrow down what’s causing this. I’ve slowly reintroduced eveyyhing and again, reintroduced this makeup today and BOOM!!!! Face rash. It went right into the trash. No more!

  • Sarah Kate

    This foundation was recommended to me by the gal at Ulta. I told her I was so frustrated with not being able to find a foundation that I could wear at all because my skin was so dry. She sampled this stuff on the very driest area of my cheek and I was sold. I’ve used it for a few months and have no complaints (other than the high price tag). I think I will use this as long as they make it. It is truly fabulous for my skin and my face is actually more hydrated when I take this off at the end of the day.

    I don’t get the greasy feeling others are talking about but I assume it’s because I have dry skin. I think the issue is that the hyaluronic acid is drawing in atmospheric H2O into the product throughout the day (which is hydrating) but if you don’t have dry skin, or if you used a primer that prevents the moisture from equalizing in your dermis, then it has nowhere to go and just slides off when you touch it.

  • Martha

    I just now purchased this off of QVC because it came with a beauty blender dupe. Must say, I am loving this stuff, even my husband commented on how good my makeup looked the first day I used this. So as long as they make it I will use it. Another thing I like, and it’s a really BIG thing, is the consistency of their color palette. If I buy one product in Tan and then another product in Tan they are all the same color, for me that is glorious because I have a very funky skin color and have a difficult time being matched. So IT is really one of my favorite lines out right now followed closely by Bare Minerals and Lancome.