March 28, 2013

Julia’s Long Last Lip Tint Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint

Julia’s Lip Tint is an interesting product that was recently brought to my attention. Love Benetint? Or just love cheek and lip stains in general? Julia’s Lip Tint is for you.

This is incredibly long wearing lip stain that tops and rivals many big name brands. I was pleasantly surprised after trying it out and I think you will be too.

Take a look!

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint 2

Available in over ten shades Julian’s Long Last Lip Tint is a beautiful lip stain created with a rosewater and glycerin base. I think some of the key selling points here are the variety of shades the product comes in, the amount of glycerin used which doesn’t dry lips out but provides moisture, and the incredible long wear.

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint Swatches

Mystic Mauve, Caribbean Rose, Coralesque, and Peachy Keen

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint Swatches 1

After washing and it still didn’t budge!

I like Benetint, I love Posietint, and I adore my Vincent Long Lip and Cheek Stains however, I could possibly ditch all of those and happily replace them with Julia’s Long Last Lip Tint. I sound like a commercial, I know, but this is a great formula.

Although a little shy about marketing it as such this acts as a wonderful cheek stain. The site markets it as more of a lip stain versus a cheek stain but it can be easily be used either way. It’s a very pigmented product no matter where you use it.

The reason it tops so many stains available at the moment would be the ease of use. It contains a rather heavy glycerin base which allows it to have a more moisturizing feel and a very easy to blend formula. I always get many e-mails asking me, “How do I apply Benetint? It sets too fast! It leaves spots on my cheeks and looks patchy! What do I do? What am I doing wrong?” Benetint and many other stains do indeed set fast. You have little time to blend them out. Now Julia’s Long Last Lip Tint sets just as quickly but it has a more moisturizing base which enables it to blend out easier on cheeks and leaves behind fresher more natural color. No patch issues here, no dots, or unevenness, just beautiful natural color.

The other great thing about the product is the fact it’s available in such a wide selection of shades. Other than Vincent Longo not a ton of brands do not offer a variety of colors in a stain. Typically you’re lucky to get some sort of warm peach and a pink or a red. Julia’s Lip Tint is offered in over ten different shades.

More good news…the formula is very long lasting. This is something you’ll put on and need makeup remover to remove. On cheeks it’ll last forever, hours on end, even through a day at the pool! On lips you can get a good solid eight hours of stain on lips and will likely need to remove excess at the end of the night with an oil based eye and lip makeup remover.

And finally, the cost….a larger bottle (not sure exact size) sets you back $14.95 including shipping. A single bottle will last you literally ages however, you’ll like want several shades so you might be well stocked in lip stain for the rest of your life with this much pigmentation and product.

Note: Just to confirm I spoke to the seller and she tells me the ingredients include various basic dyes which cosmetic companies use in combination with natural vegetable dyes, (vegetable) glycerin and artificial rosewater. I hope this helps.

With a lovely rose fragrance, a gorgeous moisturizing formula that doesn’t dry lips out, and an array of shades to choose from Julia’s Julia’s Long Last Lip Tint is an indie beauty product you won’t want to miss. This tiny brand might not be recognized well by the beauty world at the moment but once everyone discovers its secret I’m positive it’ll grace makeup bags far and wide.

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint  Caribbean Rose

Shade Caribbean Rose on Lips and Cheeks

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint Mystic Mauve

Shade Mystic Mauve without Gloss

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint Mystic Mauve with Gloss

Shade Mystic Mauve on Lips with Gloss

Julia's Long Last Lip Tint Peachy Keen on Cheeks

Shade Peachy Keen on Cheeks

Love it.

You need it.

Muse Approved.

Available from


This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Shadia

    Holy crapola! This sounds incredible and JUST what I’ve been looking for! I definitely disliked Benefit’s Benetint due to the quick-drying, tricky-to-blend formula, even though I really wanted it to work. Lol, I just purchased a cheek stain from Pixi, but you can’t go wrong with more cheek stains, right? Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!!!!!! *rushes off to purchase*

    • the Muse

      my pleasure shadia 🙂 I think you’ll find this FAR easier to blend out!

  • breyerchic04

    Those look so cool but I wish the mauve was more like the color on their site.

  • Jane

    Wow, I can’t get over how glossy that looks even without gloss on top!

  • blue

    very interested in product. do u know any way to contact them muse? i tried clicking on the “order/contact” link but it doesn’t do anything. i want to know what the full ingredients are before purchasing.

    • the Muse

      michelle just updated the post and listed on the bottom of post.

  • Chelsea

    Ahh, I was waiting for this review! I love the look of stains, but they never seem to stay on, or they just dry out my lips like crazy!

    If this works, it would be perfect for everyday, but also my upcoming nuptials!

    • the Muse

      chelsea I’ll think you’ll like ;-D def less drier than products like benetint 😀

  • Icequeen81

    That is my shade I need it , It will a pain in the behind to find it here or ask them to ship it here

  • Vicki

    I’m a huge lip tint fan and I really want to try this out!! The colors are gorgeous 😀 Do you know about how much oz is in each bottle?

    • the Muse

      I do not vicki, about the same as benetint I’d say at 0.42 oz but I’ll double check and post back!

  • Cristi

    Peachy Keen is gorgeous! So lovely on you! I think I need a bottle ASAP. I think Mystic Mauve my find it’s way into my cart as well… Thanks for the review!

  • Sara

    Wow! That review had me saying, “shut up and take ALL my money!” Carribean Rose looks like my favorite. Are you wearing Peachy Keen on your lips in the last photo? I love it!

    • the Muse

      hi sara thanks girl 🙂 that’s CR on my lips in the peachy keen photo 🙂

      • the Muse

        ooo sara I lied, just checked, not wearing CR in the peachy keen photo, actually that’s bare lips with gloss lol! apologies!

  • melissa

    This sounds awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to order one or two or 3. 🙂

  • Jes

    Saw this in your previous post. When I visited the website and saw glycerin in the ingredient list, I bought it (Caribbean Rose) immediately. Thanks for letting us know about this product! I’m excited. The Korean lip stains can be a little, well, dragon lady on me by mid afternoon and too many reapplications (-_-;)

  • Eileen

    These stains look great on you…I am a lip stain lover with Vincent Longo’s tints as my favorites. Longo stains do not bleed at all..Do these Julia stains bleed or feather before they dry down?

    • the Muse

      hi eileen I love the VL ones too! they are my fav ever. Yes, the darker shade does feather/bleed so you have to be careful how much you apply. The peach ones I didn’t have a problem with but the mystic mauve, that one was def a bleeder 🙂

      • Majick

        I love that the colors actually look different. LOL SOmetimes stains all end up the same color over time – a weird fucshia or some faded orangy something…

        To keep it from bleeding maybe use a clear lip pencil around the outer edge to create a seal and then apply. ONce your lips are stained if you reapply you may only need it in the center of your lips rather than the edge where bleeding occurs. KWIM?

    • the Muse

      they provide you with a sponge tipped gloss applicator to apply it gray, I used that to apply and I had extras of the lipgloss wands anyway so I used another one to apply on my face.

  • Cj

    So I ordered 3 of these last night, au natural pink, peachy keen, and coralesque. I just have one question…. How do you apply these?! Do they have an applicator on the lid?? Or do you just like dab you finger on the bottle?

    • the Muse

      they actually give you a slanted lipgloss applicator with them so you can apply using it 😀 I actually have tons of extras as I bulk them in bulk on ebay to use with my gloss so you can buy some more if you don’t want to use the applicator for both your face and lips but they do give you one per purchase! 🙂 tell me how you like! curious minds ;D! Happy Easter hubby! I hope you get lots and lots of peeps ;D and they take over your world for the day!

      • Cj

        Oh ok I see. Ehh peeps!? Noooo *sends them all your way* I can’t wait to try peachy keen! Looks like an amazing barely there peachy pink 😀

        • the Muse

          I wish all my peeps on you! LOL! 😀 god I hate the FREAKING things. It’s gorgeous. was deeply impressed with these, I hope you like them as much as I do!

  • Tanuja

    Thanks so much for reviewing this product! It looks amazing. I have a quick question about the shades. I’m trying to decide between coralesque and peachy keen. Could you tell me which is more peachy/coral and less pink? By the photos, I’m thinking peachy keen but is it less pigmented than coralesque?

    Thanks so much!

  • JUlie

    HI Muse! Do you find they all look the same when applied to cheeks? In the pictures the swatches all look very different, but on your cheeks they all look the same. Also, is peechy keen really bright and pastel on lips? TIA!

  • Rutu

    I ordered caribbean rose and coralesque and got them in the mail last week! I love these stains especially because they work best with my pigmented lips to give me a rosy look. The two colors that I got look pretty similar but that’s probably just because of my real lip shade. Thanks for the review muse! I’ve been looking for a good lip tint 🙂

    • the Muse

      I am SO happy to hear it rutu! 😀 did you try on your cheeks?!

  • puji

    you got me tempted exactly when i decide to ground myself from buying more beauty products – i cannot thank you enough for it! 😀 anyway, can you recommend the closest shade similar to benetint and posietint? i’ve been dying to try both of them, but julia’s seem to be easier to apply. thanks, muse! 🙂

    • the Muse

      hi puji 😀 aw sorry for tempting you 😀 hehe! I only tried these shades and they aren’t really similiar to either benetint or posietint…but she offers a wide range of colors, you might want to email her and ask which is the closest match. I know these aren’t! hope this helps!? 🙂

  • Momo

    These look wonderful! I was just wondering how you applied this product to your cheeks…. fingers, brush? Thanks so much!

    • the Muse

      they provide you with a sponge tipped gloss applicator to apply I used that to apply and I had extras of the lipgloss wands i used on my lips. just dotted a little on and blended out.

  • Daisy

    How many business days did it take for you to recieve your tints?:)

  • Lidia

    I’m trying to decide between Caribbean Rose, Coralesque and Peachy Keen Pink to wear on my lips… Caribbean Rose looks a little darker than I imagined on your lips compared to the swatch, did you do a few layers or is the color a little off in the picture? Do you have pictures of you wearing peachy keeen and coralesque on your lips?