March 4, 2013

Kao Biore Extra Moisturizing Sealing Gel Lotion Review

Kao Biore Extra Moisturizing Sealing Gel Lotion

I’ve said it before and I’ll go on record as saying it again Biore Asia creates way better products than the US. Kao Biore Extra Moisturizing Sealing Gel Lotion is one such product that just rocks so why don’t we have it readily available here in the US?


We need it!

As a fan of HadaLabo Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion I decided I needed to check out Kao Biore Extra Moisturizing Sealing Gel Lotion. It’s a fairly new product and I was going to have a friend pick it up for me in Tokyo but luck would have it got it in stock so I decided to brave the far higher price tag versus my friend’s slower shipping and got it.

Biore Extra Moisturizing Sealing Gel Lotion contains some alcohol but somehow, someway it is SO incredibly moisturizing and dare I say almost if not better than Hadalabo!

I love the fact that I don’t have to sit around for ages patting it into my skin as it is a heavier gel-like consistency with a runny texture that can be smoothed on your face with bare hands or with a cotton pad. All you need is a quarter size amount (even that’s too much) to get skin SUPER hydrating. With Hadalabo you have to spend a good deal of extra time patting into onto your skin. Results with this product are more instant as you smooth it on as you would a moisturizer!

It contains a mix of Hyaluronic acid and amino acids. It basically does exactly what it is named for, it seals moisture into skin and even creates new moisture. I avoid using it in the day as it is a bit too much but in the evening I like applying it prior to any of my other skin care, allowing it to sit and absorb for a while, and proceed to follow up with the rest of my regime.

In the AM my skin is literally renewed. You can easily use it as the only product in the evening if you’d like and wake up with soft de-flaked skin. Patchy areas on my cheeks are soft and smooth after use and my skin seems to retain more moisture. My moisturizer absorbs easier and my makeup looks fresher.

This stuff is amazing!

Yeah, I kinda do dig it more than Hadalabo but don’t tell anyone I said that.

Muse Approved.

Do check it out!

You NEED this.

Anyone try it?

Do share!


I purchased this item.

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  • Samantha

    Muse, I just love all of your Asian skincare reviews! Do you know if there is any place in the states to pick these items up? Or just sasa, imomoko, Adam, etc?

  • Tammie

    Where did you buy this? I am trying to find it on eBay but no luck no matter what I search under :x. It sounds like just what I need for my flaky bits…my skin has been majorly acting up lately ;_;

    • the Muse tam 🙂 but she’s jacked up, nearly 50% more than retail ouch

  • Sasha

    this seems amazing!! I have extremely dry skin, is this the most moisturizing face lotion you would reccommend? If not, what’s the most moisturing face lotion/product in your opinion? (out of all the brands you have tried, whether it be an asian or american brand, etc)

    • the Muse

      I use Miracle Worker Moisturizer in the PM, it seems to be the best hydration I get for my drier skin 🙂

  • Candy

    It’s awesome you’re reviewing so many new Japanese products when I’m flying to Tokyo in 3 weeks! Been adding new items to my to-buy lists whenever I visit your blog each day 😀

    • the Muse

      yay 😀 happy to hear it candy! have FUN! it’s an incredible city!

      • Candy

        I know! 3rd time there 😀

        Wish S’pore would bring more Jap/Korean skincare in, although we’re rather lucky I guess to have a fair variety of them

        • the Muse

          awesome! 😀 have fun! wish I was going with you! 😀 You are you are, you have much more than we do 🙁

  • Tiffany Martin

    Perhaps this will help your mystery: sometimes alcohol in a formula is for stabilizing the product, and it doesn’t actually dry skin. A lot of people worry about alcohol but a good formulation can still contain it, as you can see ^_^

    Glad you did this review, this product looks so awesome!

  • Irene

    I’ve been using the new Hadalabo formula for a while now, which is more hydrating that the old one but still not enough for my flaky skin. I can’t justify getting it online, but I might get this if I see it at a reasonable price somewhere in Flushing!

  • Angie

    Sounds amazing!! From your review it seems similar to Sana’s namerakahonpo lotion…have you try the namerakahonpo one before? Which one would you say is better? Limited budget so I can only get one 🙁

  • Geek in Heels

    So I got this based on your review…and OMG it transformed my skin overnight! I was a bit hesitant to get this vs. the regular one (I have combination skin), but I figured the extra moisturizing can’t hurt, and I was right. THANK YOU!

    P.S. — I just noticed that is sold out of this…and I have a feeling you probably had a lot to do with it!

    • the Muse

      hey there jenny! YAY I’m happy to hear it. It’s great isn’t it? I was a little scared of it myself as it does contain a alcohol but it’s so moisturizing! truly did great things for my dry winter skin ;-D So glad you experienced the same! ha..! now where can I get a backup with her sold out? 😀 hehe!

  • Tammie

    BTW I found the regular moisturizing one (shittori, yours is tottemo shittori) at Marukai for like $19, it’s expensive but I got it anyway and I love it! I think the regular one is good enough for me anyway since I have combo skin. Love it~

  • Liemzie

    Thanks for the review, I’m living in Osaka atm and bought this last week based on your review and I love it! Thank you!x

  • Dayse502

    I`m definitely considering getting the “refreshing/soft” version (the one with green top) for my morning regime since I`ll have this benefit of cutting out all the patting my hadalabo lotion demands! Haha You know, when we’re late, even those minutes count! lol For what I’ve been seeing, yours is the only review (in english, that is >.<) I could find, so thank you very much dear!! Your reviews are fab!