March 11, 2013

Philosophy Total Matteness Skincare Collection

Philosophy Total Matteness

You might need Philosophy Total Matteness after sweating through an episode of Supernatural next week. I’m talking Dean, Sam, Crowley, Meg, and Castiel all in one episode.

My god it’s going to be a blood bath. I’m picturing the orgy fan-fic already!


Supernatural aside Philosophy’s new Total Natteness collection helps to minimize the appearance of pores while reducing oil (or sweat from watching Angels, Demons, and hunters get their jive on!).

Philosophy Total Matteness Oil-free, Mattifying Pore Eraser $40
Help pores pull a disappearing act with total matteness oil-free, mattifying pore eraser. it features natural bamboo extract to help absorb excess oil and control shine, along with lentil seed extract to help strengthen the pore wall.

Philosophy Total Matteness Pore Eraser

Philosophy Total Matteness Pore-Minimizing & Mattifying Cleanser + Mask $25
Total matteness pore-minimizing & mattifying cleanser + mask absorbs oil and minimizes shine for a totally matte, smooth-touch finish. glacial clay helps unclog enlarged, dark pores. the formula deeply cleanses daily and multitasks as a weekly purifying mask.

Philosophy Total Matteness Cleanser

Do you think the Pore Eraser is as good as Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube?


Available now at

P.S. I caught Friday’s Spartacus a little bit this morning (haven’t watched it all yet). Doesn’t it amaze you that through all that chaos, blood, and gore they still have time to show:

(o)Y(o)’s and ( Y )


Boggles my mind! If I didn’t know better I would think this was showing on Skinemax rather than Starz!

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  • Melanie

    With my oily skin this is worth the try. I love the Philosophy Products. On another note have you seen the the Tarte Product on QVC ?? Ordering today “tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Powder Foundation” Items ##A232155 … Totally loving this Cosmetic line!

  • Cj

    Wouldn’t it be awesomeif you could erase your pores? Just rub an eraser over em and have perfect skin…. Anyways more importantly when is Agron and Nasir gonna have makeup buttsekcs 🙁 NO MO FITING GUYZ

    • the Muse

      I think one of both are dead before they get a chance to actually apologize to each other. hold me I haz a SOB! *cries quietly in the corner* either that or we’ll see Nasir top Agron for once..I’m paying to see that..chip in?

      • Cj

        *gives you makeup allowance for a month* omggg I hope they don’t die :((( the gayz are always the first to go LOL!

        • the Muse

          LOL….you’re crazy. They are all pretty much screwed anyway ;-D I mean what are the chances they’ll escape? He’s dead we all know that but the rest? 50/50 shot?

    • the Muse

      ps when did naevia become such a top from the bottom chick? such BS!

  • K.B.

    Curse you, Philosophy! I will foolishly buy both of these products knowing ahead of time that they won’t work, and then be irritated when they don’t work.

  • Geek in Heels

    I had to comment to tell you I totally LOL’ed at your Supernatural reference! (And am very intrigued by this line of products, esp with the warmer months approaching!)

  • elizabeth

    I’ll definitely be checking out these products, my face becomes a complete oilslick after a few hours, boo! I’ve only seen one episode of Supernatural like 6 years ago, but all your references make me want to start watching!

      • elizabeth

        After I posted my comment I checked netflix, and the first 7 seasons are streaming! I’m totally going to watch the first episode when I get home tonight. Btw, the Sims 3 ad on your website is totally tempting me to buy University, but I know if I do I’ll just end up playing for hours on end!

        • the Muse

          awesome! go watch hehe ;-D Mine is coming today lol, I couldn’t resist but yeah, I’m def tucking it into my desk and saving for a rainy day because if I install life will be over for a few hours while I play it ;D

  • jay bee

    I’m going through withdrawals waiting for the new episode. I’m just glad that Cas is back for the episode.

    • the Muse

      me too hopefully we get some fun flirty action between him and meg…she cracks me up when she teases him and he has no idea how to reply to it ;D