March 21, 2013

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman Spring 2013

Revlon’s new Baby Stick Blush is available with the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman that’s popping up for Spring/Summer 2013. These are tiny swivel up gel blushes available in three shades. Exciting right? I’ve been busy hunting it everywhere and I finally located it. It’s not exclusive to CVS but it seems that CVS is the first one to put it out. I’ve checked Harmons and a few other drugstores with little success

Let’s take a look!

Revlon Color stay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad

  • Free Spirit
  • Sea Mist

Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner

  • White Mist

Revlon Baby Sticks for Lips & Cheeks

  • Pink Passion
  • Tahitian
  • Sunset

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel

  • Seashell
  • Tradewinds
  • Jungle
  • Sunburst

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

  • Sorbet
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Wild Watermelon
  • Juicy Papaya

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman 1

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman 3

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman 5

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman

Revlon the Pacific Coast Collection by Gucci Westman 6

Looks like a really pretty selection of fresh spring shades! From my understand the Lip Butters will be added to the general catalog as I reader of mine mentioned seeing them in the regular display at Target. All the other items I’m unsure if they are LE. Particularly the Baby Sticks which I’m unsure will make a reappearance at some point or are they limited to this collection?

Not sure but will update when information becomes available.

Anyone see or try any of these goodies?

Do share!

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  • Blee

    OMG! Is that a gel liner in white? I must have, I must have LOL 😀

  • Lauren

    I went for it and grabbed one of the Baby Sticks (I think it was Pink Passion but I’m not sure), and one of the nail polishes in Seashell. They’re both very pretty in a light, summery way, but they’re SO SHEER. I can’t see people with darker skin tones liking them. Plus they smell plasticky for a little bit after applying and they’re awfully drying on lips. Other than that, I think fairer girls would love it for an everyday blush.

  • Amy

    I saw this last week at heb (a local grocery chain) and I picked up the 4 lip butters and 1 quad- in free spirit. I really liked the other quad too. I didn’t notice the blush, but I’m definitely interested in trying it. I’m also curious about the eyeliner in white, is this for your inner rim? If not i can’t figure out when I’d use white liner. Thanks for the pics muse. Did you pick up anything?

    • the Muse

      my pleasure amy 😀 did you like the lip butters? I didn’t get the quads but did get the blushes and the lippies 😀 I imagine inner corner would be nice to brighten up your eye area or perhaps lined with black on the upper lash line for a little bit of a mod look 😀

      • Amy

        I did like the lip butters especially the pink lemonade shade. I went back to look at the gel longer and they were sold out. Can’t decide if it is worth tracking down. If anyone has tried the white gel liner please post opinions.

  • Hollie Forrest

    Hi Muse, I love the new Revlon lip butters. All four of the new shades are so pretty and perfect for Spring/Summer. I also just purchased the while gel liner and all three of the Baby Sticks. Unfortunately the gel liner was too shimmery for my taste and the Baby Sticks were SO SHEER that they barely showed up on my skin.

    The Baby Sticks had a waxy texture. It was also difficult to blend on the skin. I didn’t like them at all!


    • the Muse

      hey hollie thanks for sharing 🙂 I’m hearing bad things about the baby sticks 🙁 sigh! stinks! haven’t tried yet but kinda disenchanted over them after hearing so many bad things….;( aw!

  • Rachel

    Everything looks good in this collection, new lip butters plus blush sticks especially. Hopefully they release this in Canada.

  • blueraccoon

    I keep looking for this display but haven’t seen it yet 🙁 I want to try the Baby Sticks, and I’m all over new shades of Lip Butters. But none of my drugstores have it. I’ll keep looking…

  • Tammie

    I live in California so I have to get this collection right? lol

    I do really want those blush sticks though, I guess it’s time to stalk CVS xD

    • the Muse

      exactly hehe 😀 any excuse 😀 how do you like the lip butters so far? did you feel they were drier? or am I nuts?

      • Tammie

        I wouldn’t say you are nuts haha, but mine seem alright. Then again I don’t really use my older lip butters so I can’t really compare them…

  • Maggie

    OH! Definitely want to get my hands on that white gel liner! Revlon creme liner fades a tad on me but it doesn’t get everywhere so it’s a fair trade-off. Want to see if this does better than the NYX white base.

    Will also be wanting some of the lip butters and will be checking out the polishes.

    I have to say I have no idea how these colors specifically represent the Pacific Coast. Sometimes, I get some idea–like the Shanghai collection made sense to me. But this one…I’m at a loss.

  • Stacie Jones

    I bought all 4 lip butters! Really like pink
    Lemonade! I found these at my local HEB grocery store!!! And I got them all for 2.50 off!!! Gotta love coupons. Passed on everything else! I don’t need any more shadows as tempting as one of the palettes was!

  • Nicki

    I haven’t found these anywhere in Canada. I’m mostly lusting over the lip butters.

  • Christina

    Aha – success for you, finally! It was worth the search, no?

    As I think I already told you, I hauled all the lip butters and the eyeshadow quad in Free Spirit. BTW I think the quads will be added to the permanent collection since they are not labelled “LE” and, more tellingly, they are numbered in the same sequence as the already existing quads.

    I am interested to hear your thoughts on the Baby Sticks (aren’t they ridiculously small and ridiculously priced?).

    • the Muse

      yes finally!!!!!! and locally located too 😀 haha! I didn’t get the quads but did get the butters and the baby sticks (didn’t try yet but agreed, absurdly small). I’m disappointed a little in the lip butters…they seem drier? less pigment? or am I picky and nuts?

  • Christina

    Well maybe a little of both but I am definitely nuts since I haven’t yet used them — I want to be certain they aren’t LE first!

  • Christina

    Oh no, I will use but if they are LE I will gently try them out to find which I like and buy back-ups of those shades. If they aren’t LE and/or I’m not crazy about them, then no harm no foul! BTW we really are nuts, you know?

    • the Muse

      but of course, all makeup junkies are LOL! 😀 *hugs you tight*

  • JoElla

    Does anyone know if the redish orange nail polish is a jelly? It looks so sheer.

    I did buy both quads and at first was kinda meh on the darker more matte one, but I have reached for it quite a bit. and the other one (more jewel toned, all have a slight shimmer, which I loved. Happily surprised on that one.

    And does anyone know of any swatches of the white eyeliner?

    Love the lip butters, a very pretty collection of colors to add to the rest of the bunch.

    • Pinkpamalamma

      Yes, Sunburst is a juicy orange jelly! Yay! I love jellies. 🙂

  • Cindy Ramirez

    White gel eyeliner? Hmmm. I may have to give it a go! I do remember hating the Revlon gel liner though.

  • ZG

    I really like the collection but I am going to pass on this one.. Sad that the nail polishes are so sheer..

  • christina

    I tried the babysticks too and they are just terrible! So disappointed 🙁 I bought the one in sunset i think? I tried swatching it on my hand for 30 seconds straight and got no pigment at all. They’re like $9 i think too! Don’t waste your money on them. They’re also so greasy! I tried it on my face and after 30 minutes it still felt like i put vaseline on my face. The lip butters(especially in juicy papaya) on the other hand are awesome!

  • Carol

    I bought all 3 baby sticks and returned them the next day. They are terrible! Biggest disappointment for one of the most anticipated products for spring. I sent Revlon a stern email expressing my disappointment. I am trying to spread the word for those out there that haven’t picked them up yet that they are a waste of money. 🙁