March 22, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Vault Available Soon

Urban Decay 24 7 Glide On Eye Pencil Vault

Here’s the very limited edition Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil Vault I was showing you yesterday. GULP! Gorgeous isn’t it?

Here’s what I know about it:

  • The Eyeliner Vaults were created for presentation originally but Urban Decay decided to make more for sale at the very last second.
  • It’ll be $295 and available 3/26 at
  • There are 40 full size pencils in the Vault.

What I don’t now about it:

  • Not sure of the colors but assuming it includes every freaking single shade and a few exclusives too! But I’m just assuming…!
  • How much you ALL want it after seeing this picture, yeah, I see that drool at the corner of your mouth. Clean up, for shame! Hehe!

Will YOU haul it?


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  • Nicole

    I am really so very tempted! I’m kinda figuring that you can always use any colors you don’t want/already have/wouldn’t work for yourself as gifts for your friends, right?

    It’s just so pretty …

  • owleryowl

    this is so gorgeous!
    why do they have to make it so expensive?? 🙁 🙁
    want it so baaaadddd

    • Alexa

      owleryowl (and everyone else complaining about the price) — it’s FORTY FULL SIZE pencils, for $295. They’re normally $19 a piece. $19 x 40 = $760. You’re getting more than 60% off of what it would cost you to buy them individually. I think it’s a damn good price for that.

      • Debster

        In my opinion it’s the accumulated price, more so than individual price. It’s easy to buy 4 or 5+ once in a while, because it’s easier to nickel and dime ourselves that way instead of plopping down that lump sum. I freaked out over the price at first, but that’s still a ton of eyeliner lol.

  • Faith

    I could never afford it- let alone justify it. But oh my God, want. I guess I’ll just buy the rest of the new Rimmel ScandalEyes pencils. (Sad sigh)

    • Jaz

      haha technically, you might be able to swing 2 bags ( from the outlet )

  • Aditi

    Ohgodohgodohgod *hyperventilates* I n-n-need these *eyetwitch* so bad *twitch* must have *twitch* the precious…

    • melissa

      off topic but coach factory outlet and online outlet you can current styles for like 1/2. I got a poppy bag for $99 bucks about a month ago.

  • Nicoco Chanel

    If that gold is Honey I will have a very hard time resisting! It will certainly be the thing that tips the scales for me.

    • Sara

      I was wondering the same thing! I’ve tried to find a dupe for Honey and the closest I can find is the L’Oreal HIP Gold eyeliner. It might be El Dorado tho… it looks like the shade of the pencil and the length of the name would indicate it’s not Honey 🙁

    • Alice

      Me too! I’ve been using my Honey eyeliner so sparingly ever since they discontinued it because I don’t want it to end. I like it so much better than El Dorado!

    • Nina

      I think the color is actually Baked… Hopefully, I am wrong and it is Honey =)

  • LauraR.

    Whoa…Not in the budget but man, that is amazing. On the other hand, I could never use that much eye liner. It makes me wish I had more eyes to line lol.

  • Mand0

    Oh dear sweet baby Jebus … this is amazing!

    Now how many Novenas, wishes etc. do I need to do for someone to buy me this??!! lol

  • Anna

    Ooh, I really want this. Will it be available in stores anywhere? I’d like to see it in person before I buy

  • Kimryan8

    Muse – do you know if this is going to be offered for just a limited time or will it be available for a while?

  • annette

    Lint in pockets won’t get me this.:( If I only had 15 $20 bills in my pocket.

  • Jaz

    The more I look at this , the more I want. I think this is worth not being able to eat lunch for a while… also , if I buy this , I will definitely need to go BACK on a no- buy. I cannot tell the parental how much this costs b/c she will have a fit. I missed the Ocho Loco set and the 15th anniversary set :(.

  • Sara Campbell

    I so need this. I did the math, and each liner averages out to 7.38, which is almost 12 less than buying them separately at 19 a piece.

  • Gabby

    Every year a few months after my birthday, cosmetic companies release awesome stuff like this but I’ve already spent my birthday money by that point and I can’t justify blowing my budget no matter how much I want the gorgeous whatever it is. so i’m always like super depressed when i hear about awesome collections like this.

    BUT THIS YEAR! This year I was too busy to spend my bday cash!!!! 😀 😀 😀 So, I can actually buy this…and not even feel guilty AT ALL! I am so happy right now! 🙂

    I hope that’s Honey in there – I mean I still have a full one left, but man that color makes my eyes pop like maaaad. And I can’t wait to try out all those yummy looking purples and greens o.O! Also, Perversion, Yeyo, and Dime which I had to re-purchase anyways! 😀

  • Rani

    I bought the 15 anniversary set with the intentions of never buying another eyeliner set, i was so naive back then…

  • Ashley

    When I saw this my jaw kinda dropped…then I thought about it and realized I ONLY use black eyeliner! This would be a TERRIBLE choice for me 😛 but if you would use them often it comes out to about $7.37 per pencil, reg $19 so not bad at all. If they made a eyeshadow box like this…oh my haha But on a side note, I saw someone above mentioned the scandal eyes liner from rimmel and those are GREAT! I have it in blackmail and it does NOT budge, and I’ve been having yucky water-ie(?) eyes lately. I’m beyond impressed 🙂

  • melissa

    Ok So here is my makeup dilema. I think it’s an excellent value but I know for sure there are many shades I wouldn’t really use. About 99% of my eyeliner wear is in the brown, black, purple families. Very rarely will i wear green or blue or anything else. I do own several in the kit. So the question is, do I want it for the value knowing it will be mostly a collectors thing with some function or do I want to spend that cash on an Aria and some other stuff. I generally wouldn’t dish out a car payments worth of cash on one make up item but I’m just not sure yet. I’m going to stew on it for a bit.

  • Angela

    Pretty in the box, but why would anyone need that many shades of brown?

  • Lyssa

    and they said the whole world is in financial crisis .. true! urban decay is the reason why i wont hesitate to buy this UB site 😉

  • Lulubelle

    No way I can justify this when I already have so many UD eye pencils, but gosh it’s gorgeous!

  • Nicki


    Why didn’t I save my money? D:D:D:D:
    I can’t justify it with these circumstances. I wish I could though!

  • Sarah S.

    While I like the old-timey “cigars, cigarettes” box, I’m not all that impressed by this because I’ve owned every color for two years now, LOL

  • Debster

    If there’s more than one Zero pencil in there, I’d almost smack them upside the head. Perversion > Zero!!

  • Kathleen @ Pointofviewty

    Wow, this is gorgeous!!! I so would want this but it isn’t in my budget this year!! I wish I knew the girl who had this, though, I would love to just look at it in it’s place of glory.

    Can’t wait to hear what the shades and exclusive shade descriptions are!!

  • Ria

    I would never even use the entire bottom row so no, won’t be getting this one lol.

  • Nelly

    I want this so baaaaad!! It’s a good price considering that a piece costs $19. I’m thinking if I’m going to buy or just let it pass. HA HA. 40 full size pencils in one vault, whooa. Feels like it’s almost complete! I can use whatever shade I want, HA HA. So excited to make an experiment once I have this product.

  • Shelly

    Apparently, it’s new shades that were once exclusive but are now permanent + already existing shades. Some current shades are being discontinued. They will also be $20 each, now.

  • Alondra

    On your last post I saw a lot of comments that said it would be available on the 27 but its says her the 26th and Ive been reaserching and some sites say it will launch on the 27 and others say on the 26th