April 4, 2013

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream Review

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream 6

Hi, I’m hairy. No shame in my game I do need products like Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream to de-fuzz myself. I’m a brunette so stray hairs are my game….upper lip and the occasional chin hair make a guest starring appearance on my face.

It’s unfortunate and I haven’t a clue how guys deal with shaving daily. Thank god it hasn’t come to that but still facial hair is just one of those nasty things we chicks (and dudes) have to deal with.

Bliss recently launched their new Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream for that pesky fuzz! It works in as little as three minutes with a compact facial hair removal device attached right to the head of remover. Nifty right? Three minutes to whisk away my stash? I got time for that.

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream ($34) is a quick and easy depilatory cream with a super fresh, clean scent. Ok, I’ve run into creams like this before that promise be a fruity fresh fragrance and they still smell like rotten eggs! But Bliss’s Fuzz Off definitely doesn’t stink, thank god for that considering it’s right under our noses during application. This has a fresh, clean scent and you’d never even know you were using a depilatory cream with a scent like this!

It’s infused with softening ingredients and supposedly even has an anti-aging formula which plumps up skin so wrinkles look more refined…ha who knew you could remove pesky hair and fine lines at the same time. Not sure if that works as I don’t technically have fine lines around my upper lip but thanks for thinking of that Bliss.

Bliss Fuzz Off

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Remover

I don’t consider myself sensitive but unfortunately Bliss Fuzz Off was a little too strong for me. To use it you’ll apply a thick layer on your upper lip or chin (not your eyebrows or anywhere else on your face and body, this is for facial hair only) and wipe it away or use the spatula-like head of the applicator to gently scrap it off after three minutes. Please be sure to do a spot test prior to applying this anywhere on your face. Apply it on your arm, wait 10 minutes, wash it away, wait a day, and if you don’t break out go ahead and use it on your upper lip. I did this and I didn’t break out so I thought I was good unfortunately withint a moment of applying it on my upper lip I noticed a tingle but ignored it. After two minutes I felt like it was a bit too strong so I removed it. Thankfully no break out but I was worried for a second there. Needless to say it is very strong as I have coarse, darker hair on my upper lip and as little as two minutes rid me of it. So this is super strong and will indeed whisk away a hairy situation on the quick just be careful if you’re skin is sensitive. I applied vaseline on my upper lip after and this soothed the burning sensation I had.

Bliss Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream 1

If you can take the heat it definitely does a super job removing hair! Count me impressed as I’ve tried cream hair removals before giving them all up in favor of waxing and most do a sloppy patchy job of removal. This pretty gets ALL your stray hairs off in very little time!

Yay for a fuzz free existence!

Fuzz Off is available now at Blissworld.com as well as Sephora.com and Sephora locations.

In conjunction with this launch, Bliss is also hosting a fun Instagram contest. Log into Instagram and send a creative photo of your “stash” to @bliss_spa with the hashtag #FuzzOff and Bliss will select 50 winners with the most creative stash photos to snag a full size Fuzz Off Facial Hair Removal Cream and a grand prize winner will get a $250 Bliss Gift Certificate.

Bliss Instagram Contest

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    • the Muse

      no robin, I wouldn’t risk a chemical burn…the tingle felt more of a burn after minute 2 that’s why I removed 🙂 It’s too strong for me sadly.

  • Simone

    “Hi. I’m hairy.”

    Lol! I love u so freakin much. I’m always on the lookout for good hair removal products! So thanks for this 🙂 that Instagram contest is so cute as well. Hairy ladies unite!!

    • the Muse

      lol simone 😀 I thought the instagram contest was cute as well! I can’t wait to see what people come up with!

  • Nat

    Oh man, Muse – I had a facial hair remover cream nightmare a couple weeks ago. I did a spot check, worked great, waited 24 hours. Then I used it on my peach fuzz, same amount of time I did the spot check, full facial BURN. Bright red, stinging, hot. I put an ice pack on it all night, next day I was still red. Took a couple days to go away. 🙁

    • the Muse

      oh no nat! def follow up with vaseline it’s god sent for chemical burns! hope you’re ok!

      • Nat

        I ended up putting Polysporin on it for the following two days; helped it heal but then I broke out lolz XD I’m doing pretty good now, though! 😀

        • the Muse

          thank god nat! I also had a weird burn with exfoliKATE once which freaked me out!

  • amy

    Wait a minute… Did I understand correctly-a hair remover that actually *works*, AND doesn’t smell like rotten eggs? I’m of Mediterranean descent, so I know all about the dreaded “lady ‘stache”, LOL. When I saw the price, I thought it was a bit high, but then I figured I’d give it a try, anyway. Waxing hasn’t worked, as when one hair is pulled, 2 grow back, LOL. Honestly, it’s so refreshing to see someone be so open about this issue!

    • the Muse

      oh amy I’m there with you! my mum is italian, my dad portgueuse so yeah, I know the hair deal lol! 🙂 I typically wax it away every two weeks! brows are another issue for me they grow like grass 😀

      • amy

        Brows are the ONE place the hair *doesn’t* grow like weeds, LOL. I embraced the “skinny brow” trend back in the early-90s, and have been struggling the better part of the last 20 years. Seriously, I get 5-o’ clock shadow on my legs, but my brows have only been bearable the last year or two.

        • the Muse

          god wish I was you! my brows are out of control! need to maintain or they go crazy!

  • yuvee

    sigh…I’m still looking for a facial removal cream that’s not too strong. Last one I tried was Cocoa butter no-wax facial hair remover, stinks and way too harsh for my sensitive skin!

  • breyerchic04

    I tried to use a Nair something clay facial hair remover kit recently and it was too strong, so I’m pretty convinced I’m a wimp when it comes to this stuff.

  • Bailey

    It seems a bit pricey. I always use the Avon one, it’s about $5 and always works for me. It doesn’t smell that great, but better than others I’ve used!

  • Angela

    Hey gals, I’m also of (part) Mediterranean descent and have struggled with being self conscious over my appearance thanks to my ‘stache my whole life. Kids can be so cruel. 🙁 I started using Olay’s facial hair removal product when it first came out, and while I don’t think it smells awesome, it’s not gag-worthy and I find it works well for me. It might be a wee bit more gentle than this product in that you leave it on for 5 to 7 minutes instead (though the second time I used it, I left it on for 7 and got a slight burn, enough to make me very careful the next time I used it!). But it wasn’t cheap!

    • the Muse

      i haven’t tried it yet angela but I heard a lot about it…! that’s the one with the balm right angela?

      • Deb

        Muse, I would really caution you on the Olay one. I don’t have sensitive skin but I am very fair and even tweezing my eyebrows leaves me red for hours. The Olay damn near burned off my upper lip area. And I was very careful to time it and not leave it on too long. Left me red for days and I even had little blisters break out. I really believe that for some of us, removal creams just aren’t the ticket. I’m writing it off as body chemistry…..maybe some of us just don’t have the right skin? The Olay went in the trash and that shizz ain’t exactly cheap.

        • the Muse

          deb, it’s funny I haven’t used a cream remover in years! but I never had an issue, I think I used to use the Sally Hansen one and one by nair, no probs, that was over 10 years ago though…so I was shocked this failed to work for me. but I think you’re right sometimes they just don’t work. I was red after use but thankfully didn’t blister! No it isn’t, it’s like 24 dollars too isn’t it?

  • Cj

    I’m really thinking about getting laser, it’s a pain in the butt having to shave every other day. Makeup with stubble is just a no go.

    • the Muse

      i seriously don’t know how you guys do it cj…if I had to shave every morning I would NOT have time for makeup lol! 🙂 <3! and how are you today hubby? happy for the weekend?

      • Cj

        I am soooo happy for the weekend lol I’m gonna be lazy and sleep lol! Sleep, eat, and moar sleep! How bout u?

        • the Muse

          evil DEAD weekend! \m/ outside of that not sure yet……! take a nap for me? I could use one! exhausted! *puts my head on your lap* stroke my hair and feed me grapes hubby

          • Cj

            *eats all the grapes* o sry… Lol I tried the new freeman masks yesterday, love love love love the charcoal, the gold one not so much… I think the only “brightening” it does is with the gold shimmer that u can’t wash off lol. If you want I can send u one instead of you having to buy one 😀 I bought 3 hoping I’d love em >.> I don’t think I’ll finish one lol.

          • the Muse

            😮 y u eat all the grapes? *hangs head in sadness* you’re forgiven because like you liked the charcoal mask so much haha! ONLY if you let me send tarts and a warmer only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me mister <3!

          • Cj

            Haha I love grapes :D! I like to freeze them lol. Omg the charcoal is just amazing, my face felt soooooo freaking soft after I used it. I scrubbed for like a minute then left on for 10. I can’t belive it’s only 3 bucks lol. Everyone needs it. Like yesterday. Lol What’s really a,axing is its sugar based and sugar = glycolic acid so your getting physician and chemical exfoliation. *takes off scientist glasses*

          • the Muse

            you ever try that with cherries? amazings! I’m so glad to hear it, I really liked it too! for three bucks totally a great volcanic ash dupe up! oh look at you mister fancy ;-D

  • Nala

    “This is a chemical burn. It will hurt more than you have ever been burned and you will have a scar. […] It’s not until we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything.”

    Lol sorry, but with all the talk of chemical burn I couldn’t resist quoting my fab movie. 😉

  • Janelle

    Thanks Muse for your honesty! As a Sicilian girl I need to wax pluck shave etc or I look like a hairy beast. I was going to get this but it seems to strong! Thanks for taking one for the hairy team

  • nakwon

    Sort of off topic but still about facial hair removal. Do you think using retinol would make the skin more sensitive/thin and that’s a possible reason why you feel the burn quicker?

    I have the Sally Hansen one (in the white bottle: put on for 3min and wipe off kind) and the first time I used it I loved the result. I started using retinol for a month after that. The second time I applied the depilatory cream I got a nasty burn after 2mins. I had to wait a week for it to calm down and resorted to threading the stache instead.

    • the Muse

      it’s possible nakwon! I can’t say for sure but it is possible. I def prefer threading or waxing myself.

  • Andrea

    I have to say after years of this and the dreaded hair on the chin and above the lip spreading to the neck as I hit my 40’s I bit the bullet and did laser. OMG! Soooooo glad. I was plucking and tweezing and would break out. I started needing to wear scarves to cover my breakouts…in the hot summer months. While not cheap, my self esteem has drastically improved. Never did I think the white neck hairs (aka chicken feathers) would turn coarse and black and cause me years of self consciousness. If the hair removal creams, etc aren’t working for you ladies consider saving your pennies and going the laser route.

  • Olivia

    Hilarious that I’m just seeing this- I got this in a gift bag and just tried it today & filmed my experience to go up on the internet sometime soon, if I can get over my naked skin! I feel like it didn’t take off all the hair though, because I didn’t do a thick layer- so I must try again in a few days maybe.

  • Miss D

    I think everyone can understand when I ask this question: “Why is it I never see my long yellow and/or black hairs growing out of my chin or between my brows until they’re like a MILE long?”
    Muse, I seriously don’t understand this…I mean, does it grow that fast in just one day, or was I seriously blind for days and could only see this hair after it grew inches long and, yeah, only after other people saw it?!
    Anyway, that’s my rant. 😛
    I actually don’t remove my upper lip hair…I use the Sally Hansen bleaching method and weaken the measurement just a bit so it doesn’t burn so much. 🙂

  • Chanel

    I am Indian and have terrible upper lip hair, do you think this will work? My skin is not too sensitive though I have gotten burns from hair removers before for keeping it on too long or not realizing it was burning me.

  • Kitu


    I am an Indian, i have dark facial hair. I was wondering if this cream deteriorates the hair growth or worsens it? I am sure it is going to remove the hair for the moment, but when it grows back? I don’t want it to get even worse.
    Waxing is said to make the hair finer with each usage and razor usually makes the newly growing hair thicker.
    Likewise how are these?

  • Special K

    What about African American women whose hair are very course around the chin and upper lips, would this work?

  • Amy


    Just found this post like a year too late but was wondering what the re-growth is like with the creams?

    I’ve been waxing/threading (although every time I get threaded I swear it’s the last time as it’s just so horrible) for years now and it’s not like the re-growth isn’t noticeable – I still have to bleach between removals.

    So just wondering if the creams are worth a try? I have this fear that it will give me re-growth like I’ve shaved!

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Madison

    I’ just stumbled upon your article and i gotta say i was impressed. Great detail! i’ve been trying many hair removal creams lately but still haven’t found anything as specific for facial hair as this product.
    i’m for sure going to give it a shot!
    thanks 🙂