April 18, 2013

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel Nail Color for Summer 2013

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel Nail Color

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel is a new nail polish with a very interesting formula.

What’s so interesting about it?

P.S. There’s a little Tweety action after the jump 🙂

Well not only does this polish provide glossy, long wearing color but its easy on your eyes. But according to Clinique it is Ophthalmologist-tested so this polish helps reduce the chances of eyes watering, itching, or burning when using it. It’s the perfect nail polish for super sensitive eyes and skin types.

Interesting right?

It’s available in sixteen shades and one top coat for $16 each now at Nordstrom.com

Gratuitous Tweety photo below….

Cute right?

It’s a few offerings from the Nature Republic’s Tweety Collection. I can’t stand all the cute. Those are face masks in the box, not sure how I’ll be able to bring myself to use them!

Nature Republic Tweety Makeup

And P.S.S. it’s the weekend time to freak the fan gurl out over Rob Zombie’s newest offering:

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  • Cindy Ramirez

    Um, ophthalmologist tested? Do they think we’re going to rub our eyes right after painting our nails? I’m a little confused on this marketing. I don’t usually associate my nails to my eyes, but maybe that’s just me?

    You know Rob Zombie lives in CT? I think he lives in Sherman or Kent. He use to shop at the Best Buy I worked at. He’s a lot shorter then I imagined him. And his wife is so much hotter in person ;] Go stalks him!

    • the Muse

      i think maybe when you’re applying it is what they mean 🙂 OMG you lie!? lol…did you ever strike up a conversation?

      • Cindy Ramirez

        We weren’t allowed to go all fanboy/girl. We had to treat him like he was a normal customer! There was one lady in particular that he liked to work with, and she told me stories about him dropping butt-loads of money on sound equipment for his home. lulz

        • the Muse

          damnit…a normal person? he’s freaking rob zombie! what normal person?! LOL ;-D I’m surprised he’d buy it at best buy lol! no offense…!

          • Cindy Ramirez

            Oh trust me, no offense taken. I don’t work for Best Buy anymore. Even when I worked there I knew, OH I knew.

            Normal person, yes! It was really funny because one of the managers there was a HUGE Rob Zombie fan. Every time he’d come in and that manager was working he would have like a nervous breakdown and hide behind shelves and just watch him. It was hilarious!

          • the Muse

            lol that would be me. behind the beef jerky and the candy display at check out, stalking rob zombie….yeah, def can picture that scenario.

    • Maggie

      I really want swatches before ordering.

      I can actually answer this:

      Eye Sensitivity: some peoples’ eyes water once the fumes from the polish reach the eyes–these people have a hard time going into beauty salons where nail manicures take place for this reason. Also, if the polish chips and that residue makes contact with the actual eye while idk, putting on contacts or something–then that can become trouble.

      Skin Sensitivity: Nail polish can actually irritate the skin even after it’s dried. A lot of people have to touch their eye lids or skin at some point with their hands. If any part of the polish makes contact with the skin, can potentially cause dermatitis–ESPECIALLY on the eyelids, bc it’s tissue-thin and reacts to anything first.

  • Jen

    Huh, that’s neat. And the tweety stuff is adorbs.
    In regards to the rob zombie flick…. It looks pretty horrendous. He needs to stop with his wife in every movie, she’s not even a great actress. Stahp, Rob, STAHP!
    The trailer just looks so… Bad. Like I can’t even… Just no.

    • the Muse

      oh I beg to disagree I absolutely love she’s his muse 😀 lol…she’s absolutely nuts just dig her in his stuff. It kinda reminds me of old budget grindhouse flicks so I’m thinking I’m going to like it. But I’m such a big fan girl of anything zob does I’ll probably say it is awesome after seeing it even if it isn’t LOL! *head desk* yeah the tweety stuff is really sweet ;-D

  • melissa

    My mom was a huge a tweety fan and I feel strangely compelled to own this collection in some twisted tribute. The nail polish might be ok but for $16 bucks I can get 2.5 opi LOL so I dunno. Rob Zombie – flick – meh. I like him not sure about this trailer.

  • Tammie

    The nails –> eyeballs thing is confusing the heck outta me. Halp! My brain hurts!

  • Libby

    EEEEEE ALL THAT TWEETY SO CUTE!!! I can’t wait for the review, if they’re positive, I will definitely look forward to buying some! (I assume there’s some sort of discount thing going on since it’s a grand opening~)

    Hmm, as for the nail polish, I do tend to like Clinique and I think instead of possibly rubbing eyes after, it’s more that the harsh smell of the polish might make eyes water? My cousin used to own a nail salon and I would borrow (and never return….) her nail polishes but I remember how she used to mention that a lot of the manicurists retired after a while due to the scents affecting their nasal passage and etc eyes I am rambling now. Possibly a load of bs or marketing on Clinique’s part or maybe they smell like sweet rain after a thunderstorm, no idea xD

    • the Muse

      hhehehehehe agreed ;-D lord knows I’ll prob rave even if they aren’t, I mean seriously it’s tweety how can I not say nice stuff? LOL! ;-D

      • Libby

        I’m so looking forward to this weekend because I’m stopping by the store myself and picking up some goodies. Perhaps…I will…splurge as a finals gift to myself T__T Muse, you’re awful for my wallet! Lol <3

    • Tammie

      The reason I call BS on Clinique’s part, at least if it is the fumes thing, is that most polishes unless they are really cheapo or not from the US, don’t have crazy harsh chemicals any more that are really that smelly. It’s always good to do it in a well ventilated area still but I just don’t think modern polish is all that bad.

      • Libby

        Yeah, I’m thinking it’s mostly BS too, lol. I say this but I’ll probably buy one to try it out and see what the big deal is anyway. Although, to be honest, $16 for a nail polish is expensive considering what’s on the market right now!

  • caroline

    I’m not a fan of this tweety collection, but i do love Rob Zombie…i so want to see this movie!

  • Deborah

    This is just too much marketing hype even for me and those three colors are hideous in my view–OK maybe the orange is OK for some skin tones. The bottles are smaller too.

  • Krystle(Baking Beauty)

    I’m a big fan of Clinique foundation and skincare but this doesn’t appeal to me at all! I’ve never had a reaction to any polish so I guess i don’t get the point 😛

  • lola

    hi, what are the ingredients in this polish. curious as to what the ingredients are that they can make this claim???

    • the Muse

      not sure lola, might want to check their website, I don’t have exact ingredients.

      • lola

        ok thanks. clinique doesnt post their ingredients anywhere! and once i called and waited two weeks to get it sent to me.i guess ill go check in the store. thanks!

        • the Muse

          lola I’ll check on the release I have home and will post if they are available on that! Sorry wish I had it handy for you.

  • Pelagius

    On the nail enamel for Clinique, it really is a big deal that it really works for sensitive skin and eyes. I cannot wear ANY nail enamel, other than Barielle’s Nail Rebuilding Protein, because even when they’re toluene and formaldehyde free, they make my eyes water and itch, the skin around my eyes goes bright red, and I have a constant headache. I don’t know what causes it but I have extreme allergies to even hidden fragrances. There’s not a hypo-allergenic nail enamel I can use other than Acquarella, which is really nice but it is water based and the shampoo I use has oil, so the polish just peels off. I’ve tried two of the Clinique colors and they last two weeks without me peeling them off (LOL – it’s me doing it, they don’t chip), and once dry, I NEVER know they’re on except to look at my pretty nails. It really is almost a miracle … I am sure that people like me with such a hyper-sensitivity to fragrances are a tiny minority (it includes my two grandmothers, so I got a double-dose), but there really are folks who will be glad for the Clinique nail enamel!