April 18, 2013

Escada Cherry in the Air Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Escada Cherry in the Air Perfume

It’s Spring and Escada Cherry in the Air is on the loose. Escada Cherry in the Air is a new Eau de Toilette that will be available for a limited time this Spring/Summer so I highly urge you to grab a bottle or maybe two or perhaps three before it disappears.

You won’t want to be without this playfully flirty little fragrance!

I’m loving it!

Escada Cherry in the Air Eau de Toilette

Cherry Blossom fragrances are the typical traditional fare for Spring however, an actual cherry noted fragrance is a rarity which is why Escada’s new Cherry in the Air scent is unique, refreshing, and a great change from the norm.

Inspired by the fresh and sweet scent of blossoming cherries this sweet, fruity, succulent blend captures the essence and heart of cherry. With a light and airy quality this beautiful blend contains notes of juicy red fruits and a mellow, creamy and every so slightly addicting note of marshmallow accord.

The fragrance stage is set with juicy top notes of black cherries and raspberries with a very faint mandarin note that soothes the sweetness of the berries and brings a twist of fresh citrus to them. Soft gardenia petals play gently among a gourmand of cream coconut orchid and mellow, warm vanilla with marshmallow. The heart of the fragrance is less playful and more flirty feminine as it dries down.

Escada Cherry in the Air

It morphs softly during the dry down bringing out out a woodsy oak and a relaxing yet comforting sandalwood. This is where the truest form of the fragrance can be found as it isn’t cavity inducing sweet but more of a relaxing, breezy fragrance with pretty little fruity notes in the background and a warm, relaxing, comforting hug in the forefront.

The fragrance comes in Escada’s iconic shape bottle with cute little cherries printed on the bottle and a cherry ring charm placed on the cap that can be worn as jewelry!

Escada Cherry in the Air is a captivating and playful scent for Spring and Summer and comes with my highest recommendation.

This is a keeper!

Muse Approved.


It’s available now online at in stores at Sephora, Ulta, and Macys.

Anyone try it?

Do share!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Ashley

    Omg… I really wanted to sniff this, but Ulta wasn’t carrying it last time I was there. I signed up for a free sample from the Escada site, but they never sent one to me (months ago).
    I’m glad to finally get a description of this. I’m thinking I need to find it fast! hehe
    Thanks so much for the review, Musey! 🙂

    • the Muse

      ashley don’t quote me but I THINK glamour has a sample sniff, April issue…I know it was a mag I read recently so it had to be glamour. Hope this helps 😀 It smells incredible imho! I like that it isn’t cherry blossoms but cherry…it’s quite lovely ;-D my pleasure!

  • Ellle

    This is simply amazing! I love it almost as much as I do love the older Taj Sunset – my favorite fragrance of all time 🙂
    I need to get it ASAP!

  • Robin

    Love Escada, but I haven’t been able to find a place that has this in stock! May have to order a rollerball from Ulta or Sephora.

    Ibizzia Hippie and Moon Sparkle are my favs!!!

  • Marcela

    I love Escada’s LE fragrances, even though I’m not a sweet fragrance person. Moon Sparkle was my favourite though, and it’s discontinued 🙁

  • Lisa

    Crap!! I knew I left something off of my Sephora purchase last week. Thank you so much for the review/reminder lol.

  • ms.laura

    I have a travel bottle of this and I absolutely adore it! My husband says I smell like dessert when I wear it 😉 Yay for cherries and marshmallows. My only wish is that it would last longer. It wears off after a few hours. I definitely want to get the larger bottle soon though. I also love Rockin Rio 🙂

    • the Muse

      oooo it really does smell like cherries and dessert at first ;-D nommmy! I love Rockin’ Rio too! fav of mine ;-D good wear on me thankfully, better than some of my other escada fragrances 🙂

  • Ashley D.

    Crazy! Just got my bottle today and immediately sprayed it. It’s definitely warmer and less fruity than I was expecting but I like it! It also reminds me of something that I can’t place and it’s killing me trying to figure out what!

    • the Muse

      it really is, kinda unisex almost? or am I nuts? def unique to my nose, can’t say I’ve smelled anything like it.

  • Helene

    I know this is a real old conversation above but wanted to post in hopes someone else might come along here. I haven’t tried Escada’s Cherry in the air but I wonder how it compares to the discontinued Coty perfume, Cherry Vanilla. That was to live for and it seems nothing really compares that I’ve heard of. Some say Amber Romance VS does but it doesn’t for me. I’ve tried to find something like Coty’s product or create it. So far nothing has come close. I know you can have it created but that can be expensive with a perfumer.

      • Helene

        You really should if you ever have the opportunity. Ebay has Coty’s discontinued Cherry Vanilla at times. Most are very elevated prices but sometimes you can get them reasonably. This is one scent that thousands miss and is really intoxicating. It was only $7/bottle at Walmart. I can’t imagine why Coty discontinued it. They would have been a lot more wealthy with it. Thanks very much for your response, Isabella! Best wishes in all things. Helene/DallasTx

        • Isabella Muse

          Thanks Helena! I’ll check ebay right now (or maybe fragrancenet has it!!!!!) Sounds like I’d like it. if I try it I’ll leave a comment and let you know if Escada’s is anything like it 🙂 And to you too! xoxox!

  • Helene

    Isabella, there’s one on Ebay right now that I’ve bid on. I’m really hoping for this one since I haven’t been able to get any online so far. I hope you don’t outbid me there. : ) It’s a set and the bid started at $19.99. I forget what it’s gone up to now, maybe around $25.50. I want this item! There was another one close in price with a bottle that has some used out of it. The price wasn’t bad on it.
    No other site sells it other than Ebay or Amazon, that I know of. I think it may have discontinued about 2005 but can’t remember for sure. I’m pretty sure I tried the site you mentioned but no one carries it.
    Thank you and best wishes, Helene.

    • Isabella Muse

      GOOD LUCK! I just hunted and even amazon doesn’t have it!!!!!!!! I hope you get it! 😉 I know the feeling of loving a perfume and having it disappear 🙁 The good news is the way it is described you might like Cherry in the Air. I think maybe Cherry in the Air might be a little less vanilla and more cherry but it seems like they MIGHT smell similiar 😀 Good Luck Helene 😀

  • Helene

    Thank you! I may check it out next. I appreciate your input. Helene

  • Helene

    Isabella, I just came across your article about Vitabath Wild Red Cherry. Would you remember how it compares with Escada’s Cherry In the Air? I do hope one day you get to try Coty’s Cherry Vanilla. I’m still the higher bidder on one. If I’m able to get it, would you like me to send you a swatch of it? Would be happy to, so you can get a feel for this intoxicating fragrance.

    Have a happy day! I love your site and want to look it over a lot more.