April 22, 2013

Maybelline Lavish Lavender Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Lavish Lavender

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow in Lavish Lavender is one of eight, limited edition shades released for Summer 2013. Although I had a little drama with Shady Shores recently I must say that Lavish Lavender was a little bit of a better experience.

Let’s take a look!

So far my experience with some of these limited edition shades of Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoo Eyeshadows hasn’t been great. Lavish Lavender isn’t any better in all honesty but is the lesser of the shade evils thus far.

This is stunning shade of almost metallic lavender. It has some elements of silver to it but it isn’t full on sparkle or shimmer. The color has a liquid metal-like effect on my eyes.

Maybelline Lavish Lavender Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Maybelline Lavish Lavender Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Swatches

The formula is very similar to Shady Shores with a slippery texture. I’m surprised these have such an emollient texture as that isn’t exactly the friendliest formula for Summer when shadows tend to crease. The slippery texture makes it difficult to apply as they slip and slide all around my eye during application. Unlike the original formula that had some thickness, creaminess, and tack these lack all of that which makes for a thinner application which creases and fades rather badly.

Lavish Lavender is a chore to apply that’s for sure but if you have the patience during application you can get a really beautiful purple on your lids that’s rather stunning.

Maybelline Lavish Lavender Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Face of the Day

Maybelline Lavish Lavender Color Tattoo Eyeshadow FOTD

Is it worth picking up?

Unlike Shady Shores I actually would recommend it. The color is unique enough to warrant a pick up and the application although challenging is still more user friendly and pigmented than that of Shady Shores’ formula.

Unlike many of the shades in this collection this shade does not have a duochrome effect however, the color itself is beautiful enough as is without it.

Do like but a little surprised at the inconsistency of the formula on these little devils.

More on the other shades launched for Summer shortly.

Love to hear your thoughts if you picked them up!

I purchased this item.

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  • Pockykami

    I’m glad to see this one performed better. It does look really pretty on you. I love your whole look, very fresh.

  • ktb

    I have worn this color twice (once over a primer, no idea why, and once not) and have had no issues with it. With my finger, I just tapped it on across the lid until I got the desired build up, let it dry, and then put a darker purple in the outer corner and through the crease. It stayed on for 10+ hours and did not crease or budge. I am really surprised you found it so fussy.

  • Tammie

    This color looks BEAUTIFUL on you Muse. IMHO this is your color, totally. Gorgeous.

    That being said we’ll see how I feel about it for myself if/when I find this collection…I do tend to love purples since my eyes are mostly green…

    • the Muse

      aw tammie thanks girl! 🙂 <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully you likey!

      • Tammie

        I managed to find the collection (I sent you a pic on twitter if you wanna see the big display) so I picked this one up 🙂 Can’t wait to try it.

        • the Muse

          yeah I’d def love to see! I haven’t seen the big displays yet! :-/

          • Tammie

            This was the first one I saw, it was on an endcap at Walgreens, it had the color tattoos, nail polishes, bronzer stuff and I think hair care products on the side (well, you’ll see what I mean on Twitter).

            Hopefully this means it will be more widespread soon. It’s only the first time I’ve seen these items myself, but I think since it’s a pretty big display it will probably be everywhere shortly, or at least at Walgreens…

  • Aida

    That’s the one shade I’m interested in from the new release, but it’s so frustrating that none of the stores around me are carrying them yet…

    • Pockykami

      Have you tried rite aid or ulta? Those are the only two stores I’ve seen them in so far.

      • Aida

        Haven’t made it to ULTA yet, but I did check all the drugstores :(. I’m sure they’ll show up eventually.

  • JoElla

    I am wearing it right now, I paired it with Wet and Wild liner in Purple/violet smudged around my eyes and lots of black mascara. It really did make my brown eyes pop!

    I went nuts and bought all of them LOL!

    • the Muse

      hehe GOOD! 😀 even though some are crappy I purchased ’em all either couldn’t not grab them!

  • charlotte

    If I ever find them, lol, this is one of the ones I have on the “get for sure” list. It’s just beautiful, IMO, and I do not have any other “lavender” bases.

  • Sara

    I picked up both shady shores and lavish lavender and I love the colors so much I’m willing to put up with the mediocre formula:)

  • JoElla

    I found mine at my local HEB, it was on an end cap and in a very small display. So keep your eyes open for them in tiny spots.


    looks super cute on you muse!!!! 😉 I think this would suit my blueish grey eyes I hope it is not too hard to work with…!!!!


      p.s I loved seeing you in the lush magazine!
      and I picked up that sponge your recommended and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEE it!!! <3
      thanks for sharing so many goodies. I have looked at these summer 2013 tattoos and wants all of them.. thanks muse!! ;'-)

      • the Muse

        aw thanks! I loved it too hehe…I got so excited to see that little blurb ;-D YAYYYYYY! loves it, isn’t it fab!? and not badly priced either! My pleasure! <3!

  • Miss_Silk

    I purchased Icy Mint and Lavish Lavender and I actually like Lavish Lavender. For it to show up on my skin since i’m a bit darker, I just do a thin layer then wait for it to dry then apply another layer.

    I don’t like Icy Mint as much…it’s okay but somehow my hands are covered in shimmery glitter even if I only picked up a little of the product TT

  • Christine

    I may have to reconsider checking out this color. I passed on it at the store. I was wonderig if you were going to review Seashore Frosts by any chance? That’s the one I picked up!

  • Louise

    This shade looks gorgeous on you! I want to get my hands on this shade, so prettyy

  • Kimmwc03

    This is the shade I want most but I haven’t seen any of these in my area yet. I keep checking Walgreens, CVS, Target and Ulta but no luck.

  • Christina

    Love this color, worth the hassle to get it to work. Still on the hunt for Precious Pearl and Blue Paradise. 🙁

  • Tara B

    I am wearing this one today! It is so pretty! I am a sucker for anything in the purple family so I know I had to pick it. I almost jumped up and down when I found the display in my rite aid yesterday. I was surprised by the slippery texture as well. I applied it with a concealer brush and got good results. We’ll see how long it lasts on my lids.

  • Devon

    I have 4 of the 6–I do not have the golden shade or the brighter blue (I honestly don’t know the names of any of the shades except for the purple one–eep!). I was very surprised with the white color…it actually comes off as a brighter bluey-teal…not white at all! It’s a lovely color, but I wore it intending it to look icy and not electric. Did this happen to anyone else??

  • Emma

    I just got this in Seashore Frosts yesterday and wore it today! I was a little hesitant at first, as it looks rather blue in the packaging, but when you put it on it is really pretty! The first thing I did notice though–you are so right about the formula! I had read your review on the Shady Shores but hadn’t expected something so drastically different from the other Color Tattoos! It is kind of a blue-grey with golden shimmers in it. It’s hard to describe–it sort of reminds me of fairy makeup!

    I used it as a base then used Matt Johnson and Matt Singh from the Meet Matte(e) Nude palette, and it turned out much nicer than I had originally anticipated! I couldn’t stop looking at the color of the Seashore frosts in the mirror–it’s so pretty!

  • Julia

    Yay! This one looks very cool! I might be heading back to the store to pick some up after all 🙂

  • Christina

    I found icy mint, precious pearl cool crush and blue paradise today at the store. I’m on the lookout for the lavish lavender and seashore frosts. Btw my Walmart had them in store with 6 of the 8 shades mixed in with the metallics and original shades on a side display at an end cap. Happy hunting! Also thanks for the review muse!!

    • the Muse

      oh my pleasure christina sorry very delayed replying ;-D I also finally located blue paradise wahoo!

  • Christina

    No worries! 🙂 It took awhile but miracles being what they were, I found both Seashore Frost and Lavish Lavender. 🙂 And I’ve been experimenting with Icy Mint, if I leave the lid on but not screwed on tight it seems to dry out the product and I can pick up more pigment, anyone else tried this? Also, I never thought I’d return to the days of wearing a blue eye shadow product but Blue Paradise is a color I enjoy wearing it more than I thought. 🙂

    • the Muse

      yay happy to hear it 🙂 that’s actually a good idea, going to try that out! maybe it’ll take some of the slippery out of the formula!