May 31, 2013

Behind the Candelabra So Damn Fabulous

Anyone watch Behind the Candelabra? Seriously so freaking fabulous. I watched it with my best friend Jai and his boyfriend Mattie and we seriously had a complete melt down while watching it. There were parts in there you just couldn’t help burst out laughing at. Rob Lowe? OMG! Funny!

Dustin Hunter reminded me how great it was with his hysterical video on youTube and I had to share!

It’s another weekend my dears!

And a hot one at that.

I’m away for the weekend so can’t wait to get out of here today. I’m behind on comments sorry! Been working out kinks on Musings. The maintenance on this site boggles my mind sometimes 🙁 And with the latest Google Penguin update it seems to early to tell if I was on its radar! Sure hope not! Apparently, if you’re a webmaster or just a super search guru, site: is working again. Thank god for small favors. Although Webmaster Tools seems to be wacked out lately…

Yeah most people don’t care about that portion of beauty blogging 🙂

What’s new with you this week?

I feel behind talking to you all!

I wish you a very happy weekend!

More reviews are scheduled throughout the day but I may be slow replying if you have a comment or two as I’m working on broken links behind the scenes here but will do my best to say hey here and there because anything to get me AWAY from this task!

Talk soon!


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  • MandyB

    I am also so excited for the weekend! I have two finals on Saturday, then I am done with classes for the summer. Still have my full time job though, haha, so it’s not like I get an actual break, but it helps. I scored some seriously awesomely packaged Quo pallets from Shoppers today, so I’m looking forward to playing with those this weekend. Mirrored neon orange and bright blue animal print compacts….right up your alley Muse! Have a good weekend!

    • the Muse

      bright orange?! I’m on it 😀 hope you had a great weekend Mandy ;D

  • Heather

    Oh I loved it! The house! The clothes! Too much of a good thing is wonderful… Xo’s to Muse 🙂

  • ggggg

    I saw the movie the other night. I think the movie was very interesting, campy at times and Matt Damon was great as usual. I have heard nothing but high praise for Michael Douglas and his performance. On that point, this cheese stands alone.

    Michael Douglas is a great actor – think Fatal Attraction, The Game, Wall Street, etc. I have always loved his acting but, in this movie, his acting was just bad. Bad to the point that I almosst turned the channel and I will sit through the worst of the worst to find some redemption in a film. There are less than a handfull of movies that I have never seen the end of.

    Now I know it’s not a major motion picture but I just don’t think he captured any of the essence of Liberace. It’s like he didn’t even try – no famous Liberace smile or tone of voice. Nothing. If it wasn’t for the costumes you would not have known who he was supposed to be. In my opinion he just stunk. And I expect more from him. He’s Michael Douglas for goodness sake!

    Now Rob Lowe, what more can I say – he stole the show. He definitely deserves an award for that role, God love him!

    • the Muse

      I didn’t think he was too bad but def not on par with fatal attraction, wall street, etc…! rob lowe though, I agree, he was incredible lol! to say the least and too short an appearance! I could have enjoyed another hour of him! 😀

  • Miss D

    Oh, I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, but I REALLY want to! Between you and me (and all others viewing this blog), I thought Liberace was just beautiful when he was younger! XD