May 15, 2013

Etude House I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam Review

Etude House I'm Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam

Etude House I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam is one of several new skincare products that Etude House launched in Korean in a new I’m Blooming Collection.

These products are supposedly 100% organic and natural and ideal for a gentle cleansing experience.

Take a look!

Etude House I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam is a moisturizing facial cleanser that removes oil, makeup, and dirt. I thought perhaps this would be the typical collagen wash that so many brands launch in Asia however, it’s actually quite different.

Etude House I'm Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam Spring 2013

The formula resembles a thicker cream and is fragrance-less. The texture is very heavy and doesn’t foam up as much as a collagen wash would. It creates some minor bubbles but not the foaming lather I’m used to from other washes like it. It almost feels like I’m using a body cream on my face, yes, it’s that moisturizing. And as I rinse it away it proves a little difficult to get off so a wet wash cloth definitely helps.

Etude House I'm Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam Swatches 1

Etude House I'm Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam Swatches

It does a fairly good job removing my makeup and leaving my skin squeaky clean and fairly moist. No tightness here after use and skin is left feeling very soft and supple. A rarity for me as many cleansing washes leave my skin feeling two sizes too small.

If you desire a more foaming effect I’d suggest using it with your Clarisonic as this will in fact create more bubbles.

I have to admit….It’s a nice cleanser but uneventful. I’m the type of person that enjoys a little scent in her skincare so I missed out on that here. I also felt like this didn’t rinse off as easily as I would like and the texture feels more like a thicker cold cream than a cleanser. The lack of lather was also an issue for me….

If you’re planning on indulging in the I’m Blooming Collection I’d skip this particular cleanser. It’s just not that interesting I fear.

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I purchased this item.

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  • Heather

    Interesting, not for me especially if it’s not for you.

  • Danii

    Would you recommend it for its moisture? I’m not bothered with no scent or the fact it’s a little difficult to remove personally; I find suds on my face after washing at the sink often (GRR). I still have some dry skin issues though my skin has gone full combination-oily! It’s on the sides of my nose particularly and my forehead, even with a sugar+sweet almond oil scrub. So frustrating ;__; I personally don’t really want bubbles. It’ll be used in my shower/at the sink, so bubbles are meh for me.

    • the Muse

      def, it’s quite moisturizing, doesn’t make my face tight or drier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christi

    I prefer scented facial skincare products too Muse, it just makes it that much more enjoyable to use a product that smells great! Dermatologists & skincare experts always say that it’s better for our skin/eyes for products to be fragrance free. Even if you’re not sensitive to fragrance, it can still contain irritants that damage skin. That’s what they say, anyway. So maybe it’s better that they’re unscented. Have u ever tried Skin79 BB Cleanser Cleansing Foam? It’s currently my fav, it makes my face feel so clean, especially with my Mia2.

    • the Muse

      same here just adds something to the experience ๐Ÿ˜€ yah….but they never really bug me so I’m cool if they are scented ;-D I have not guess that needs to be added to the try list ;D

  • Pamela

    I personally adore this stuff, especially since I’m not fond of frangrance 8D

    I have pretty sensitive skin, so sensitive that even a Vichy cleanser made me itch, but this doesn’t. I use it with my clarisonic and it foams up beautifully. I think there’s some sort of foam sponge that’s supposed to come with this thing, which might be the reason it doesn’t foam up very well on it’s own o.o

  • Rasp

    hey did you get any bad reaction to this? I had a terrible reaction that I have never had before, its scary! I don’t even know what it is, looks like blisters or red dots and hurts.

  • Chelsi


    You’ve had an allergic reaction. Stop using the product IMMEDIATELY!

    If it is sore, hot, or itchy, take some Benadryl or some type of antihistamine medicine. Also, a cool wash cloth soaked in water and rung out will help with irritation till the medicine can kick in.

    Until your face heals I recommend not putting anything on it or trying to wash it. If you have to, try an oatmeal wash with just water and plain uncooked oats.

    I just bought this today and experienced unpleasant tingling, but nothing along the lines of what you described. (I think my case is simply from the acne that’s been broken open on my forehead).

    Chances are that
    1) You are allergic to a ingredient or a combination of ingredients or
    2) You may have POSSIBLY obtained a counterfeit item. Sadly it happens a lot with Korean cosmetics. Knock-offs use inferior ingredients or even totally different formulations that can harm your skin.

    Best of luck in recovering dear. I hope your skin heals quickly.