May 31, 2013

MAC All About Orange Blush Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

MAC All About Orange Blush

MAC All About Orange is an upcoming Summer Collection featuring three shades of orange blush and a range of lipsticks, nail polishes, glosses, and more celebrating, you guessed it, ORANGE!

I got one of the blush shades, Royal Sunset , in my possession at the moment and hope to grab up the other shades shortly.

Let’s have a look!

MAC Royal Sunset Blush ($21) is a sleeper. You’ll likely go to your MAC counter, swatch it, and possibly write it off as chalky or perhaps too pastel or maybe not dark enough…!


Royal Sunset had excellent color payoff that builds and layers beautifully. It’s a shade you can’t ever go wrong with! It’s a satin finish that blends easily onto my cheeks leaving behind a softer, cooler peach. It actually should work well for a range of skin tones even those in the darker medium range as it is so incredibly easy to build up!

MAC Royal Sunset Blush

MAC All About Orange Blush Swatches

I think the texture runs a little chalky at first but once a brush is swatched into the pot you’ll find it has a smoother, silkier feel. It looks a bit on the matte side to me as it contains absolutely no shimmer or sparkle and the satin finish doesn’t produce that typical glow I get. However, it doesn’t cling to drier areas on my face and looks very natural on my cheeks!

It might appear a snore to some but MAC Royal Sunset Blush shouldn’t be missed. It’s quite a nice shade. And hey, if you love peaches it will be a no brainer to pick up!

MAC Royal Sunset Blush FOTD

It’ll be available June 6th on counters and online at

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • K.B.

    It’s a gorgeous color, but I’m two seconds away from boycotting MAC forever. I am so tired of their collections coming online in the middle of the night and people being allowed to buy multiples (more than 2, that is) of one product. I understand the concept of supply and demand, but MAC plays dirty. I know there are other places to pick up MAC products, but it irritates me regardless.

    That said, I really want to pick up a Flamingo lipstick next week, so we’ll see if I’m still cranky next Thursday. lol My makeup hoarding tendencies outweigh my principles every. single. time.

    • Joan

      K.B., I TOTALLY AGREE. That’s exactly how I feel. Mac sent me an e-mail letting me know the Temperature Rising collection was available online. I went on the website immediately to order one of the blushes, but it was already SOLD OUT. I was pretty aggravated. I
      e-mailed them to let them know how I feel about this. I waited for Nordstrom’s website to have it and ordered it from them free shipping and free returns. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the shade when I got it and sent it back.

    • Clio

      You hit the nail on the head when you say MAC plays dirty. They really do. It drives me mental. Their marketing schemes are more douchey than classy… and yet I fall for their damn products every time! I’m like some jock who keeps dating the bitchy cheerleader in high school, even though I don’t like her, just because she’s hot and popular. Too weird? I’ll stop now.

  • Icequeen81

    It looks whitey, but If you say its not I believe you, I saw the most orangery one and seems beutifull

    I’am searching for the right orange blush. I got MAC swoon and I sear I would get it if I did read your review before getting it , it just doesn’t appear on my skin and the shade doesn’t suit me at all, it is just a shade for people with fair skin, not a light medium like mine.

    If you know anyone who wants to swap this shade let me know, it just is painful to see it wasted

  • Karena

    This shade was MADE FOR YOU, MUSE!!! Thanks for the review!! Love it!!

  • Karena

    Muse – Sorry to bug, but if you have a minute, may you kindly advise what lippie you have on here? Thanks!!

    • the Muse

      oh thanks karena you’re lovely. um it’s one of the new all about orange lipsticks, not sure which one at the moment lol! but will get back to you shortly as I’m about to post the review and name the swatches ;D

  • Icaria

    Looove! This is truly a nice color to have and it’s so pretty on you. There’s also one from Temperature Rising that I’m liking. Choosing will be hard! 🙁

  • Joan

    Muse, so glad you gave this shade such a good review. This is the one I was lucky enough to be able to order on the Mac website before it SOLD OUT. It looks very pretty on you and it definitely looks like my kind of shade. Is the shade close to the way it looks here? You know me, I’m happy it looks more matte. LOL. I already have the Immortal Flower from another collection a while ago, which I also like.

    • the Muse

      thanks joan 🙂 can’t believe how quick it sold out! I think it is pretty accurate! you prob got yours by now what do you think? 😀

  • Helen

    I love this color! I’ve just been getting into blush and don’t have too many so I definitely think I need this in my collection.

  • Ellen

    I just got this and I LOVE IT. Super pretty and subtle with my fair blondeness

  • joan

    Just got this shade from Nordstrom’s. Every bit as pretty as I was hoping. Can’t wait to wear. One of the prettiest shades to come out in a while.

      • Joan

        I only bought Royal Sunset. I already have Immortal Flower from a previous collection and like that one too. Wasn’t so crazy about the third shade. When I got Royal Sunset, I said “Oh yeah, this is a keeper”.