May 28, 2013

MAC All About Orange for Summer 2013

MAC All About Orange

MAC All About Orange Collection is my dream come true. Remember last year when I had hopes and prays that MAC would go and down an All Orange Collection? Well my dreams come true with All About Orange.

Granted, I probably can’t wear any of these colors especially orange on lips but I’m going to have a hell of a fun time trying!

Take a look!

MAC All About Orange Collection

Orange. It’s vibrant energy and modern edge ignites fashion and beauty big time throughout the world. It’s one of the new global super shades that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication. MAC loves a colour with international impact and has translated the trend into a makeup collection for face, lips and nails. From Nail Lacquer in Sweet Pop to sizzling Tangerine Dream Lipstick – it’s an homage to orange.

MAC All About Orange Lipstick $15

  • Razzledazzler light cream peach (lustre)
  • Sweet & Sour soft peach cream (cremesheen)
  • Tangerine Dream warm orange cream (lustre)
  • Flamingo light milky bright coral (lustre)
  • Sushi Kiss mid-tone coral cream (satin)
  • Tart & Trendy bright neutral orange cream (lustre)
  • Neon Orange bright clean orange (amplified)

MAC Lipstick Neon Orange

MAC Lipstick Razzledazzler

MAC Lipstick Sushi Kiss

MAC Lipstick Sweet & Sour

MAC Lipstick Tangerine Dream

MAC Lipstick Tart&Trendy

MAC All About Orange Lipstick Flamingo

MAC All About Orange Cremesheen Glass $20

  • Double Happiness frosted light nude (cremesheen)
  • Imperial Light frosted light peach(cremesheen)
  • Rising Sun frosted bright orange (cremesheen)

MAC Cremesheen Glass Double Happiness

MAC Cremesheen Glass Imperial Light

MAC Cremesheen Glass Rising Sun

MAC All About Orange Eye Shadow X 4 in Rainy Season $40

  • Arctic Grey frosted mid-tone gray (lustre)
  • Courtly Grey matte cool gray (matte)
  • Typographic asphalt black (matte)
  • Rainy Season light warm gray frost (satin)

MAC All About Orange EyeShadow X 4 Rainy Season

MAC All About Orange Powder Blush $21

  • Honey Jasmine soft warm coral (satin)
  • Royal Sunset soft cool peach (satin)
  • Immortal Flower bright peach (satin)

MAC Blush Immortal Flower

MAC Blush Royal Sunset

MAC All About Orange BlushHoney Jasmine

MAC All About Orange Nail Lacquer $16

  • Ke Ai soft pink frost (frost)
  • Sweet Pop peach cream (cream)
  • Fiestaware mid-tone orange coral (cream)
  • Morange bright cream orange (cream)


MAC All About Orange Nail Lacquer Color Fiestaware

MAC All About Orange Nail Lacquer Color KeAi

MAC All About Orange Nail Lacquer Color Morange

MAC All About Orange Nail Lacquer Color Punch

MAC All About Orange Nail Lacquer Color Sweet Pop

The MAC All About Orange Collection is launching June 6, 2013 at all MAC locations and at

Shall I address the elephant in the room?

Why no orange eyeshadow palette MAC?

Disappointment much?


But all else you shall be mine!

Love they have a RANGE of shades to choose from. Makes it easier to pick an orange I can actually wear on my lips.

I must have it all!



Love orange too?

Orange you glad I shared it with you today? What…I had to throw in an orange joke somewhere. Sue me for corn.

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  • Agata

    You’re too funny Muse. I agree, there should def be an orange eyeshadow palette but I still think it’s a beautiful collection, I don’t even know how to narrow it down!

  • Carina

    I clicked on this link, knowing for sure that I wouldn’t want anything from an orange collection (I had “Morange” in mind) and then I clicked and I want all the things! Too bad I am on a Makeup No Buy.

    Looking forward to reviews anyway!

    • the Muse

      lol carina ditto! I was kinda on the fence but after seeing the promo images I want it all!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I’m extremely excited about this! Yay! I’m a litttttle sad they don’t have any matte colors in this collection, but I can deal. I can’t wait to see swatches!

  • Núria

    I didn’t see the elephant until you said(-_-; ). It’s almost the same as in the Etude House Color Pop collection: many many orangy lipsticks and most of the eyeliners have other colors. What a pitty!

  • Debster

    This collection looks lovely, but I still have pantone orange product in my stash! =[

  • Kadie Lee

    I’m not much for oranges but Immortal Flower is calling my name!

    • yelena

      agreed, that blush is gorgeous! the nail polish in morange is nice too!

  • Cj

    Immortal flower… Is that a repromote? I think I have it… Ugh time to search!

  • lauren

    Immortal flower came out in last year’s tres cheek collection. It’s not in the regular catalog.

  • Cj

    FOUND IT! MUAHAHAHAHA lol. It’s actually more pink than peach (or orange for that matter)

    • the Muse

      Hmmmm might need subtle pink blush with maybe some peach!?

  • Esin

    This was my dream come true! All the lipsticks and I do mean ALL, shall be mine. And I might pick up the blushes too. I was as disappointed as you are Muse that there aren’t ornge eyeshadows in this collection. :O Btw, is Sounds Like Noise from Hayley Williams collection in this one? Because it wasn’t available in my country and I couldn’t get it…

    • the Muse

      that isn’t in this esin 🙁 sadly no repromote of the shade here. 🙁 but def def agree, WISH the shadows were orange or coral! or something related to the shade 😀

  • Keri

    Is that the same Flamingo that was in the Iris Apfel collection? *crosses fingers*

  • amy

    I absolutely abhor orange makeup, and anything orange-adjacent, so this entire collection is a *complete* pass for me. I will concede the color looks great on some, but I think alot of people are going to end up with buyers remorse… It’s just not falttering on a large portion of the population…

  • Olivia

    Orange lips are my must-have. I def need a few of the lipsticks and def a blush!

  • SusanT

    Muse, are you trying to keep me broke all the time, LOL??? Seriously, I need all of the lipsticks and nail polishes. I’m a pale redhead and those colors will look great on me. Luckily, I just got a Nordstrom note in the mail which I can apply to this purchase. What a great collection.

  • Clio

    Some of these lipsticks, nail lacquers, and of course the blushes, look wonderful, but I’ve put myself on no-buy after I splurged on Ripe for Love. Sigh, I’ll have to see what the next Riri Collection and Tropical Taboo will have in store.

  • Clio

    Anyone know which blush is pictured in the promo image with all the black stripes?

  • Abbi

    I LOVE this collection, want most of it, but why no lip liner?? I already have a lovely orange lipstick I use that I can’t find a liner for and surely this collection will have one…nope 🙁 but I’ll probably pick up some stuff anyway cause hey it’s orange who can resist?!

  • qwerty

    orange :O probably won’t buy any of this (not a mac fiend) but interesting that orange is still going strong – perhaps it will just be a “normal” color that gets included along with the pinks and reds in any collection nowadays.

  • Iris

    I like these colours but am uncertain if they’d work for my skintone. I’ve tried a few orange and orange-reddish items and they don’t look too good on me. I may try the testers next time I’m in MAC and hope for the best. 🙂