May 7, 2013

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick (Summer 2013 Shades) Review & Swatches

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick Summer 2013 Colors

Good news Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick fans! Nude Shimmer, Ravishing Pink, I Crave Coral and Sienna Sands are four new, limited edition Summer 2013 shades of Color Whisper Lipstick available at drugstores now (if you can find them GRRrrrRrrr).

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick is possibly my favorite drugstore lippie at the moment so I was excited to see these new shades pop up.

Take a look!

Maybelline introduce Color Whisper Lipstick in 20 shades this past Spring and they are now popping up all over drugstores. Color Whisper is sort of a nod to Revlon’s popular range of Lip Butters and L’Oreal’s Caresse Sticks.

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick Summer 2013 Shades

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick Summer 2013 Shades Swatches

Sienna Sands, Ravishing Pink, I Crave Coral

These have a hybrid formula that’s part balm, part gloss, and part lipstick so the product pretty much covers all the bases we could possibly want in a lipstick. They offer fairly opaque fuller coverage and the formula is a little lighter in texture to Revlon’s Lip Butters making them a lovely lightweight balm-type lipstick. They don’t have any real glossiness or shine but they do have a high sheen finish. I find them quite moisturizing on my lips with a water based formula that give lips a cool, refreshing feel. They wear a good solid three to four hours without fading away or losing their hydrating factor.

Unfortunately, the Summer shades aren’t as exciting as I had hoped for as they lean towards more nude, subtle colors.

I Crave Coral is a very wearable orange based coral and my favorite of the three shades I purchased. I think if you really want to wear orange shades but simply can’t pull them off this is a nice shade to do so as it has a subtle orange undertone but doesn’t overwhelm or look too bold.

Maybelline I Crave Coral Color Whisper Lipstick

Maybelline I Crave Coral Color Whisper Lipstick (2)

Sienna Sands is a sandy shade of caramel beige. This is a nice shade for a nude lip look and won’t take away from a vibrant eye look.

Maybelline Sienna Sands Color Whisper Lipstick (2)

Maybelline Sienna Sands Color Whisper Lipstick

Ravishing Pink is a dusky lighter mod pink. This will be a nice MLBB (my lips but better) lip shade for girls (or guys) with less pigmented lips.

Maybelline Ravishing Pink Color Whisper Lipstick (2)

Maybelline Ravishing Pink Color Whisper Lipstick

These four shades are available in a special Maybelline Summer 2013 display which also features two MORE Color Tattoo Eyeshadows in LE shades.

I located the display at CVS but they seem to be popping up everywhere lately.

Anyone try these?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Jen

    They were having a buy one get one half off sale of these at Ulta when I last went so I got one for me and my sister each to try. I bought myself “Cherry on Top” which is such a pretty color!

  • auroragyps

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the colored plastic caps. I’d like to be able to see the color of the lippie inside, without having to take the cap off. I must not be the only doing that either, because the last time I looked at these, most of them were dinged up like crazy by other people. πŸ™

    • Pockykami

      I would say yes, but nothing really stops people from tampering with cosmetics. This is the reason I don’t purchase nyx or some loreal products from stores. I really wish both companies would seal their products.

  • Christina

    I hate these things. Been burned by them more than once. Yeah, they are hydrating, but the colors are either a no-show on my lips, or the color morphs into a totally different hue than what I purchased. Did I mention I hate these things? If I want to buy a lip balm with no color, I can do that for far less $. And if I want to buy a tinted lip color, there are plenty of options that do work.

    • the Muse

      oh no πŸ™ sorry C! I actually adore them…the lighter shades are awful so damn mod looking but I love some of the darker ones! the formula is fab too, such a lightweight comfortable balm πŸ˜€

  • Simone

    Meh. They really should have thrown a more vibrant shade in there. I think I can pass… Maybe.

  • Christina

    No worries, Muse, I’m glad they work for you! In fact when they first came out, it was your recommendation that made my pick up a few. When those first two I bought didn’t work and I thought that perhaps it was simply that the colors weren’t a good choice. But I exchanged those two for another two — with pretty much the same results. I purposely chose colors that weren’t similar but it just didn’t matter: the color either disappeared or morphed.

  • Christina

    Girl, that should be my biggest problem! No need to feel bad! A waste is a terrible thing to mind. πŸ™‚

  • Vi

    Yes!! I love these! I definitely think they’re superior to Revlon Lip Butters–I have a Revlon one in “Candy Apple” and it makes my lips dry and flaky. πŸ™ I haven’t tried the L’Oreal ones yet, though, so I can’t compare those. The shade I Crave Coral is definitely worth a pick-up! Thanks, Muse! πŸ˜€

  • blueraccoon

    I bought the ravishing pink but it was way too light on my lips; did not look good at all sadly. That seems to be the problem I have with a lot of the Color Whispers – too many of them are just too light and sheer to show up or if they do show up, they give me this ghastly look. I have a few I like but I’m really hit or miss with this line.

    • the Muse

      looks rubbish on me too blue. i got one for christine (temptalia) and I’m dead curious how it will look on her because she always pulls off those nude pinks so damn well…! I look evil dead like with it on. i think there lighter shades suck but the darker ones are stunning! I love the texture, hit and miss with the shades perhaps but the formula is brilliant imho! how’d your move go?

      • blueraccoon

        move went GREAT πŸ˜€ i love love love our new house! most of my makeup’s still in storage sadly because i haven’t bought the storage units for it yet, but we’re working on getting the (so many) books unpacked first which requires building bookcases…but we’ll get there. I keep meaning to take pictures, maybe I will try to do that today or tomorrow!

  • Lauren

    I’m not a fan of these. I’ve had very bad luck with them. They’re either super-pigmented (far beyond what they’re supposedly marketed to be) or completely unpigmented. I’ve got three of them, and two (Rose for Attraction and Mocha Muse) disappear on my lips and the third (Berry Ready) can’t be toned down whatsoever. It’s a gorgeous color, but not what I was expecting from the marketing. There’s got to be something in between over- and under-pigmented, but I can’t stand wasting $6 a pop on the hope that one will actually work out.

  • Sienna

    I can verify that Ravishing Pink looks good on less pigmented lips. It works almost like a nude lip on me, which is nice because most nudes totally wash me out. (I feel I should also mention I’m very fair and cool-toned, so that may contribute to how flattering the shade is.) I love it!

  • Lin

    Oh Muse that ravishing pink looks so delicious on you!! Actually they all look very cute on your lips! I’m heading to CVS right now!!

  • Aly

    Just curious – how does the Maybelline I Crave Coral compare to Revlon’s Juicy Papaya colorwise?