May 7, 2013

Skin Food Lemon Brightening Cleansing Oil Review

Skin Food Lemon Brightening Cleansing Oil

I ran out of my Shu Cleansing Oil so I decided to start trying a few other cleansing oils one of which is the Skin Food Lemon Brightening Cleaning Oil.

Just when I thought I tried every single Cleansing Oil Skin Food has ever made a new one pops across my path. The good news is this was considerably cheaper than replenishing my Shu Cleansing Oil so it was worth the try.

Supposedly it brightens skin as it cleanses but I do not see the point of a cleansing oil that washes away as a brightening agent…however, I’m game to try anything!

Take a look!

This has a bright, cheery sweet lemon scent. It kinda reminds me of dish washing liquid but since they add a bit of sweetness into the mix it comes across rather pleasant and sunny!

As with all cleansing oils it rinses clean away so it doesn’t leave skin oily or shiny after use. Simply apply a few pumps to a dry face full of makeup, add a small amount of water once you massage it in to emulsify the oil, rub a little more, and rinse! Done! It cleans away makeup, oil, and dirt easily. It is a mineral oil base so those with sensitive skin beware prior to a purchase. It doesn’t irritate my drier skin it does however, make it slightly tight after use.

The consistency of the oil is thinner and runnier but this in no way hinders its performance or how it cleanses as it does an excellent job of getting my skin squeaky clean and even though I see some tightness after use I still like it.

I could be completely imaging things but I feel like it gives back a little of the glow to my lackluster skin after use but no real whitening effects as of yet (I’ve been using it nearly three weeks now).

I don’t know that you necessarily need it as I’ve used cleansing oils that were far better however, for those with oily skin you might find it an excellent pick for not only rinsing makeup away but oil as well while restoring brightness to your face. sells Skin Food as well as a variety of E-bay shops.

The Skin Food Lemon Brightening Cleansing Oil

I purchased this item.

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  • Helen

    Thanks for the awesome reviews, especially on the Korean brands. My family is going to Korea this summer, and thanks to your blog, I’m having them pick me up a few things. 🙂

    • the Muse

      yay! now you can bug them to do massive hauls for you hehe!

  • Kitty

    I LOVE my Shu cleansing oil, but im almost out and I don’t feel like spending that much on my next bottle of cleansing oil. Do you have a favorite that you recommend besides Shu?
    Thanks Muse! <3

    • the Muse

      right now really loving the apple innisfree I just recently reviewed kitty! 😀 great oil and cheap too!

  • shulamite

    etude house’s real art cleansing oil is one of their best selling products, and i’ve heard loads of good reviews about them 🙂

  • Kittie

    Comparing this one and the black sugar cleansing oil (you did a review back in 2010), which one do you prefer?
    I want to get a cleansing oil from skinfood. I have a combination skin.

  • Stephanie

    Do you remember if this was expensive or not?

    i just purchaced the kosé cleansing oil and liked it

  • Hanna

    I am just getting into the world of asian cosmetics, and want to try a cleansing oil.
    I have super dry skin and occasional blemishes, do you have an recommendations? There are just so many!

    Thanks to all your reviews I have been spending a pretty chunk of change on makeup (especially etude house) <3