May 28, 2013

Want It: Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head

Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head

My birthday isn’t until Fall but I wouldn’t be averse to someone buying me a Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head for iPad. As a child I did indeed have a Barbie Fashion Styling Head, didn’t everyone? As I recall, it wasn’t always about makeup and styling hair though. I’m pretty sure I cut all her hair off at some point and did unusual experiments on her.


I promise anything I did was completely normal. Kinda.

But times they are a changing and now Barbie has gone digital.

I admit during Think Geek’s Geek Pride Day (they had 20% off your entire purchase) I was tempted to place this into my cart with the rest of my haul. What? I was buying it for the blog (what an excuse!).

Basically Barbie’s face is replaced by your iPad. Somply slide your iPad into the styling head, download the app, and start styling Barbie up.

Barbie Digital Fashion Styling Head for iPad

I must admit as techie and geeky as I am I liked the old Barbie Styling Head. There was something so satisfying about swiping on bright blue eyeshadow and vibrant red lipstick onto Barbie’s face to the point she looked like one of Jack’s French girls.

But it’s a new generation so now you can touch your way to a perfect face of makeup for Barbie and save the looks to Barbie’s Cloudcastle Network (see? even Barbie has a Cloud) and even share them with friends.

On the up side, at least she still has hair you can cut off in huge chunks if you’re a little bit of a sadistic child like I was….!

I can’t think of a single person that didn’t, at some point, give Barbie a weird hair cut.

If you do want to go digital though you can snag Barbie’s Digital Fashion Styling head at

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  • Cindy Ramirez

    This is pretty neato! It kinda scares me how tech savvy children are now thought. And I’ll admit, I totally chopped off a few of my barbies hair. My sister had a ken doll and my mom wouldn’t buy me one so I gave barbie a buzzcut and pretended she was a man.

    • the Muse

      I must agree, it boggles my mind when I see a little kid with an iPad. ME TOO! lol! lol there you go, problem solved!

  • Dayse Anny

    Me tooo! All my barbies had their beautiful and long blonde hair devastated at some point!XD I also loved to sew some “clothes” (well, I tried! Ain’t got the talent for it. LOL).

    And again, Me too, not having a Ken doll, I had a barbie playing the male role. hahahaha Oh my, looks like children thinks in a similar way about some things! hahahahaha

  • Ruth

    I didn’t know that we had our own holiday! I just usually call it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

    a friend of mine’s daughter has her own iPad and iPhone; she’s six and has had her own iPod since she was two. I think that’s a bit much.

    also, did you see that converse has a Boston shoe? they’re out of our sizes but they’re making more.

    • the Muse

      i did i did! ;-D I was kinda sorta wanting a pair! you indulging? got my latest haul of the spring shades, quite a happy gluten here.

  • Ruth

    I got the orange pair and the mint ones too! but I may give the orange ones to one of my besties for her b-day. I looked at the site to see of the oranges were still on any kind of sale but they’re back up at $50, kicking myself for not getting two pairs.
    Not sure if i’m going to indulge in the Boston since they’re pretty pricy and I just gave some funds to an animal rescue group. This group is great and they try to save as many animals as possible. I got my last fur baby from them, they pulled her and her kittens a few minutes before she was due to be put down. She is hilarious and fusses at me all the time for snacks and toys.

    • the Muse

      keep them keep them! ;-D lol! omg! 🙁 how very sad…jeez. I give a ton to my local animal shelter as well typically buy bulk can food from sam’s club and gift it to them. I used to volunteer there as well but I couldn’t do it anymore, I swear if I stayed I’d have a zoo instead of a house. I just wanted to bring every animal home with!

      • ruth

        me too! my husband put a limit on the pets because I would be the crazy cat lady and be featured on hoarders-pet edition. I know me well enough that even if one foot is put in the shelter, there would be a new animal in my house if not the entire shelter. and you talked me into it, i’ll keep the orange ones! they’re really cute and bright. I wore the mint pair to a cookout Saturday and got a ton of compliments on them. then the question was asked: how many pairs do I own? and I couldn’t answer =) it’s more than 20 but less than 50.

        • the Muse

          lol I know what you mean entirely 😀 story of my life! LOL I wish I could answer truthfully and say less than 50 but that would be a terrible lie! *bows head in shame*

      • Dayse Anny

        Same here, If I could, I’d have adopted 10 pets by now, it breaks my heart when I see them on the streets… =( All can do is carry cat/dog food around in my bag and feed them when I have the chance.

        Such a beautiful attitude you have here girls, keep this going on, the world needs more love and sensitivity. <3