May 3, 2013

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule Review

Y.E.T (Yes Enjoy Time) Fix You Ampoule

Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time) is a fairly new Korean brand that I decided to give a try out to recently and it all started with Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule.

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule comes in a range of three formulations to address a variety of skin concerns. Providing moisture is one of the main benefits of these ampoules. Considering I have drier skin that was definitely a good thing for me.

Take a look!

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule

Ampoules are fairly common in Asia however, I don’t think we see them as often in the US. This is basically a serum of sorts that comes in as smaller vial with highly concentrated ingredients. They are typically very similiar in texture to an oil versus an actually thinner serum.

Many Asian brands rely on them to target a variety of skin concerns such as dryness, anti-aging, and whitening. Y.E.T’s version is available in a Snail, Tea Tree, and Hyaluronic acid formula.

Are you loving the packaging? How pissed off does that nurse look! Haha!

This comes in a teeny tiny little eye dropper style bottle. It has a dropper inside and almost looks like some sort of medicine. Unfortunately I can’t really relate back what the exact ingredients are as they are listed in Korean.

I will say it has a thick, gel-like texture that’s almost like a congealed oil of some sort. It applies and absorbs easily onto my skin and feels super slick and slippery so a little goes a very long way. It does dry down to a slightly tacky finish when applied directly from the bottle. It makes my skin super soft, supple, and allows it to retain that moisture. Combining it with moisturizer or your foundation/BB Cream will remove that tacky feel and gives both products a moisture boast so if you have a BB Cream that applies drier a little drop of this will add moisture and thin the product out for easier application and blending!

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule 5

Y.E.T Fix You Ampoule Swatches

I used it in the evening prior to my moisturizer for added hydration. I have flakier, patchy areas around my cheeks and nose so I apply a few drops of this to those targeted areas and they are quickly eased so I wake up in the morning with smoother cheeks! It provides excellent moisture.

Really liking this! It’s a handy product to have around for getting intense moisture quickly!

I purchased by on E-bay from F1PLUS2 (not affiliated).

I purchased this item.

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  • Laura

    Have you thought about doing reviews for some of the ‘higher end’ Korean brands, like Sulwhasoo or the History of Whoo?

    • the Muse

      def not in my budget laura 🙂 cannot afford $300 and above moisturizers. I’m not working on a celebrity budget here hehe ;-D Most I’ve spent for skincare is around $100 range but not $300 plus! If I win the lotto maybe 😀

      • lil’eve

        It smells like old ladies perfume!! I can’t handle it tho. Lol

        • lil’eve

          Oops! I meant the history of whoo moisturizer. I was,sent samples and couldn’t handle it.

          • the Muse

            that’s the worst 🙁 so many Korean products that smell like toilet paper lol!

  • Elizabeth

    What BB cream would you recommend for a young person with normal/combination skin? Something with heavier coverage than a tinted moisturizer but not crazy masklike. And hopefully not super pricey.

    • kiwikiwidragon

      I am not the muse but i think by far the best real bb cream to start with is Skin79s hot pink formula. This is a great intro to bb cream and personally, my everyday choice.

      • Tammie

        I dunno the Skin79 one was a bit greasy for me and the color is bad if you’re fair and has a gray tint.

        So far my favorite one is the Holika Holika Peach Girl BB cream, it’s got coverage but looks natural, lasts pretty well and the color is more natural. Also it comes with a cheek/lip creme in the cap xD

  • lejeune

    …Is it just me, or does the Y.E.T. font remind you of E.L.F?

  • Pramudita

    I have this one too! I love adding it to my moisturizer when I apply it. Or sometimes I will have a cotton pad, soak it in water, and wet my face with it before I apply the hyaluronic acid. I find that it works really well and my face feels so moisturized without feeling heavy. Haha I agree with how pissed the nurse looks! They look scary, solely on packaging, I wouldn’t have bought this!

    • the Muse

      lol right? she has such an angry expression on her face 😀 Great idea on the water! gonna try that 😀 I apply to my moisturizer too, it gives it a little amp up!

  • Tammie

    Do you have a suggestion for a whitening one? I could always use that sort of thing haha. For moisture since I am relatively oily I’ve been using that Tsubaki oil and that’s been plenty for me lol

    • the Muse

      still my favorite=philosophy dark spot/brightener ;-D

      • Tammie

        Is it a creme or a serum? Because I tried the creme and it broke my face out BIG TIME which is unusual. If it’s a serum I’m willing to give it a try. I have so many spots ;_;

        • the Muse

          it’s a cream but a serum lol does that make sense. light lotion type…!

          • Tammie

            Is it a different kind from the one they had before? If so I’ll get another sample and try it again, otherwise I am staying far away lol. Nothing else I have tried has really done anything…

          • the Muse

            no same formula Tam 🙁 same here…I’m always trying whitening products but none actually have long term benefits le sigh!

          • Tammie

            Boo, just my luck that the one that works is one of the few things that breaks me out.

            I don’t suppose they have a spot treatment? Maybe if I don’t put it all over my face it will work better?

            Or maybe I can just use that as a spot treatment? Then even if it bothers me it will just be small and when I stop using it it will go away….?

          • the Muse

            mmm don’t torture your skin even as a spot treatment…! Secret Key as a new moisturizer/mask that I’m testing shortly maybe those will prove good whitening agents ;-D

          • Tammie

            I hope it works for you, I’m getting desperate here! Ever since I had my son every little blemish turns all dark afterwards ;_;

          • the Muse

            aw 🙁 any luck with the clinique dark spot corrector? people always say they are successful with it on fairer/paler skin! It didn’t work for me but I have warm undertones.

          • Tammie

            I haven’t tried it yet…I’ve heard so many mixed reviews and I don’t want to waste money on it. Also I don’t really know if I am in that category, I mean I am very pale/fair but I have dark hair etc. so I am pretty “pigmented” overall lol.

          • the Muse

            I’ve tried SO many whitening products it is absurd and honestly none do what they promise ;-D most brighten but never really fade dark spots…! :-/

  • lil’eve

    The nurse is scary for reall lol. Makes the package looks cheap but just because you say it works, I will get it soon. 🙂

  • Nat

    Am I the only one who thinks of playing Silent Hill when they see the word “ampoule”? 😀

    • the Muse

      lol as a silent hill junkie it totally runs through my mind anytime I see ampoule on any Asian skincare product ;D