June 19, 2013

Avon Fiji Paradise True Color Eyeshadow Duo Review & Swatches

Avon Fiji Paradise True Color Eyeshadow Duo

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Duo in Sunkissed

Avon recently introduced two new limited edition True Color Eyeshadow Duo Palettes with their Fiji Paradise Summer 2013 Collection. I picked up the color Sunkissed with a recent Avon order I did because it had a very pretty corally peach shade in it. The other shade Luscious Orchid is a purple and brown combo which I skipped out on.

I don’t technically like Avon Eyeshadow particularly their quads and duo palettes. Creams, powders…I’ve never really had a successful run with Avon Eyeshadow unfortunately. But sometimes my love of peach leads me into a purchase and in this case I decided hey, maybe the True Color Eyeshadow Duo would be better than the quads I’ve tried in the past.

Let’s fine out if it was.

Avon does lipstick so right. It’s one of my favorite budget places to grab excellent lipstick at a super cheap price tag. I wish I can say the same for their eyeshadow. Ugh, the formula just isn’t good at all.

The Avon Fiji Paradise True Color Eyeshadow Duo comes in a limited edition black compact featuring an aqua hibiscus print. It’s basically the same formula as any of the True Color Eyeshadow Duos just in a new style packaging for Summer. So, if you loved the duos before you’ll likely love these LE shades. And if you didn’t, like me, that means you won’t like these LE versions either.

Sunkissed, the shade selection I choose, contains a pale icy beige peach and a cooler peach coral. Not only do I love shades like this but they also happen to pair very well together in looks. Using the peach beige all over the lid and highbrow and accenting the crease and outer v with the peach coral creates a very Summer-y fresh lighter eye look! They are indeed the perfect two shades to pair together. The peach beige is a frosty satin where as the peach coral is a semi-matte satin, neither shade contains sparkle, shimmer, or glitter of any kind.

Avon Sunkissed True Color Eyeshadow Duo

Avon Sunkissed True Color Eyeshadow Duo Swatches

My problem is with the formula. These are a very chalky, drier texture which literally age my eyes. I have finer lines under my eyes but thankfully my eyelid is smooth. This shadow formula seems to just settle onto the lid in very patchy, dry way that makes eyes look older. The texture is also very difficult to blend as the colors go muddy (how can such light shades go muddy!? But it’s true, they do!). Unfortunately both shades are quite sheer as well with very little pigment and this is worsened as you blend out as it feels like the shadow just fades away as you blend the color. They wear fairly well without creasing but loose their intensity very quickly and fade away within a four hour period. I think it’s just an unfriendly poorer quality eyeshadow formula.

Unfortunately, as pretty as the Sunkissed True Color Eyeshadow Duo was it suffers from a poor formula that I find nonredeemable. Each duo is a mere $3.99 each but even that doesn’t make them worth picking up. If you like drier texture shadows you might like this palette but I’m doubtful anyone will find the joy in this formula.

Avon Fiji Paradise True Color Eyeshadow Duo Face of the Day

Avon Fiji Paradise True Color Eyeshadow Duo FOTD

Le sigh!

Available now from Avon.

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  • dayse502

    You’re just like me, love coral/orange tones, haha.
    Indeed, the colors are so cute, I loved the way they look (the shades, I mean) when applied.
    But it’s true what you said, your eyelids look like you have fine lines on them with it, it’s a shame, since the colors re so lovely…

    • the Muse

      sigh πŸ™ I wish it had a nice formula as the colors are brills!

      • Chelsea Sullivan

        I used to sell Avon…I LOVE eye shadow and I just couldn’t stand by their eye shadow line. I use MAC, Urban Decay, Hard Candy, Revlon, NYC, WetnWild and Avon has to be the worst consistency and there is no pigmentation. I agree with you 100%! Love the lip gloss and lip stick though!

  • Ruth

    When first getting into make up, I bought a ton of Avon’s quads and thought that they were the bees knees. then one of my besties bought me a couple of MAC singles and I WAS IN LOVE!!! the staying power, the pigmentation and that was before I discovered primer =) primer-how I adore and love you so! my couple of MAC singles was like a gateway drug to quality make up and since then, I’ve never looked back!

    • kiwikiwidragon

      I had a similar exp with Mary Kay. Had almost all the shades, until I found out the hard way too! Also avon shadows are made in china, I feel this is the main reason they stink, mk is made in the usa, but still lacks compared to its comtemporaries. Thank the makeup gods for primer πŸ™‚ don’t know what I did before. Lol

      • Ruth

        The problem with MK, at least before the ‘net was you had to have a sales rep who wanted to come to your house and do demonstrations for you and 20 of your closest friends. you would be trapped for ages while they did their thing. and their lipsticks used to smell perfume and powder~awful! I was cleaning out some old make up the other day and found some old MK eyeshadows that I had from HS. I graduated 19 years ago, so it’s at LEAST 20+ years old. and I just told my age too ;D

  • charlotte

    I just ordered both of them last night, along with two of the previous LE quads that were on special offer (buy one @$5.99 get one @$1.99) since they are offering free shipping right now for orders over $10. The swatches look gorgeous.. I’ll hope I can get creative with bases and improve the texture, maybe a cream shadow first will smooth them out. The taupe in the purple duo is what sucked me in.. the swatches I saw online were divine.

    • the Muse

      charlotte let me know how it works out for you curious minds πŸ™‚

      • charlotte

        Wore it over the CT in Barely Branded.. gave me no problems at all. I was really impressed with the pigmentation and they were really smooth, especially the matte.. so many mattes are dusty and patchy. Put the darker color in the crease, outer corner, and lower lashline, lighter on the lid, inner corner, and highlight. Black liner tl/wl and lots of lashes. Bright raspberry lip. Very pretty, “watercolory” but bright and summery. Husband complemented me and he never notices my makeup, he’s kind of oblivious like that.

  • Echo S.

    I bought this duo as well, and I loathe it. I bought 3 other duos and they are hit and miss, some of the shadows are so silky soft and lovely, some are hard and difficult to get any color from, others are chalky, others just don’t really do anything.

    I did get the Caribbean Sunset quad and I love three of the shadows in there. The orange is another hard shadow that is difficult to get any color from, but the other three are absolutely perfect. The formula is so inconsistent from pot to pot I feel like I could probably buy another Caribbean Sunset and not know what to expect from each color.

    • the Muse

      hmmm echo you have my intrigued on the CS quad is that part of the regular line?

    • charlotte

      They do seem very inconsistent.. and it’s so hard to find good reviews on them. Seems like very few people review Avon unless they are reps and it’s hard to take those reviews seriously. Glad to hear CS is pretty good, that is one of the ones I bought along with the darker quad from the Femme Fatale collection. The only other shadow I have from them is the brown quad from the permanent line.. and it’s fine. Not “blow your mind” good but nice.

  • Annaβ™₯

    If you didn’t, check out the Avon True Color quad, Zenergy collection, called Awakening, i have some pictures on my site.

  • lil’eve

    i love how you did the shadow even if its powdery looking in the swatches!!! and you are completely right about avon lip. i love their glazeware. i have found no other gloss that can achieve the look it gives my lips.