June 27, 2013

Benefit Under My Spell Noelle Eau de Toilette for Fall 2013

Benefit Under My Spell Noelle Eau de Toilette

Benefit’s is set to put a spell on you this Fall with their new Crescent Row Fragrance, Under My Spell Noelle. Weaving her exotic, glamorous woodsy floral notes at you Noelle is sure to entice.

Btw did anyone see the trailer for Insidious Chapter 2? More after the jump!

Benefit Under My Spell Noelle Eau de Toilette contains top notes of cardamom, black pepper, lingonberry and a heart of wild orchid, jasmine petals, vanilla flower, fresh rose, soft violet. Her dry down includes patchouli, accord oud, black amber, vanilla beans, benzoin resin, and raspberry

She sounds quite rich and deep doesn’t she?

I never judge the patchouli notes in Benefit fragrances as sometimes they turn into magic so don’t let the “stinkie” hippie note kill your jive here! I’m positive Noelle is going to smell incredible!

What’s your favorite Crescent Row you girl?

Btw does anyone remember B Spot? They should bring that back it smell incredible!

Noelle is available now at Benefit.com

P.S. Did I ever tell you I have an incredible love for horror movies? I particularly like foreign ones. But ironically I am TERRIFIED of my own shadow. After watching a film it effects me for weeks so I won’t be able walk into a dark room, can’t stomach going to the bathroom at night without ALL the lights on, and totally believe there is something hiding under my bed. On top of that I’ll typically watch the movie with my coat thrown over my head if I am at a theater or a comforter if I am at home. But I absolutely adore being scared. There’s something so wrong with me…

That being said I am really excited to see Insidious Chapter 2 and the Conjuring (jebus I’ll be watching for someone to clap inside my closet after seeing that I’m sure).

Any horror films you’re wanting to see?

On that note did you here about Doctor Sleep?

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  • Christine

    I haven’t found a favourite Crescent Row scent but I am a huge fan of the Maybe Baby fragrance. It was one of my first perfumes and the few that I wear over and over again.

    I’m eagerly waiting for The Conjuring to come out. You’re not alone in loving horror films but being completely terrified after. There was one instance a couple of years ago that after watching the Grudge – I practically slept with my eyes open. This film particularly scared the beejeezus out of me as I too had the opening to the attic crawl space in the closet of my room. JUST LIKE THE MOVIE. People tell me I should stop watching if I react so much – but I love it still.

    • the Muse

      hey christine I loved maybe baby too! 😀 it was such a great fragrance! lol! I’m glad I’m not alone I swear for weeks after I am scared to be alone in my house 😀 OH NO!!!!!!!!!! haha! imagine someone peeking down at you? OMG I’m scaring myself now ;D

  • Michelle

    I have a love-hate relationship with horror movies. Love watching them, hate the after effects of insomnia, high electric bills and that horrid feeling that after you wash your face and look in the mirror, something is going to be there … ack! But I am also looking forward to seeing The Conjuring.

    Christine, I too watched the The Grudge and it was horrifying! 🙂

    • the Muse

      lol michelle yeah can’t walk into a dark room with a mirror after watching a movie ;-D

  • Icequeen81

    The conjurer sounds good, love horror films. You should watch, a haunting and also the woman in black.

    About the fragrance I’m not into florals

  • Melissa

    OMG I can’t wait for both movies to come out!

    Also eagerly awaiting Doctor Sleep and counting down the days. SO excited for that.

    • the Muse

      I am too but unsure how I feel about Danny be so much like his dad 🙁 I really wanted Danny to grow up and be successful reading he became an alcoholic kinda killed the story for me slightly.

  • MK

    I want to like the scent because I LOVE the bottle! And I don’t do scary movies at all, they keep me up at night!

  • Sara Elisabeth

    Hi Muse,

    I always love the Crescent Row bottles, but I haven’t found a scent that suits me. This bottle is really pretty.

    I love Horror movies too, but I had to take a break from watching them for 9 months. I’m pregnant, and they say stress hormones are bad for the baby. And I definitely produce mass amounts of stress hormones while watching scary movies! Some of my favorite creepy movies are Guillermo Del Toro’s Spanish movies, such as The Devil’s Backbone.

    • the Muse

      they laugh me with me leelee sara, I think it’s the best of them all 😀 gosh I would imagine so! being pregnant and having things jump out and scare you can’t be a GOOD thing! I absolutely adore his films…did you see the orphanage?

  • Sara Elisabeth

    I loved The Orphanage and Pan’s Labrynth was a beautiful movie! It’s one of my favorites.

    • the Muse

      I love PL’s too! It was so visually stunning, you didn’t even need audio with it. quite reminded me of The City of Lost Children…just so oddly weird and compelling to look at 😀 so much to see!

  • Casey

    I find it funny that so many people hate patchouli! Its such a warm, gorgeous smell that I feel like stands out in all the right ways. I can’t wait to check this one out at Ulta (hopefully) soon!

  • Shadia L.

    Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. WHY DID I HAVE TO WATCH THOSE TRAILERS?! I greatly enjoy the experience of watching horror movies, but the after-effects of them are terrible! After watching Insidious (which I loved), I couldn’t sleep for THREE NIGHTS. OMGOMGOMGOMG. Now I wanna see these, but I’m already scurred!!! Y u do dis 2 meh?!

    • the Muse

      lol story of my life girl! 😀 the demon in insidious just killed me! *hugs you* it’ll be ok! 😀

  • Melissa

    I agree. That kinda made me sad. Didn’t see that coming at all.

    Still excited though. I hope there will be topiary cameos haha.

    • the Muse

      me either just thought he’d “make good” lol I hope! that would be cool!