June 18, 2013

Etude House Bling In The Sea for Summer 2013

Etude House Bling In The Sea Collection

Etude House Bling in the Sea is yet another Summer 2013 Collection that recently launched in Korea. I thought the Color Pop Collection would be the last of what we’d see from Etude House until at the least July but they are on a roll with collections lately.

Sulli looks very fresh in the promo images!

I’m looking forward to a few pieces in this collection.

Take a look!

Etude House Bling in the Sea Nail Polish

Etude House Bling in the Sea Nail Polish

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tints

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tints

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tints  Swatches

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint Swatches

Etude House Proof 10 Color Bling Eye Sticks

Etude House Proof 10 Color Bling Eye Sticks

Etude House Proof 10 Color Bling Eye Stick Swatches

Etude House Proof 10 Bling Bye Eye Sticks

Etude House Proof 10 Bling Bye Eye Sticks

Etude House Proof 10 Bling Bye Eye Stick

Etude House Bling in the Sea Glowing Powder

Etude House Bling in the Sea Glowing Powder

Etude House Bling Glowing Powder

Etude House Sun BB Cream SPF 50

Etude House Sun BB Cream

Some of the Proof 10 Color Bling Eye Sticks are stunning aren’t they? Those are top on my list of must haves! Many of the other sic as the BB Cream are repromote products with new packaging.

I look forward to purchasing these items soon and reviewing.


Do share!

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  • crotchfairy

    Ooooh, I’m definitely interested in the nail polish and not so much the puffy eye trend sticks. BTW, it’s been months and I couldn’t get out of my head that article you did of Universal Voodoo wax tarts. That honeyed espresso one just sounds haunting in how addictive it is. I went to the soapboxco and UV’s site and bought a pound of the wax tarts. I don’t even like home fragrances or own a warmer but I just had to try it. I can’t wait for the soapboxco to arrive tomorrow 😀

    • the Muse

      YOU are going to LOVE it! I can’t WAIT to hear your thoughts you must must must email me when your order arrives ;-D

        • Allison

          I didn’t even realize that was Sulli until you said it. She looks so pretty! I pretty much want everything you listed lol. The glowing powder looks really nice! Is this available for purchase in the us?

          • the Muse

            etude house isn’t sold in the US unfortunately :-/ yup, that’s her ;-D she does look mighty airbrushed but pretty none the less!

  • Nat

    Oh Muse, I do not need but want ALL THOSE EYESTICKS!!! Also the Glowing Powder.

    You ever watch The Flash tv series from the 80’s? I was feeling nostalgic and started watching the dvds, OMG so corny but so fun! 😀

    • the Muse

      me too nat those are top on my list. do you mean the one from the 90’s? I have that on dvd (I’m a huge flash fan hehe) but never heard of one from the 80’s?! do share! ;-D we are tv twins!!!!!!! 😀

      • Nat

        Ermahgod you are right, it is 90’s! Although it started 1990 so I was close. I love how they put the guy in this barely-there tank top to show off his chest when they put him on the treadmill, lolz! I remember Saturday nights, would watch this fairytale show on PBS (forget the name of it), then ST:TNG and Flash. Oh, and did you ever watch Mann & Machine? 😀

        • the Muse

          corniest flash every but it filled the need for a flash tv show lol! ;-D ooo the one with shelly duvall by chance? this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAmgIm0wjdc if so I totally watched it too as a child on pbs lol! never watched mann and machine but was an avid highlander and Quantum Leap watcher. and of course the short lived firefly. 😀

          • Nat

            OMG yes that’s the one! 😀

            Never got into Highlander, but my dad and I always watched Quantum Leap (and Alf, and MacGuyver and Miami Vice)! 😀

            *sigh* RIP Firefly – Oh Captain, My Captain! *swoons at Fillion*

          • the Muse

            i remember alf hehe. macguyver was the $h1t 😀 still is. le sigh…yeah all the good captains get the axe, poor barrowman, not returning for the 50th! :-/

  • carly

    I actually just ordered several of these items , as well as thier new Wonder Pore skincare line from Gmarket today! I havent ordered from Etude House in over a year so Im looking forward to thier new stuff, I’ll be sure to let you know if this series is yay or nay for me 🙂

  • Quinctia

    This is, like, the first Etude House collection that looks really interesting to me! I usually just think the packaging’s adorable. I hope you review an eye bling stick.

    The lip tints look a lot like the glossy stains, so with the fact that Maybelline’s discontinuing theirs and I’ve picked up nearly all of them on clearance…I can probably pass on those. I think.

  • Tran

    i have the sun bb cream last summer they came out :/
    idk is anything change or just new packaging

  • MJ

    wow, that’s a little too much editing on Sulli; I barely recognized her 🙁

    anyway, the bb cream is really intriguing; I’ve just gotten into Asian brands recently (I blame you, Muse! all the stuff you’re reviewing has made me a sucker haha) so I haven’t seen that in their lineup. I am darker though (NC42), so I doubt I’d fit into their color offerings. ah, well. the nail polishes look increeeeedible!

  • Angel

    OMG I need those Bye Eye sticks!! They’re like duochrome heaven! So much nicer to have that option in a stick form vs. shadow. I WON’T be using them under the eye as I already have giant puffs, thank you very much.