June 11, 2013

Lorac PRO To Go Eye/Cheek Palette for Fall 2013

Lorac PRO To Go Eye and Cheek Palette

Lorac is set to launch a new Pro to Go Eye and Cheek Palette for Fall 2013. After the popular release of the Lorac Pro Eye Palette this is a little of a downsize.

Let’s take a look!

Lorac PRO To Go Eye/Cheek Palette ($38) is the latest release in Lorac’s Pro Collection. This includes eyeshadows, bronzer, and blushes in a range of finishes to create an easy look!

Lorac PRO To Go Eye Cheek Palette Summer 2013


  • Pearl
  • Chai
  • Mink
  • Shell
  • Cafe
  • Black


  • Coral
  • Pink


This looks like a nice set but considering the Lorac Pro Palette has sixteen eyeshadows for a few dollars more I question whether I need this much smaller palette.

What do you think?

It’ll be available shortly at Sephora and Sephora.com

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  • AnniLau

    I’m not a bronzer girl, but the rest of it looks very usable…not like those palettes you buy and end up only using 3 or 4 things out of. The price point does seem high though.

  • Nadia

    This looks like the perfect travel companion! But i also think the price is a bit high for such a small palette.

  • charlotte

    I realize there are a couple of shimmers in there, but the first time I saw it I thought “they took Naked Basics and stuck Naked Flushed on the bottom of it”.

  • Shelly

    I agree it’d be great for travel, but I also agree it’s too expensive for what it is, considering the full-size Pro palette is only, what, $4 more?

    For this, I’d think something more in line with UD Naked Basics or the Too Faced Glamour to Go palettes would be more reasonable. ($20 range)

    • David Nuggets

      I agree! The TF Glamour 2 Go palettes are perfectly priced and sized to be travel size! My only grimace is the fact they take up a large portion of the bottom section with mediocre lip glosses, and they ALL are shimmers or glitters (common for TooFaced)

  • amy

    I will most likely pick this one up, too… I’ve been going back and forth about the Unzipped palette, but I like the fact this one has everything in one place. Of course, I’ll probably end up with both, LOL. Why do neutrals pull me in *every* time…?

  • Lisa T

    It’s expensive compared to the size of the Lorac Pro palette, but I think I would end up getting this because I am a sucker for blushes.

  • Simone

    I agree with everyone here, that the price points a bit high. I have Naked Basics, and the Lorac Pro palette, so it’d be ridiculous for me to spend so much on this… Although it is a bit tempting.

    I also agree with Shelly, I’d probably recommend a Too Faced palette for someone looking for something like this. I have Boudoir Eyes, and absolutely love it!

    However, the fact that this little guy has all the basic shades and finishes PLUS the addition of 2 blushers and a bronzer is quite nice. I think I’ll wait for swatches and see how nicely the bronzer performs, with my skin tone, I need something dark, so it’s hard to find a travel friendly bronzer.

    • Elizabeth

      This bronzer is comparable to Hoola from Benefit- it’s slightly warmer however not by much at all. It’s actually pretty pigmented as well- it will prob. be a product to make sure start with a light hand. With benefit I have to layer a little more for the level of pigmentation I like however this by swatching it- i may have to be a little careful. I plan to test this product out more- and can let you know…
      Also I swatched it next to my Naked Flush bronzer (which i think is orange for my liking-) and this bronzer is def. more cooler toned than than one.

      If you are looking for a bronzer- I personally LOVE my THE BALM- Bahama Mama bronzer (although it’s not in a travel kit) it’s still a great Bronzer- I love it and really which the Balm would do a travel palette with their Bahama Mama Bronzer/Hot Mama Blush/Mary Luminizer Highlight- that would be the best face palette 😀

  • MarisolN

    The shadows kind of remind me of the Naked Basics Palette but I like this one better…definitely getting my hands on this 😀

  • Flavia Signori

    I agree with you, for few dollars more you can get a palette with sixteen eyeshadows! I’m a huge fan of travel friendly palettes (or to-go palettes), but the price is not friendly at all 🙁


  • Allison

    I have the Lorac Pro palette, and I really don’t think I would need/want this one. I like the Lorac Pro Palette because it has so many well pigmented shadows in one place. However, I do find that the shadows can be quite powdery, and the same goes for their bronzers. I tried one of the highlighters and really hated it, so I’m wondering if I wouldn’t like the blushes either.

  • Maggie

    Hmmm…the deciding factor I think would be how much product do you actually get?

    • Elizabeth

      You get 6 Eyeshadows/2 Eyeshadow mini brushes/2 Blushes/1 Bronzer.
      2 of the eyeshadows are bigger- (Pearl and Shell) and the rest are smaller (Chai, Mink, Cafe and Black)- however compared to the shadows in the Lorac Pro- even the 4 smaller shades in this Palette are bigger than the size of the ones in Lorac Pro Palette. It appears if I guesstimate- it appears that that 2 bigger shades are almost twice as big as the 4 smaller shadows and the 4 smaller shades are also almost twice the size as the eyeshadows in the Lorac Pro Palette.

      -The bronzer/blushes I don’t have much to compare for that- however I do have the Naked Flush Palette which contains- .49oz of product and the Bronzer/Blushes are approx. .36oz of product- (so smaller- but not too much).

      HOPE this helps…..

  • Elizabeth

    I just bought this from Sephora online and I think that this will be a palette I would love! I love how this palette has neutral shades as well as Blush/Bronzer. Besides having the nude/everyday eyeshadows in a travel friendly palette what drew me to this palette was the fact the Bronzer/Blushes would be something I would enjoy- Most travel Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter kits- that I have come across the Bronzer colors- are not as pigmented as I like or lean too orange (example Naked Flush). This one just seems right and reminds me of Hoola from benefit. Also I liked the idea of having two blushes it allows more versatility. Although it would have been nice to have a Highlighter- you COULD maybe use the Pearl eyeshadow however it may be too shimmery/slightly glittery for many. I do agree the price is high- but I mean… if you like/love Lorac Eyeshadows i don’t think you’d be disappointed and especially if you travel often and tired of bringing- multiple “little”/”big” travel friendly palettes- this can most likely be the one to go to for your eyes and cheeks.

  • Wendy

    I end up using a couple of shades, so this is perfect for me. I I like that the base shades have a larger pan. I was disappointed with the individual pan sizes of the pro palette, so this is in line with my preferences. I’m sure this will end up in my vanity.

  • David Nuggets

    I think this is my ideal palette! It has everything in one place!

    Nice matte neutrals, pearl highlighters, and lightly shimmery darker colors, with two shades of blush and bronzer?

    If I’d drop 40 bucks on ANOTHER palette is questionable, but I could see this being THE palette you grab when you just want to have everything in one place!

    If they made it cheaper I’d buy it right now. But as of now, I’d have to use up all the other palettes in my traincase before splurging on another!

  • Lisa

    This one is definitely worth the money to me. The amount you get in it is pretty generous. I have the UD Naked Flushed palette and I much prefer this over the UD. It’s perfect for travelling. It has everything I need