June 10, 2013

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder for Summer 2013

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

Welcome to L’Oreal’s new un-makeup makeup in the form of their the new L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder. Magic Nude Liquid Powder is a new lightweight liquid makeup that applies like a liquid foundation but sets like a mattifying powder.

Sounds interesting eh?

Available in a range of shades Magic Nude Liquid Powder seems like an innovative product as it comes in the form of a liquid but sets as a powder once applied.

At Harmons this was $10.49 but I fear it’ll be way higher once it hits Walgreens, CVS, etc…it comes in a smaller glass bottle which made me a little Scrooge McDuck about the price.

I think the idea is really interesting and could prove quite lovely if it is as lightweight as I’m imagining.

I’ll be testing it this week and reviewing it soon!

Anyone try it yet?

Love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. Am I the only nerd excited about this:

I feel like my Sims have been waiting their whole lives for ocean front property! Oh and mermaids….!

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  • Monica

    Do you think this is their version of the Armani maestro foundation?

  • Hollie H

    I am curious how this compares to Prescriptives Magic Liquid Powder.
    Looking forward to your review.

  • Kimmwc03

    I’m intrigued by this new foundation. But I’ll wait for reviews and to see the shade range.

    I haven’t played Sims in a while but running a resort sounds like a fun one.

  • Eraser

    This sounds a lot like the old Ernest Laszlo product – I worked at a store that sold EL & people with oily skin swore by it. Of course L’Oreal is about a quarter of the price.

  • Eraser

    Correction: it’s Erno Laszlo & they do still carry Shake-It.

  • Tali

    oh please please please put up a review. this sounds pretty fantastic, and that is coming from the high end makeup addict.

  • kate

    At least $15 in CVS etc
    for example the navy mascara 9.99 at CVS 6.49 at Harmon
    and you can use either their coupons or your Bed,Bath coupons

  • Virginia

    I’m actually excited about both! Ives always LOVED the sims games, and I
    The liquid to powder sounds interesting!

  • lily

    actually – it is their version of it! a friend of mine who works a l’oreal corporate said the it’s basically a dupe of the armani foundation but w/out the fragrance. I’ve never tried to armani one so can’t do a comparison. I have this – it’s super light and sheer and definitely very powdery once it dries. i think it wears off a little bit too quickly but it’ll be good for people who want a super light coverage.

    • kellly

      I tried samples of the Armani foundation and found it nice but the price was too much for my budget. Revlon’s Nearly Naked lightweight foundation seems to me to be almost as nice as the Armani for only $10 a bottle. I’m curious about this new L’oreal Magic Nude one. I use powder over foundation because I don’t like a shiny face so am curious to see if using L’oreal I can skip the powder step. I don’t use L’oreal Magic because it’s too shiny for me.

  • Suzie

    I was hoping this was the case! Still going to wait for reviews, but I feel like I have to try it. It’s just one of those instances where I’m so intrigued that I have to! 😀

  • AmberM

    I’m intrigued but I’ll have to wait for reviews to see if it makes people break out or bunches up in wrinkles so that one ends up looking like Baby Jane.

  • Hillarie

    I’ve been patiently waiting to see this ever since I heard about it 😉 hopefully it will show up in stores near me soon!

  • Janelle

    looks like the old Clinique one that was oil free! I cant wait to give it a try as I loved this one and it gave me the greatest looking face

  • Jonique

    I saw this in Target, but I’m not sure if their darkest color is quite deep enough for me. I am intrigued though. I’ve been trying a million foundations lately and cat stop. I want to get it anyway to review.

  • Jinelle

    I finally got my hands on it and did a review on my blog. Did you get to try it yet?

  • Jewels

    Love this for summer! It is so light, feels like you have no makeup on, yet gives a smooth flawless glow!

  • Dierdre

    I have tryd it, its OK if your going out for a walk are something. Not something for long hours though.

  • Nina

    I currently have it and use it. It’s is not my favorite foundation ever. Even in my exact shade, it makes my face look ashy and kind of too matte. I probably won’t ever buy it again.